Viewing My Documents by iee59083


Opening My Documents
Viewing files and folders
Using Views options
New Views for pictures
    My Documents

     The folder where Word and other Office
      applications automatically saves your docs
     On each individual computer’s hard disk
     To open My Documents
        Click the Start button, move to the top right, and
           click My Documents
          OR Double-click the icon on your desktop.

                                           City College of San Francisco:
2                         9/4/2010          Technology Learning Center

  Right Pane
Files and folders
 Left Pane
Tasks or ….
 Left Pane
  Tasks or
Folders view
 Click Folders
 icon to shift
from one view
  to the other
  Right Pane
Files and folders
Modify the look of the
 right pane with the
    Views icon…
Tiles makes icons bigger
      and provides
    some information
List makes them smaller
     so that more fit
      on the screen
Details provides the most
 Size, Date Modified….

For folders with pictures
you get more options…
Thumbnails shows
previews of images
                        It provides
Here’s Filmstrip View
                         and back
The View menu has more
   Arrange Icons by
    Show in Groups
 -organize your display
    particularly if you
    have a lot of files
  Arrange Icons by Type
Word, Excel, PowerPoint docs

     Show in Groups
      labels the groups
That’s how we got this display
     Right Pane Views Summary

      Control the way you           Or View menu pulldown
       see items with:
       Views icon

                                           City College of San Francisco:
16                       9/4/2010           Technology Learning Center
     Right Pane Views for pictures

      New ways of displaying pictures
      Thumbnails               Filmstrip

                                  City College of San Francisco:
17                  9/4/2010       Technology Learning Center
     Further Information

      Where to look for more on Windows XP:
        PowerPoint modules and documents on New
         Features, Organizing My Documents and Saving
         to Disks on Desktop Upgrade Web site
        VTC Multimedia Training modules on many
         aspects of XP
        Windows Help and Support on your Start menu

                                      City College of San Francisco:
18                     9/4/2010        Technology Learning Center

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