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					If you’re the proud (or not-so-proud) owner of a pregnant cat, it’s your job to make sure she stays healthy during the pregnancy. That means you need to know how to nurture a pregnant cat, but first, you need to be able to tell when your cat is pregnant. About five weeks into the pregnancy, you’ll notice that your cat is beginning to gain a lot of weight, especially in her abdominal region. You may also observe signs of morning sickness in your cat similar to what women experience during human pregnancy. Cats go through sickness as they adjust to bigger uterine organs. Your cat’s nipples will also enlarge and fill up with milk. Also, your cat will start acting a little differently than normal. Cats that are pregnant tend to be more loving and calm than at other times. Right before delivery, you should expect your cat to demand a lot of food, and you will probably be able to see the kittens inside the uterus. Yes, this is normal. Noticing that your cat is pregnant early in the pregnancy will give you ample time to prepare for the delivery. When the delivery is getting close, make sure you provide a soft nesting place for your cat during birth and a separate cozy bed for the newborn kittens to rest. While kitten deliveries are usually messy, your cat will make sure everything is taken care of. Your job will be to ensure the health of Mama Cat and examine the newborns as soon as possible to make sure they were all born healthy. Word count: 264