Admissions Director Stacey Dang Notice of Siblings wanting to by Samuelpowers


									Admissions Director, Stacey Dang

Notice of Siblings wanting to enter DCS in the 2009/10 academic year
The Admissions Department will begin processing all applications for the coming school year. If you have
other children you would like to enrol at the College and would like to secure a ‘Sibling Priority’ place on the
waiting list, please submit a completed application (completed and signed application form, supporting
documents and 2000RMB registration fee) by Monday 2 February 2009. Application forms can be obtained
from the College reception area (Main campus and DUCKS) or through the College website
Although there is a ‘Sibling Priority’ policy regarding waiting lists for entry into DCS, this does not guarantee
enrolment. All students entering Year 3 and above are required to sit a written entrance assessment prior to
enrolment. Year 1 and Year 2 applicants will be invited to spend a morning assessment with the relevant
year level before entry into the College is confirmed.
Please feel free to contact the Admissions Department ( or 5899
9910*204) if you have any questions.

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