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					How to deal with having a stroke It is not always easy to deal with someone that has gone through a stroke in your life. If you or someone that you know has been the victim of a stroke, then you must know that this is one of the hardest times that a person can go through. It is very unpredictable and there are no side effects that will be the same. It is important to make sure that you are giving the right amount of support and care to anyone that has known the devastation of a stroke. There are negative emotions that a person is going to have to go through when they are the victims of a stroke. Feeling sad about the ability to do something that you once could do so well is torture for some. This is going to be a normal emotion and one that many people will go through. You need to learn how to accept this and anyone that is helping a stroke victim out should also know that this is a sensitive area that has to be dealt with the right way. The following will be some of the emotional feelings that a person can go through when they are trying to help someone get over a stroke. You should pay attention to these problems and treat them as you can with each person that you are dealing with. * Emotional stability, sudden laughing or crying * Anxiety * Grief at the loss of mobility * Humiliation * Depression * Memory loss * Confusion A person that is suffering from a stroke will have different on the area of the brain injury. People who have had a strong on the right side of their brain will tend to experience memory problems, time disorientation and emotional highs and lows. They may also be less able to use abstract thinking and talk too much. People that have had a stroke on the left side of their brain may have more problems with their speech and reading abilities as well. They will also be more cautions and get frustrated a lot easier. The left-brain injuries are more often from depression. This is not exact but it is a good theory for why people that are depressed go through such a terrible time with their physical and emotional pain. Remember to have compassion, love and understanding when it comes to helping someone that has dealt with a stroke. This is the best way to get them back on track and keep them motivated for a fast recovery. You want to get them through the hard times and keep them ready for the better times that are coming.