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					Stroke Warning Signs If you ever notice any of the following signs for a stroke you will not want to hesitate to call 9-1-1. You will want to get them to the hospital right away. Make sure that you pay close attention so that you can get your loved one immediate attention. You will notice that there will be a sudden numbness in the face, arms, and legs. Most of the time it will be on one side of the body. The reason is because it will be on one side of the body is usually either the right or left side of the brain will be affected by a sudden blood rush to the brain or the lack of oxygen. You will also notice that they will become suddenly confused, however, it may just be trouble speaking or understanding who they are and what they are doing. This can be trouble, because many people will begin to panic and get out of hand. You will also notice that the person will have trouble seeking in one or both of the eyes. In fact, all of the senses will become affected by the stroke. If you notice that someone close to you is losing their balance or has a lack of coordination all of a sudden, it might be because they are having a stroke. There are some people who will feel a sudden migraine for no reason, but their head will sudden begin to hurt. You will want to be prepared for an emegency if you notice any of the signs that was stated. It is important for their health, because they may not be taking a stroke, but it might be something out that is just as serious. You should always have a list of numbers next to the phone for your own personal safety. Make sure that when leaving someone at risk for a stroke (because they had one before or a mini stroke) that you keep all your doctor names and phone numbers so that you can ask questions without wasting time. You will find that the hospital will be the primary number, but you will also find that the medical facility that your doctor prescribes to you will also be a number that you will want to know quickly. You will want to put these numbers by the phone and possibly in your purse or wallet for your safekeeping and for the numbers quickly. Keep in mind that not all of the warning signs could be because your having a stroke or someone that you love is having a stroke. It could be something less serious, or it could be something just as serious as a stroke. You will still want to treat the situation as if you are having a stroke. It is important that you keep in mind that something serious is happening and get the medical treatment