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Planning dates for Lake O'Hara for 2009
Some groups leave on Sunday, Sept. 20 and some on Monday, Sept. 21, 2009
         All groups will be returning on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009

February 17, Tuesday                   Notification:
                                       Give message to CIMS secretary to send a synerVoice message home to all parents with
                                       Grade 11 students stating that there will be a meeting on Feb 24, Tuesday for all parents
                                       and students who wish to either participate in the Lake O’Hara Field Trip or find out more
                                       about it.
Feb. 24, Tuesday             7:00 pm   Students, Parents and Prospective Chaperones:
                                       Information meeting about this year’s trip. Go over Park rules and regulations, Alpine Club
                                       of Canada rules, weather, brief history of the trip, philosophy, student and chaperone
                                       expectations. Hand out Student Information Sign-up sheets, Student Guides, Chaperone
                                       Information Sign-up Sheets and Chaparone Guides.
March 13, Friday             4:00 pm   Deadline:
                                       For: Information Sheet, Permission Form, and Money $300.00. All of these must be
                                       handed in to guarantee placement in a group. Any extenuating circumstances (need more
                                       time, can’t afford it, etc.) see Mr. Ross.
April 7, Tuesday             7:00 pm   Chaperones only: Judy Varey to go over Criminal Record Check Forms.
                                       Meeting to go over expectations of leaders: First Aid Training – (Set Date with Nancy
                                       Bourdon); Class IV license to drive vans if needed; Criminal Record Check; positive
                                       attitude; need truck with a canopy or minivan; equipment - pack, tent, stove, etc. (Sinclair
                                       & Lee to bring pack w/samples); expected to attend meetings; hold meetings with students;
                                       expectations while on the trip; requests of routes with respect to level of difficulty; safety
                                       first always, etc.
April 6 – 9, Monday-Friday    Lunch    Meet in Ross, room at noon to assign students and chaperones to groups and routes:
                              Hour     During the week, go over the list of students and chaperones and come to the meeting with
                                       suggestions. Ross, Sinclair, Lee, Bourdon and choose groups, leaders and assign routes.
April 21, Tuesday            6:00 pm   Chaperones only:
                                       Meeting with chaperones re: groups / equipment, safety concerns, etc. before meeting with
April 21, Tuesday            7:00 pm   Students, Parents, and Chaperones -- ATTENDANCE MANDATORY
                                       Equipment and general safety meeting at OKM. In addition, we will go over the routes,
                                       groups, and expectations. Outdoor Adventure Gear, AG Superstore, Far West are local
                                       suppliers that have supported us in the past. Sports Rent has also been used, but do not rent
                                       unless you have checked out all the equipment beforehand as some of the rental equipment
                                       in the past has not been satisfactory. (See Sinclair, Lee, Bourdon or Ross if you want an
April 28, Tuesday            7:00 pm   Students, Parents, and Chaperones -- ATTENDANCE MANDATORY
                                       Food / Menu Planning and Safety meeting: we will answer questions regarding tents,
                                       packs, stoves, first-aid, clothing, and cooking utensils. After a short group meeting,
                                       students and chaperone will meet in their groups to design their own group menus.
May 5, Tuesday               7:00 pm   Chaperones only:
                                       Chaperones to report to other leaders feedback about their individual group meetings,
                                       express concerns, ask questions, etc.
May and June                           Meet with your groups as needed to check equipment, clothing, decide on menus, who is
                                       responsible for what and look after my details that you deem to be necessary for a safe,
                                       enjoyable trip.
September 8, Tuesday         7:00 pm   Chaperones only: Concerns, equipment, menus, routes, weather, Parks requirements,
                                       transportation, etc.
September 7 - 11                       Chaperones must meet with their groups to make sure that the food (menus) for everybody
                                       in their group is organized and that every student has appropriate gear.
September 15, Tuesday        7:00 pm   Students and Chaperones:
                                       Full equipment check – all students and chaperones must meet at OKM with all equipment,
                                       clothing, cooking utensils, pots and pans, stoves, etc.
September 17, Thursday       7:00 pm   Chaperones only:
                                       Distribution of permits, last minute concerns, Park Meeting at Roger’s Pass, emergency
                                       procedures, lock combinations for gates and huts, route confirmations, group confirmation,
                                       discuss weather implication, Parks requirements, transportation, etc.

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