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					Stroke damage There are some serious problems that a stroke can bring to your body. It is a very dangerous disease and something that should be taken seriously when talking about it. There are many people these days that are suffering from the side effects of stroke and all that it can do to the body. This is something that you should think about so that you can prevent it before it happens to you. The brain is very complex and it does control the different body functions. If a stroke does happen and blood flow cannot reach the place that controls a body function, that part of the body will not work, as it should be. This is going to cause many problems in the body. However it is important for people to understand that surviving a stroke is amazing and the alternative is death. Being able to recover is the best that you can hope for and moving on past the problems that the stroke caused for anyone that suffers this terrible experience. If a stroke does happen toward the back of the brain, it is likely that the person will have a problem with their vision from that day forward. The effects of the stroke will completely depend on the location of the obstruction and the extent of the brain tissue that is affected by it. This is how people can determine what the disabilities are that they will be faced with after a stroke. The effects of the stroke damage will depend on the some factors including not only the place where the obstruction went on but also how much brain tissue is affected. However, one side of the brain will control the opposite side of the body and a stroke that affects the right side of the brain will have the effect on the left side of the body. This could cause the following damage: * Vision problems. * Memory loss * Paralysis on the left side of the body If the stroke does happen on the left side of the brain, the right side of the body will be affect then and produce some of the following problems: * Speech and language problems * Slow and cautions behavioral * Memory loss * Paralysis on the right side of the body Knowing what to expect can make give you more knowledge of what to expect. However this is not going to any less scary. Having a stroke will usually mean that the victim will have to go through a lot of therapy to get back to the way that they were before. This is something

that will take time and a person will have to be willing to get better and make this happen for them.