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					                                 CCC Meeting Minutes
                                   January 23, 2003
                                   Sacramento, CA
                                  12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Arun Jhaveri                                 Randall Higa
Ed Becker                                    Phil Welker
David Jump                                   Phil Ondler
Mazin Kellow                                 Mary Ann Piette
Martha Brook                                 Nancy Jenkins
Gregg Ander                                  Jim Parks
Bill Pennington                              Dale Gustavson
Greg Holzer                                  Duane Davies
Treasa Sweek                                 Patrick Eilert
Norm Bourassa                                Dave Watson
Mark Levi                                    Joyce Kinnear
Doug Chamberlin                              Chris Scruton
Bryan Welsh                                  Peter Keithly
Lynn Melby                                   Tav Commins
Ken Gillespie                                Eric Swan
Jeff Johnson                                 David Reynolds
Grant Duhon                                  Marti Tsypin

Tav Commins, CEC gave a brief history of the CCC.

Stakeholders Report:
Phil Welker, PECI reported out on the Stakeholders meeting. The CCC has $31,000 left
from 2002 with $21,000 uncommitted to specific tasks. Completing the remaining
project scopes from 2002 would cost $127,000.

The following members were appointed to the Advisory Board:

Tav Commins or Bill Pennington      California Energy Commission
Richard Conrad                      Division of the State Architect
Don Frey                            Architectural Energy Corporation
Ken Gillespie                       Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Jeff Johnson                        New Buildings Institute
Mazin Kellow                        SMUD
Don Little                          Farnsworth Group
Tony Pierce                         Southern California Edison
Mary Ann Piette                     Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Treasa Sweek or Malcolm Lewis       CTG Energetics, Inc.
Dale Gustavson                      Better Buildings
David Jump                          Quantum Consulting
Doug Chamberlin                     Brown Vence and Associates
Martha Brooke                       PIER
Randall Higa                          SoCalGas

Don Frey was selected as Chair of the Advisory Board.

Project Ideas
Project ideas were presented and the Advisory Board was asked to prioritize them.
Nancy Jenkins introduced PIER's project ideas.

Case study protocol
Several questions were raised. Attendees wondered what will be done with the data, how
proprietary it will be and whether there will be the ability to produce tables and analyze
the data. It was noted that all buildings accepted into the protocol database must be
located in California. The suggestion was made to include functionality to remind the
user to provide updated information on regular intervals after the end of the project.

Provider/owner tools
Advisory Board members agreed that the CCC needed to establish criteria for posting
commissioning providers to the website, and that the list should be reviewed on a yearly
basis. The CCC does not plan to create its own certification process and is monitoring
the work currently underway by the BCA. It was suggested that a list of qualifications for
contractors and subcontractors also be added to the website.

Training and education projects
The question was raised as to whether the CCC should take on training projects or leave
them to the universities and vocational schools. This raised the larger issue of clarifying
the CCC’s goals and mission. PECI will address this at the next meeting.

Advisory Board members agreed that the website should be a resource to the
community. Uses include distributing information about commissioning projects and
tools, explaining the CCC structure, links to other commissioning-related websites,
meeting notes, workshop announcements, etc. As a result of this discussion, members
decided that the CCC needs to create an additional "outreach" task. PECI will address
this issue at the next meeting.

Research tools & policy
Attendees discussed the merit of including commissioning on the State’s mechanical and
electrical exams. Current research projects were discussed, including an LBNL/SMUD
retrocommissioning study of five to 10 buildings, a Texas A&M project, Oakland’s use
of utility data in their large commercial building project, NBI's work with building codes,
building modeling software. The subject of building screening tools was discussed and it
was decided to add the creation of a screening tool as a project idea.

Attendees noted the importance of considering the needs of the market when creating
commissioning tools and marketing materials. Two groups were sited specifically: larger
owners and contractors. Larger owners are not necessarily energy-driven and their needs
must be explored and attended to. Contractors are another market for energy efficiency
technologies. In terms of marketing tools to contractors, large-scale demonstration
projects and persistence studies at "street level," where contractors are actually using
ACRx or the HVAC Service Assistant will be important in helping answer whether these
tools are working and whether they can be incorporated into the contractor’s way of
doing business. It will be important to keep asking: What is the tool’s business
proposition? How much does it cost them to use?

Prioritization of Project Ideas
Projects prioritized by the Stakeholders were not ranked by the Advisory Board. They
include: The creation of a 5-10 year plan, case studies, tools, training/education, PIER
projects and website work. In the ranking process, Stakeholders and Advisory Board
members selected their top five projects, with the resulting list of priorities:
 Develop a model of the California commissioning market;
 Conduct persistence studies;
 Develop a T24 commissioning support tool focusing on design intent, basis of design
    and sequence of operation; and
 Develop a screening tool.

Scopes and budgets for these projects will be developed and circulated to the Advisory
Board for review, with recommendations to the Stakeholders by the next meeting.

Project Updates
Jeff Johnson, NBI gave an update on the Advanced Building Guidelines, which
document best technology practices for promoting good indoor environmental quality and
energy use. A second draft will be available for public review on February 10th and
posted on the NBI website. The BCA is invited to review and comment. The Guidelines
will be published in May and updated every year to 18 months.

Jim Parks, SMUD reviewed their program and previewed his presentation at the
National Conference on Building Commissioning. The program included 17 buildings
ranging from 2% to 20% savings. A Coroner and Crime Lab had the largest savings and
most have persisted.

David Jump, Quantum Consulting reviewed Oakland Energy Partner's Large Buildings
Tune-Up Program sponsored by the PUC. This is a $1.8 million program involving up to
40 buildings or 10.5 million square feet, all within the City of Oakland. The program
began in September 2002 and is currently in the recruitment phase. The program is
targeting a one year payback and $0.10 per sq.ft for all costs. David noted that the MOU
has been deterring potential participants because of a clause requiring them to implement
measures or pay back a part of the scoping cost. Another issue has been reaching the
decision makers at property management companies, who control between 60 and 70% of
Oakland’s large commercial building stock.

Ken Gillespie, PG&E/Treasa Sweek, CTG Energetics gave an update on Cx+. The
tool allows a user to enter details about the project and receive a recommendation as to
the “level” of commissioning that should be applied (abbreviated / standard /
comprehensive). Attendees were presented with the website URL and a username and
password, and asked to test the tool and provide feedback to Ken or Treasa.

Mary Ann Piette, LBNL introduced HPBCS and reviewed current projects. They
include the Functional Test Guide and work with Peralta to develop curricula needs.
Mary Ann requested the CCC’s help running focus groups.

Dale Gustavson, ACCA introduced the group to the Air Conditioning Contractors of
America and the California chapter. March 12th is the first meeting of CalACCA and
attendees are requested to attend. Dale asked for assistance with funding and
endorsements. He also noted that board seats will be open to non-contractors, in
proportion to their % of total members, and he encouraged commissioning providers to

Brian Welsh, Keithly Welsh Associates discussed the Building Commissioning
Association’s certification project, funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.
The BCA recently hired a consultant to develop the certification program based on
survey results. The BCA is currently looking for input on the program and 10-12 test-
writers to create the certification exam, which will occur at the end of May. There will be
a two-day seminar plus follow-on work, to be held September 15-19.

Phil Welker, PECI described the agenda for the 11th annual NCBC and requested
suggestions for the plenary session covering California activities. He noted that the
session will be a high-level discussion appealing to a broad audience and should present
California’s commissioning work to other parties around the country. Phil is also looking
for recommendations for the second day keynote speaker. Christine Irwin was suggested
as a keynote speaker and the CHPS program and Charles Eley were suggested for the
plenary session.

Action Items
1. Clarify the CCC’s mission as to target audience and role of projects in the marketplace

2. Scope an “outreach” task as part of the CCC’s 2003 priorities (PECI)

3. Scope the four new projects prioritized by the Stakeholders and Advisory Board
       a. CCC 5-10 year plan
       b. Persistence studies
       c. Title 24 commissioning support tool
       d. Building screening tool

4. Provide feedback on the following projects underway (all attendees):
       a. NBI’s Advanced Building Guidelines, available Feb. 10th at
       b. PG&E’s Cx+ tool, url and password available from Ken Gillespie
       c. BCA’s provider certification project, contact
       d. Ideas for a plenary session featuring California commissioning at NCBC,
          contact Phil Welker

5. There will be bi-monthly meetings in the short-term due to the CCC’s heavy workload,
probably in March and early May.