Carb Counts for week of February 23, 2009

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					                     Carb Counts for week of February 23, 2009:

The information below is based on data received from labels of food items and approved
recipes. To the best of my knowledge the information is accurate. Rockingham County
Schools Nutrition Program assumes no responsibility for mis-information.

February 23, 2009                              February 25
Breakfast                                      Breakfast
Assorted Cereals-Refer to cereal list          Sausage /Ham Biscuit-27.5
Sliced Toast-15                                Fruit/Juice-10
Jelly-10                                       Milk-See Below
Fruit/Juice-10                                 Lunch
Milk-See Below                                 Philly Cheesesteak-40.6
Lunch                                          Chicken Salad w/ Tomato Wedges-7.38
Assorted Pizza-32.14                           Crackers (4)-15
Hoagie-25.64                                   Corn Cobbette-14
Natural Cut Potatoes-27.16                     Tossed Salad-2.5
Baked Beans-(2/3 c)-35                         Strawberries w/ Topping-12
Apple Bites-10                                 Milk-See Below
Cookie* IFH-16.1                               February 26
Milk-See Below                                 Breakfast
February 24                                    Breakfast Bagel Pizza-30
Breakfast                                      Fruit/Juice-10
Fruit Muffin-25                                Milk-See Below
Fruit/Juice-10                                 Lunch
Milk-See Below                                 Grilled Cheese-32
Lunch                                          PB & J Sandwich (Uncrustables)-32
Chicken Stir-Fry-11.2                          Turkey Vegetable Soup-9.01
Breadstick-9.5                                 Crackers (4)-15
Egg Rolls-(15)-1                               Relish Cup w/ Dip-8
Duck Sauce-2.21 (1 packet)                     Jello’n Fruit-29.2
Rice*-13.9                                     Fruit’n Trail Mix-33.65*
Broccoli-7.96                                  Milk-See Below
Pineapple Pleasure-26.14                       February 27
Milk-See Below                                 Breakfast & Lunch
                                               Manager’s Choice

Milk-1% 12.18; Skim 12.15; Chocolate 26.10; Reduced Sugar Vanilla Fat Free 22;
Reduced Sugar Chocolate Fat Free 20; Reduced Sugar Strawberry Fat Free 24.

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