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					215NPN Nursing Trends and Issues
Class Information
Organization                             Madisonville Community College
Course Number                            215NPN, class# 37390
Credits                                  1
Contact Hours                            15
Instructors                              Wendy Clayton BSN, RN
                                         Carolyn Neal MSN, RN
E-mail Addresses               
Course/Faculty Website         
Office                                   127, 126
Campus                                   Health Campus
Address                                  750 N Laffoon Street
City/State/Zip                           Madisonville, KY 42431
Office Hours                             See posted office hours on instructor‟s
                                         office doors
Office Phones                            270/824-1787
Beginning Date                           10/21/2007
Number of Weeks                          8
Meeting Times/Location                   Tuesdays 1-3 P.M.
                                         Hatley Building, Room 209

This course is designed to prepare the student for the transition from student to
licencesed practical nurse. Includes information on preparing and studying for the
NCLEX-PN exam, completing a professional portfolio, and job seeking skills.

100NPN, 105NPN, 110NPN, 120NPN, 125NPN, 130NPN, 135NPN

1. Leadership and Management ATI Review Module.
2. Cherry, B. & Jacob, S., Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends and
management, Edition: 2nd, Publisher: Mosby, Year: 2001, Not
Required, Comments: May use this text or appropriate library or internet resource
Core Abilities (Course Requirements)
Students must maintain a minimal average of 78% in all NPN course work and
grades of a “C” or better in all co-requisite courses to progress within the Practical
Nursing Program. You must successfully complete NPN 200 in order to progress
to NPN 205. The student in NPN 200 is expected to have and continue to
develop the ability to learn new ideas, to process them in relation to current
knowledge, and to recombine them to form new ideas, products, or processes.
The student is also expected to become aware of and assume personal
responsibility for honest and ethical behavior. The student will demonstrate these
competencies in the following ways:
I.    Communicate Effectively
     1. Read and listen with comprehension.
     2. Speak and write clearly using standard English.
     3. Interact cooperatively with others using both verbal and non-verbal
     4. Demonstrate information processing through basic computer skills.
II. Think Critically
     1. Make connections in learning across the disciplines and draw logical
     2. Demonstrate problem solving through interpreting, analyzing,
          summarizing, and/or integrating a variety of materials.
     3. Use mathematics to organize, analyze, and synthesize data to solve a
III. Learn Independently
     1. Use appropriate search strategies and resources to find, evaluate, and
         use information.
     2. Make choices based upon awareness of ethics and differing
     3. Apply learning in academic, personal, and public situations.
     4. Think creatively to develop new ideas, processes, or products.
IV. Examine Relationships in Diverse and Complex Environments
     1. Recognize the relationship of the individual to human heritage and
     2. Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship of the individual to the
         biological and physical environment.
     3. Develop an awareness of self as an individual member of a multicultural
          global community.

Program Outcomes
A. Assumes the role of a competent, caring practical nurse in a variety of health
   care settings under the direction or supervision of a registered nurse,
   licensed physician, or dentist.
B. Uses the human caring phenomena and the nursing process in providing
   nursing care.
C. Demonstrates self-direction and responsibility for maintaining nursing
   competence by pursuing personal and professional development.
D. Communicates effectively with all members of the health care team.
E. Demonstrates accountability of practice with adherence to ethical and legal
   standards of the profession.

1. Investigate current health care issues related to practical nursing practice.
2. Compare leadership styles.
3. Resolve workplace conflicts.
4. Delegate nursing tasks appropriately.
5. Compose a professional portfolio in preparation for seeking employment.
6. Relate how professional and political involvement can influence health care
7. Complete state licensure application.
8. Demonstrate appropriate techniques for job interviews.
9. Explain preferred workplace behavior characteristics.

Web Enhanced Course Guidelines
This course is web enhanced. All students will be required to access the course
website through The course website will be
utilized for lecture content, assignments, testing, and posting of grades. All
students enrolled in this course have been issued a Madisonville Community
College email address. Students are encouraged to check their email and the
course website frequently for updated information. To access your online courses
or any Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) web enhanced
course through the Blackboard 7.1 website, you will need to use a special,
unique username and password. (If you have already received and changed your
password, continue to use your changed information to access your account.)
You may access your course approximately two days prior to the course‟s
advertised starting date.
To access your course, please follow these instructions:

            1. Point your browser to
            2. In the space provided for “Username,” enter your Peoplesoft or
                 Webmail login username and password.
            3. Click on the “Login” button.
            4. Click the link to your course to get started.
If you have difficulty logging in or if you have any further questions, please
contact the Blackboard 7.1 Help desk. You may call them at 1-866-606-1725 for
help with questions about login, accounts and accessing courses.
Grading Information
Grades will be figured as:
Portfolio 50%
Discussion boards, Quizzes, and Exercises 25%
Written Paper 10%
ATI Assessment 15%

Students are encouraged to keep a personal record of all grades and to schedule
an appointment with the instructor to discuss grade(s) and/or progression within
this course.

Grades are posted online through the course website. Once grades are posted
the student has seven days to review their exam, assignment, etc., and voice any
concerns and disputes. After seven days the grade will stand as is.

Guidelines for Success
Learning resources

Grading Scale
A         89.5-100%
B         81.5-89.4%
C         77.5-81.4%
D         59.5-77.4%
E         59.4% or less
Attendance and Late/Make-up course work
Attendance during your educational program is important to your success.
Attendance and participation in all learning experiences is essential for achieving
an appropriate knowledge base and is necessary for success in the program.
Attendance is expected in lectures, campus labs, clinical experiences, and all
other assigned activities. Nursing employers are especially desirous of an
employee who has demonstrated his/her reliability by good school attendance.

The following rules apply to LPN program attendance:
An absence is defined as coming to class or leaving class early by more than 15
minutes. Two episodes of tardiness or leaving early (less than 15 minutes) will be
counted as an absence.
Lecture/Campus Lab Absence Policy:
Attendance will be taken in all lecture classes. Students may not sign in for other
students. It is the student's responsibility to sign in; failure to do so will be
counted as an absence.
If you are absent for any reason, you MUST call in prior to 8:00 am. If the
absence occurs on a class day, the student must notify the nursing
instructor/instructors office/s prior to 8:00 am. The telephone number of the
school is (270) 824-7552. All quizzes and tests will be graded as a 0 for a NO
More than 2 absences from theory class meetings will result in a two-point
deduction in the final course grade for each subsequent absence.
Instructors will close the door at the beginning of a class period and students will
not be permitted to enter the classroom until the next break.
If an exam is scheduled on the day you return to class you are expected to take
the exam on that day. If an exam was given on the day of your absence, it is to
be made up on your FIRST day back at school or at the convenience of your
instructor. FIVE POINTS will be automatically deducted from the score of any
make-up exam. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor to
schedule make-up exams. Exams will cover the same material other students
were tested over, but may not be the same exam. IF AN EXAM OR QUIZ HAS
Evaluation of Writing
To communicate using Standard English your writing will be evaluated by utilizing
various assignments. All faculty members are expected to call attention to and
penalize for errors in English usage and require the rewriting of papers, which do
not meet acceptable standards, (CCS Rules, Section V232).

It's the expectation of both the practical nursing faculty and the nursing code of
ethics that the student will conduct his/herself in a professional demeanor within
any capacity. Any unprofessional behavior, breach of confidentiality, or slander
concerning clients or peers will necessitate immediate expulsion from the
classroom/clinical/lab setting and referral conference with faculty and the PN
coordinator; the student will be counted absent for any time missed secondary to
such an infraction and may be subject to dismissal from the PN program
dependent upon nature of the offense(s). Since nursing is a profession requiring
high ethical/moral standard, it's expected that the student will also refrain from
dishonesty of any nature. In the event of academic
dishonesty/plagiarism/cheating referral will be made to the PN coordinator and a
grade of "0" and/or "U" assigned for clinical performance/ examination/project.
NO disruptive conduct will be tolerated! Cell phones, pagers and other electronic
devices are to be turned off prior to the start of class and are to remain off during
class time. No children or pets will be permitted in the classroom. No food, gum
chewing or beverages are to be consumed while in the classroom. The use of
tape recorders, other recording devices, or cellular phones within the clinical
setting are prohibited. Please refer to page 24-25 of the MCC practical nursing
program student handbook for a complete listing of expected classroom

Required Supplies
Textbooks as indicated and a three-ring binder or folder to house theory/clinical
items. Bring your textbook(s) to class each day. Other supplies such as
pens/pencils, notebooks, etc. must be purchased prior to the first day of class.
Come to class prepared to take notes and participate within class.

Students can order text and needed supplies for this course on the Madisonville
Community College Bookstore Website at

Students must have access to a computer with an internet connection. Computer
access can be obtained at home or in the computer labs located on the North
campus and Health campus of Madisonville Community College.

Technical Requirements
1. Student must be able to send and receive email, which will be done within the
course website communications of the course. If you need to contact me at my
regular email address please use the address provided in the Instructor section
of the syllabus.
2. Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher must be used for reliable internet connection.
No special programs are required.
3. Download the Free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer at the following internet site:

ATI Testing
The minimum requirement for passing the proctored assessment exams is set at
50th percentile.

Grading scale for proctored assessment exams is as follows:
National percentile achieved on proctored exam=Grade you will receive
90-99= 99
80-89= 95
70-79= 90
60-69= 85
50-59= 80
40-49= 75
30-39= 70
20-29= 65
10-19= 60
0-9= 55
The grade you receive on the Nursing Management proctored assessment exam
will be counted as 15% of your grade. Please refer to section on Grading Criteria
in the syllabus.
If you do not meet this requirement, you will be required to remediate for an
amount of time deemed by your instructor. Then, you will be responsible for
taking the non proctored assessment exam until you have achieved a 90 percent.
Once you have completed your remediation by achieving a 90 percent on the
non-proctored exams, you must bring in a copy of your testing report. If you fail to
complete your remediation or do not bring in a copy of your testing report, you
will not be allowed to proceed in the program.

Students with documented disabilities that
require individualized accommodations should
schedule conferences with the Disability
Resources Coordinator (Valerie Wolfe,
Guidance Area of the Hatley building on HSC or
Room 112 LRC on North campus) at their
earliest convenience.
Statement of Health Status
It's the students' responsibility to inform the course/clinical faculty of any health
problems that could impair performance or jeopardize the safety of self or others.
The student must report any changes in health status to the PN coordinator and
faculty as soon as possible.

Snow Policy/Institutional Closing Policy
The student can expect that classes and any clinical activities will be conducted
regardless of inclement weather conditions unless specifically announced to the
contrary on local radio/television broadcasts. Moreover, the statement that
"county," "public" or "private" schools will be closed due to snow, etc do not apply
to the community/technical colleges. It's the students' responsibility to listen to
local multi-media sources to establish knowledge that classes have been
cancelled. Please refer to PN handbook regarding absenteeism policy.

Withdrawal Policy
Any student withdrawing from school without following proper withdrawal
procedures shall not receive a grade report or school transcript and may be
denied re-entry. If the student returns with a verified excused absence, they may
be readmitted and permitted to make up missed work. Failure to attend class
does not constitute official withdrawal. The last day to officially withdraw from this
course for a grade of "W" at the student's discretion is October 15, 2007. The last
day to officially withdraw from this course for a grade of "W" at the discretion of
the instructor is December 7, 2007 unless the student has had excessive
absenteeism, or has demonstrated behavior, which is irresponsible (e.g.
cheating, belligerence, errors in client care); a respective grade will be assigned
upon withdrawal. Please schedule and consult course faculty member(s) to
arrange a conference with the program coordinator and respective instructor(s)
prior to withdrawing from any course.

KCTCS Student Code of Conduct
Please be advised that you may locate information regarding academic rights
and academic offenses and the right to appeal infringements upon those rights.
You may access this information at:

Homework Help Online is a national online tutoring service for grades 4 through early college.
With approximately 1,000 live tutors, students are able to obtain live tutoring in
math, English, social studies, and the sciences. The service is available from
2PM - 10PM seven days a week. The service is free to students in Hopkins,
Crittenden, Muhlenberg, and Webster counties.

Because of the authentication measures used by, students must
access the service at

Session       Target Competencies                 Notes
8/21/07       Compose a professional portfolio Overview of syllabus and web-
Neal          in preparation for seeking       enhanced course.
              employment.                      PowerPoint on professional
                                               portfolio development.
8/28/07       Compare leadership styles.          Prior to class read chapters 1-3
Neal                                              in ATI leadership and
                                                  management review module.
                                                  and documents posted on Bb for
                                                  this section.
                                                  Come to class prepared to
                                                  discuss leadership and
                                                  participate in assigned exercises.
                                              Complete on-line leadership and
                                              management quizzes by 9/4/07.
9/4/07      Resolve workplace conflicts.      Prior to class read ATI chapters
Clayton     Delegate nursing tasks            8-10. Prior to class, access the
            appropriately.                    KBN web site and read about
                                              delegation of authority.
                                              Come to class prepared to
                                              discuss possible workplace
                                              scenerios on delegation and
                                              Discussion board topic will be
                                              posted. Please post and respond
                                              by 9/11/07.
9/11/07     Relate how professional and       Prior to class read ATI chapters
Neal        political involvement can         4-7. Develop written paper about
            influence health care delivery.   the role of your professional
                                              organization (KSALPN) and
                                              compare and contrast it to the
                                              role of the Kentucky Board of
                                              Nursing. Optional topic: discuss
                                              the pros and cons of universal
                                              healthcare. Due no later than
9/18/07     Complete state licensure          Prior to class, read documents
Clayton &   application.                      online about:
Neal                                          Nurse Practice Act
                                              Scope of Practice Guidelines
                                              Disciplinary Action
                                              Fining a Complaint
                                              CE competency
                                              LPN intravenous therapy scope
                                              of practice
                                              NCLEX test plan

                                              Access the KBN web site and
                                              print a copy of the application for
                                              licensure by examination and
                                              bring to class.
                                              Complete „KY laws‟ quiz
                                              (handout) and on-line „NCLEX
                                              exam‟ quiz and submit by
9/25/07     Demonstrate appropriate           Research online several sites
No class    techniques for job interviews.    that discuss proper job interview
meeting –                                     techniques.
see Bb                                          Read posted documents on Bb.
10/2/07      Explain preferred workplace        Prior to class read ATI chapters
Clayton      behavior characteristics.          11-13 and read documents online
             Investigate current health care    about: Workplace transition.
             issues related to practical
             nursing practice.                  Discussion board topic will be
                                                posted, please post and respond
                                                by 10/16/07.
                                                Portfolio due 10/16/07.
10/16/07     Leadership and Management
1-3          ATI exam

 Fall 2007 NPN 215- Course Calendar (subject to change at instructor’s discretion)
                                 Syllabus Agreement

                 Syllabi Agreement for: NPN 215-Trends and Issues
                                     Fall 2007

       I _______________, by signing below acknowledge that I have received a

copy of; read and understand the expectations/requirements defined within both the

syllabus for NPN 215- Trends and Issues and verbal overview presented by my

instructor; I agree to adhere to this outline in benefit of my academic success. I also

understand that it’s my personal responsibility to assess the syllabus prior to each

learning experience, thus assuring preparedness and noting projects, assignments,

reading assignments, deadlines, etc.      Moreover, I understand that the faculty

reserves the right to make necessary changes in the course and/or course

requirements at any time during the semester as deemed essential for optimal

learning; I will be notified verbally/written/electronically in such an event.

__________________        ___________         ___________________         __________
Practical Nursing Student Date                 Witness                     Date
            Witness                      Date