MP3 Player and 3D Visualization Creation by iee59083


									MP3 Player and 3D Visualization Creation
        “The Dancing Jukebox”
             Formal Proposal
            Jennifer Rickerson
            September 23, 2005
                                   Formal Proposal


This project involves the design and implementation of a basic mp3 player incorporating
3d visualizations. The concept is the creation of a stand-alone player that will load in)
mp3s and play them back to the user. The program will contain 3-dimensional characters
that that will dance to the music.


The goal is to make a program that is easy to use and fun for the user to view. This
project is for entertainment purposes so it needs be enjoyable.


The entertainment industry, as well as the music industry, are a big part of American
culture. Millions of dollars are spent to see movies and to download songs as well as
computer software programs that allow you to enjoy these activities. This program will
combine music with entertainment to please the masses.

Approach, Structure, and Style:

The technical side of the project will comprise of creating a simple, stand-alone music
player that will load mp3s and play them back to the user. This program will also detect
the volume and pulse of the songs that will be used to create the movements of the
characters. There will be a window for the visualization portion of the project. This will
render the 3D characters in real time and will control such movements as their arms,
head, and legs in dancing motions that are coordinated with the music. It will also allow
the user to explore the 3D space by moving around the character using a combination of
the mouse and keyboard.

The art side of the project will include, but not be limited to the design and creation of 3D
characters, the layout of the program, and the user interface. The characters will be
sketched and designed approaching a cartoon look rather than a naturalistic one. They
will then be modeled using a 3D package such a Maya and then finally will be textured.
The goal for the user interface and program layout is to have a sleek look that will also be
user friendly and intuitive to the user.


This program will be for anyone who has Windows XP and wants to experience music in
a new way.
Preliminary Budget:

There are no projected costs as of yet. All the software needed to create this project are
available on the CISE machines or through the MSDN website. Any costs associated with
this project will be spent on reference manuals on the OpenGL, C/C++ programming
languages, and/or Maya.

Preliminary Schedule:

This project will be researched and developed over the course of two semesters. During
the beginning of the fall semester, the developer will be researching different
implementation options for the project such as the stand-alone approach versus making a
plug-in application as well as digital music interpretation techniques. Mid-fall, the
developer will decide on the requirements for the project and do some simple
prototyping, software design, and character design. The development of a testing,
verification, and validation bank will begin near the end of the fall term. Some of the
characters are to be modeled by the end of the semester and can be used with prototyping.
At end of the semester, a project prototype will be completed and some testing will be

The production phase will begin in the spring semester. The characters will be completed,
modeled and textured, and will be ready to be imported into the program. There will be
extensive testing and student review during this semester. The final project will be
completed at the end of April 2006.

Anticipated Resource Needs:

The software applications that will be used to develop this project consist of Microsoft
Visual C++ Studio, Maya, and possibly Macromedia Flash. The languages that will be
used develop this project consist of C/C++, OpenGL, and possibly Javascript. Additional
languages may be used if the need arises. The project will be delivered as an executable
file that the user can easily double click to run the program.


Jennifer is entering her senior year in the Digital Arts and Sciences Program. Computer
graphics has always been one of her main interests. She is a member of the Association
for Digital Arts and Media and Golden Key International Honor Society. Jennifer also
participates in the University of Florida marching band, symphonic band, and basketball
band, is a member Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Fraternity for College
Bandmembers, and plays soccer on a city league team.

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