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                                     BRITISH COUNCIL MEXICO
                                      CHARGEABLE SERVICES


Partner Profile and Promotion                     Partner            Non-Partner                  Notes
  a) Promotion Advertising Package                                                      Minimum 2 weeks notice.
  Includes: banner in the main page of                                                   Image for Banner to be
  the BC website and promotional text in             £60                 £120             provided by institution.
  the BC and Education UK web pages,                                                     Image sizes: 240x80 or
  online for 2 weeks.                                                                         492x80 pixels
                                                                                         Minimum 2 weeks notice.
  b) Commissioned Mail Shots                                                             Logo and/or design to be
  Updated database of 18,500 contacts,                                                    provided by institution.
                                                 £200 each            £400 each
  the service includes translation of text                                              Image size: 100KB or less
  upon request (up to 200 words).                                                         with a maximum of 800
                                                                                                pixels wide

                                                 Management       Management
                                               Fee: £50 + Cost Fee: £100 + Cost
  c) Advertising in Local Newspapers
                                                      of               of
  Advice and placement on best media                                                      Advertisement to be
                                                advertisement    advertisement
  vehicles,                                                                                    provided
                                                *Optional text   *Optional text
  access to BC preferential advertising                                                    by the institution
                                               translation: £25 translation: £50
                                              (100 words max.) (100 words max.)

Education Market Information                      Partner         Non-Partner                     Notes
                                                Price varies
  d) Tailored-Made Marketing                  according to the Preferential price
                                                                                         Time of delivery varies
  Intelligence Studies                        complexity of the is not applicable

Visits & Events                                   Partner            Non-Partner                  Notes
  e) Programme Management
                                                Price varies         Price varies       Minimum 2 weeks notice.
  Includes: advising on local contacts in
                                               depending on         depending on        For Country Partners the
  the sector, setting up appointments,
                                               staff working        staff working         company of 1 BC staff
  hotel and transportation booking; as
                                                 hours and            hours and            member is included
  well as the company of one BC staff
                                                programme            programme           without additional cost
  member during appointments upon
                                                complexity           complexity                for a day
  f) Event Management*
  Includes: 1 BC staff facilitator
  throughout the event, event's
  registration database, attendance
  confirmation list (upon request),
                                                                                     Minimum 1 week notice.
  logistics, rent of BC auditorium with
                                                                                    For Country Partners the
  capacity up to 70 people, laptop,           £125 for 2 hours     £250 for 2 hours
                                                                                      Promotion Advertorial
  overhead projector, screen, coffee           £50 additional      £100 additional
  break service (coffee & water) and                                                 Package (1 banner in the
                                                    hour                 hour
  security guards.                                                                      main BC page and
                                                                                    promotional text) is for free
  The BC provides support for people
  with special mobility needs. Other
  disability support services are available
  upon request (some costs may apply).

  g) Students Interviews' Management
  Includes: Rent of BC auditorium or
  room, mailshot promoting the                £250 for 3 hours, £500 for 3 hours,
  interviews, coffee break service (coffee     £50 additional    £100 additional        Minimum 2 weeks notice
  & water). Regular price of these                  hour              hour
  services if paid separately: £375,
  please refer to point b) and f)
  h) Virtual Chats with local students
                                                    £200                 £400           Minimum 2 weeks notice
  Includes chat transcript.
  i) Virtual Fairs and School Road
                                                          Preferential price
  Show                                 Preferential price
                                                           does not apply
  To be organised on programmed dates.
  j) Education UK Exhibitions: Mexico
                                                                                        Price varies according to
  City & Monterrey                                                 Preferential price
                                              Preferential price                          participation in 1 or 2
  Every year at the end of February and                             does not apply
  the beginning of March.

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