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Street Drugs and Stroke 2008 PLR Article


									Street Drugs and Stroke People need to know the dangers of drugs on the street. They are more dangerous than what they may think. It is very necessary for people to understand that there are so many dangers that are associated with taking drugs. If you are healthy man or woman, you can damage your body tremendously with street drugs and ruin your entire life. Drugs are going to ruin the flow of blood to your body. This can happen from the use of drugs like cocaine and crack and even speed. These terrible drugs will also cause brain damage and even bring your body to the threat of a life-threatening stroke. This is something that you have to teach your children and others that you know so that they stay away from taking street drugs and are doing what they can to keep their body safe from harm. There are stimulant drugs that can raise the blood pressure. These drugs are going to have a direct effect on the vessel walls and the extra pressure can cause them to rupture. The extra pressure can also make them leak blood into the brain. This is known as a hemorrhagic stroke. These stimulant street drugs can also narrow the blood vessels and this can take away the blood flow to the parts of the brain and kill brain tissue. This is very dangerous. It is called an alchemic stroke. Speed is also very dangerous for the body. It can speed up the heart rate and lead a person to have a stroke or heart attack. This is something that many do not realize and it can kill you with the very first use. Many kids think that if they only try it once they will be fine. However this is not the case. It only takes one time to hurt the body. Not only this but also usually one time will lead to many because it is so addicting. There is nothing good about taking street drugs and the sooner that we get this drilled into the minds of young people the better off they will be. There is nothing good about taking street drugs and people need to know this. It makes no difference if it is a first time drug user or someone that has been doing it for years and years. It can happen at any time and it is only a matter of time before it happens. Making this know to every child and person that is thinking about taking drugs is something that should be done. Saving lives is a very important thing and keeping people from drugs is something that we have to work hard at.

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