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									                                       Vision Awards - 2009
                                     GENERAL INFORMATION

Purpose: Since 2001, the Committee of 100 on the Federal City has annually presented Vision Awards to
recognize projects, plans, organizations and individuals from across the city that are visionary and innovative in
meeting the Committee of 100’s mission to advocate “responsible planning and land use in Washington, D.C. ….
guided by the values inherited from the L'Enfant Plan and McMillan Commission, which give Washington its
historic distinction and natural beauty, while responding to the special challenges of 21st century development.
We pursue these goals through public education, research and civic action, and we celebrate the city's unique role
as both the home of the District's citizens and the capital of our nation.”

Awards: Except for lifetime achievement, all awards will be made to projects, plans or organizations, not
individuals. (People responsible for the projects, plans or organization and/or who will accept the awards on their
behalf should be named in the application.) More than one award, or none at all, may be given in each category.

Nominated projects may be of two kinds:
    Those honoring work that directly benefited the District of Columbia as a whole, and
    Those that only directly benefit a neighborhood or small segment or sector of the District’s population but
       have been exemplary and deserve to be emulated due to their visionary/innovative nature.

There are four types of awards:
   (1) Projects. These may include public/government projects as well as private projects.
   (2) Plans. These may include plans that were not fully implemented but remain inspirational.
   (3) Organizations. These may include non-profit or for-profit organizations or government entities.
   (4) Individuals – Lifetime Achievement. These may be given to more than one person. They are not
        intended to be a “final acknowledgement” of good work or even excellent work performed, but
        recognition of appreciated work done to date by an individual that rises to the level of visionary.

Criteria: Our goal is to inspire, through recognition, those projects, plans, organizations and individuals that have
inspired us to continue their visionary efforts. (The fact that the work is of excellent quality or great benefit to
Washington DC is not sufficient in and of itself.) The Committee of 100 will honor projects, plans and
organizations and individuals reflecting the following criteria:
     They directly address the mission of the Committee of 100 as stated above in a way that rises to the level
         of being “visionary” as implied by the name of the award—that is, they clearly rise above the ordinary;
     They are innovative either in how they have been effected or what they bring about or make possible;
     They provide notable benefit to the District of Columbia, particularly showing sound judgment about
         land use and related issue; and
     They demonstrate design excellence, as appropriate, and sensitivity to neighborhoods, historic
         elements, public space, and/or natural features.

Nomination Process: Anyone currently residing in the District of Columbia may nominate a project for
recognition. Completed forms should be sent by mail or email to the Committee of 100 (address below).

Format: Please use the following format and answer each element. Please keep your final nomination to no
more than two pages plus attachments.

Deadline and Presentation Dates: The deadline for submitting nominations is April 15, 2009. The awards will
be presented at a ceremony/reception in early June, the date and place to be announced.

                                          1317 G STREET, NORTHWEST
                                        WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005-3102
                                       202•628•8030 FAX: 202•628•8031
                                    Vision Awards - 2009
                                     NOMINATION FORM
                          (Postmark Deadline is Wednesday, April 15, 2009.
                    Send to Committee of 100 on the Federal City at address below)

I.        Type of award (check one): __ Project __Plan __Organization __Individual

II.       Name of nominee (project, plan, organization, or individual):

III.      Address, telephone and e-mail contact information for nominee:

IV.       Description of nominee:

V.         Reason(s) why nominee merits a Vision Award (relate to criteria and indicate whether
       the award is for city-wide or neighborhood impact):

VI.       List of attachments (e.g. photographs, copy of plans, letters of support, etc.)

VII. Submitter’s name and contact information (please disclose any relationship -- such as
   serving on the organization’s board in the past or at present -- you may have with the


                                         1317 G STREET, NORTHWEST
                                       WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005-3102
                                      202•628•8030 FAX: 202•628•8031

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