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					Types of strokes A stroke is a very serious medical condition. You will find that it is where you will lose control over your brain function and parts of your body will be affected. It is because your blood supply is being disrupted and not getting properly to the neuro system. There are many different types of strokes, but they are all very serious. You will want to learn what your risks of strokes are and if you are someone who is genetically linked to having a stroke. Those who live in a family who is prone to taking a stroke should not increase their risk by smoking or drinking a lot. Patients who do survive a stroke will end up severely handicapped. When it comes to strokes, they are classified in two major categories, which consist of ischemic and hemorrhagic. As for the ischemia stroke you it is because of thrombosis, embolism, or hypoperfusion. Hemorrhage is from the blood rushing too fast to the brain. Most of the time ischemia is the type of stroke that will affect you. Ischemic stroke is the cause for about 80% strokes. It is from the brain getting partially blocked or completely blocked from the proper blood supply. If you are on illegal drugs like cocaine, you will double your risk of ischemic strokes. Thrombotic strokes is where a thrombus process develops in an artery. It is basically a blood clot that will grow and narrow your blood flow. The blood clot will then lead to you having a stroke. As for the embolic stroke it is because of the blockage of artery access to the part of the brain because of debris in the bloodstream. It is usually a blood clot, but it can also be parts of your blood vessels or even fat substances. It can also be caused from having cancer cells in your blood. There are many reasons why you may have debris in the blood stream, but it mostly because of an infection or cancer cell. That is why many people don't realize that they have cancer until they take a stroke. Hypoperfusion or watershed stroke is from the reduction of blood flow to the entire body. It is do because of heart failure from a cardiac arrest. Also, it could be because of a lower blood oxygen content in the blood. Your blood flow may not be stopped, but since it is greatly reduced, you will have some brain damage. A hemorrhagic stroke is a form of stroke that will occur when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or bleeds. The blood will irritate the brain matter and it will cause a chemical imbalance. If it will continue to bleed, the pressure will increase on the brain and oxygen will be lost. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a very common source of strokes and that is where you will bleed now and then, but it will place you in a deep coma or cause death.