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									         City of Pitt Meadows
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

Working Together for Results

      2009 Business Plan
     Pitt Meadows Library

                Prepared by: Caro O'Kennedy,
                             Library Manager

                City of Pitt Meadows
                12007 Harris Road
                Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B5
                Phone (604) 467-7417
                Fax (604) 467-7404

City of Pitt Meadows - Library
2009 Business Plan

Table of Contents

Department Summary
      Library Services................................................................................................ 3
      Strategic Plan Alignment .................................................................................. 4
      Significant Issues and Trends .......................................................................... 5
      Successes in Last Year.................................................................................... 6

Department Projects and Initiatives ......................................................................... 7

Financial Highlights ................................................................................................... 8

      Attachment A                Decision Package .................................................................. 9

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan

Library Summary

Department Services

   •   Fraser Valley Regional Library provides Library service to the City of Pitt
       Meadows in accordance with the FVRL Service agreement signed between
       FVRL and the City.
   •   Two major departments recognized in the Library at local level are Circulation
       and Information, each with many critical functions. Staff at our Administrative
       Centre location in Abbotsford provides many shared services.
   •   Core Library functions include:
          o Circulation: As a member of FVRL Pitt Meadows Library has access to
              the second largest floating collection of library material in British
              Columbia, currently at 1.5 million items. For the benefit of the public in
              Pitt Meadows, the collection includes a variety of formats, caters to all
              age groups, and increasingly to a diverse ethnic mix in the community.
          o Information: Queries, Storytimes, Internet Access, Word Processing,
              Excel, printing, photocopying, instruction, access to Online Resources,
              etc. Programmes for all, on- and off-site.
          o Shared Services: materials acquisitions, shipping and receiving,
              Integrated Library System maintenance, Human Resources including
              payroll and benefits administration, maintenance and service delivery for
              electronic access to resources, etc.

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan

Strategic Plan Alignment


       •   That recycles all recyclables;
              o Recycle and reuse all paper products
              o Recycle books after book sales, or donate to another charitable
       •   That shares resources;
              o ILS (Integrated Library System) is shared across 15 municipalities
                  and 2 regional districts to contain costs, this includes the library
                  catalogue, the FVRL web page and the subscription electronic
                  resources available from the web page
              o Floating Library Collection: the entire collection of 1.5 million items
                  owned by FVRL, is available to every Pitt Meadows resident
              o InterLink: All materials available to Pitt Meadows Residents
       •   That reduces carbon footprint;
              o Enhancing web-based services to reduce number of trips to the
                  library, e.g. web-based renewals and requests
              o Provides numerous opportunities to access electronic sources for
                  information rather than hard copy
              o Fines and fees payable electronically
              o Truck leases expire in 2008 and 2009 truck leases will include two
                  hybrid trucks

Livable – Creating Community

       •   That offers quality, affordable leisure and educational opportunities and
           activities for citizens of all ages;
               o The library promotes and supports a literate, educated community
               o The Library presents a first choice for residents for affordable leisure
               o The Library affords the community the opportunity to access
                   information that improves lifestyle and learning
               o New residents rely on the Library for current community information at
                   no direct cost
               o Library resources include current information for personal financial
                   planning, personal and corporate tax guides, buying and selling
                   property and other material assets, and many other activities that
                   generate livability in the community
               o The library actively supports life long learning
               o The Library provides free training for customers in use of subscription
                   Online Databases
               o Homework Help provides free live electronic BC-based peer tutoring
                   service, and Learn BC tutoring services based on the BC school
               o Downloadable audio and video services available to all

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan
           o   Home Library service to individuals who can not physically visit the library
           o   Multi-cultural programmes and library materials in a range of world

    •   That citizens enjoy living in;
           o Provides a wide range of interesting programmes
           o Offers tremendous choice of materials to borrow
           o The Library is a destination of choice

Significant Issues and Trends

•   New generation library catalogue introduction scheduled for late 2008 to early 2009
•   New website to be launch in first quarter 2009.
•   Extranet introduced for FVRL Board Members.
•   Continual upgrading of electronic equipment and databases to meet the needs of the
•   Continued public and private awareness of literacy as the foundation of a healthy
    community, e.g. LiteracyNow project expanded to include hiring a Literacy
    Coordinator for Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.
•   Provincial LiteracyNow initiative – Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. We received a
    $30,000 Literacy grant from LiteracyNow to hire a Literacy Coordinator for the two
•   Increased use of web-based services.
•   More bandwidth required for digital collection.
•   Trend to personalized and authoritative on-site services to complement and enhance
    web services, e.g. moving to web 2.0 catalogue which incorporates social networking
•   On-going staff training to ensure that staff maintains a high level of proficiency in new
    services and technologies.
•   Partnerships with community agencies to broaden customer base and to prevent
    duplication of services.
•   Thin clients and LCD monitors have significantly reduced power requirements.
•   FVRL is researching RFID (radio frequency identification) and RFID tags will
    probably be added to the collection items in mid to late 2009.
•   Renewing infrastructure and upgrading software.

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan

2008 Successes

   •   Successful application of LiteracyNow grant - $30,000 was received and a
       Literacy Coordinator for Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge was hired.
   •   Increased number of programmes and attendance in the library.
   •   Improved public word processing, e.g. USB ports.
   •   Continued awareness, contact and collaboration with community organizations,
       including School District # 42.
   •   Introduction of new electronic services: BC Library To Go, TumbleBooks Library
       and Tumble Readable Library.
   •   Introduction of Homework Tutors – live homework help from BC-based peer
       tutors with significant savings.
   •   System wide initiatives included Read Away Fines, Kindergarten Project, Books
       for BC Babies, Next Reads, Reading link Challenge, and Fresh Start for Teens.
   •   Highly successful Staff Development Day on June 27, 2008.
   •   Several upgrades to the Integrated Library system to enhance function for both
       the public and staff.
   •   Increase in use of Web requests and renewals.
   •   Replacing CRTs (cathode ray tube) monitors with flat screen monitors – ongoing
   •   Read Learn Play tag line branded for FVRL.
   •   Installed new anti-spam device.
   •   2007 statistics include local web-based renewals and requests.

Library Activity Statistics

       Measure                 2004      2005        2006        2007         2008
                              Actual    Actual      Actual      Actual      Estimate
Circulation                   124,496   126,410     121,444     123,528      125,000
Web Renewals                                                      21,451       23,000
Programmes (attend)             3,115     4,159        4,951       5,569        6,000
People Counter                 82,372    79,039       79,397      77,081       79,000
Requests                        6,038     6,795        6,447       7,326        7,500
Web Requests                                                      20,326       21,500

City of Pitt Meadows - Library
2009 Business Plan

Annual Department Plans

2009 Projects and Initiatives

Liveability                                               Who           When
1. Action: Updating Collection Maintenance
       Goal: Create an attractive browsing collection
               Outcome or Measure: Attractive browsing collection
      a. Plan schedule to weed the library.               CO & SR       Q1
      b. Initiate weeding schedule                        SR            Q2
      c. Complete weeding schedule                        SR            Q3

2. Action: Cash Handling Procedures
       Goal: Tighten security around secure cash handling practices
                Outcome or Measure: Secure cash handling practices in use daily
  a. Train all staff who handle cash in new practices     SR            Q1
  b. Staff trained and procedures in place                SR            Q2

3. Action: Introduce Reading Link Challenge for Pitt Meadows Schools
        Goal: Have two teams sign up for the challenge
               Outcome or Measure: Two teams sign up
  a. Information Assistant contacts schools                LB           Q1
  b. Visit schools with RLC information                    LB           Q1
  c. Participate in the RLC                                LB           Q1

City of Pitt Meadows - Library
2009 Business Plan

Financial Highlights

                          2008         2009         2010         2011         2012         2013
                         Budget       Budget       Budget       Budget       Budget       Budget

Revenues    $(52,109)   $(-52,109)   $(-47,922)   $(-47,922)   $(-47,922)   $(-47,922)   $(-47,922)

Expenses     484,608      484,608      514,093      537,227      722,380      754,887      788,857

Net         $432,499    $ 432,499    $ 466,171    $ 489,305    $ 674,458    $ 706,965    $ 740,395

$ Change            0   $ 19,948     $ 33,672     $ 23,134     $ 185,153    $ 32,507     $ 33,970

% Change           0       4.84%        7.79%        4.96%      37.84%         4.82%        4.81%

Operating Budget
    1. The 2009 operating budget increased by $33,672 or 7.79% over the 2008 budget
       due to 4% projected general contract wage increase for 2009 along with
       inflationary increases in shared services budget such as materials and pre
       processing etc.
    2. The 2010 operating budget increased by $23,134 or 4.96% over 2009 budget,
       due to 4.5% overall projected increase in operating expenses.
    3. The 2011 operating budget increased by $185,153 or 37.84% over 2010 budget,
       due to increased staffing levels, square footage and number of computers etc in
       2011 related to expansion of Pitt Meadows library. This increased cost of
       $185,153, which is made up of $157,641 increase in direct library expenses plus
       $27,512 increase in shared services due to expansion, is an ongoing operating
    4. The 2012 and 2013 operating budgets increased by $32,507 or 4.82% and
       $33,970 or 4.81%, due to 4.5% overall projected increase per year in operating

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan

Attachment A – Decision Package – Increased hours – Information Assistant

Department/Division:                    Library
Submitted by:                           Caro O’Kennedy
Estimated Capital Cost:                 $11,625
Estimated Operating Costs:              Ongoing: $11,625
SMT Recommendation:                     Support for 2009
Staff Priority:                         1- Operating Budget

Increased service level request for 8 hours to be added to the Information Assistant position to
move it from 14 hours per week to 22. This request is for an increase in staff hours to improve the
delivery of Information Services in the library that includes programmes, school visits and
community outreach.

THAT Council approves an increase of 8 hours per week to the Information Services position.

Financial Implications
The cost for the position, at 2008 rates, will be approximately $11,625 per year. These hours are
not in addition to the hours recommended for the new library, but will be part of that expansion.

   • Libraries are now expected to play an active role in collaborating with community agencies
      to promote early literacy, e.g. Kindergarten Project, Books for BC Babies, Health Unit talks
      for new parents, etc.
   • WorkSafe BC concerns about working alone will be adequately addressed with this slight
      increase in hours. One person on duty in the library cannot ensure that cash and library
      materials remain secure during a 3 to 4-hour shift, nor can personal safety issues be
   • The current hours for this position are 7 hours worked on both Tuesday and Wednesday.
      This schedule is inflexible at this time due to incumbent’s work schedule. This leaves a gap
      in service available to the public.
   • The additional hours will open up the opportunity to schedule the total number of hours over
      a 4 or 5-day period.
   • Council has the decision-making power.
   • Comparable libraries in Fraser Valley Regional Library are Aldergrove and Murrayville,
      circulation for Pitt Meadows and Aldergrove is almost identical, with Murrayville circulating
      an additional 16,000 items in 2007.

   Library                                Information Services                      Total
                                           Full Time Equivalent             Full Time Equivalent
   Pitt Meadows                                     .4                               3.8
   Aldergrove                                      1.6                              4.39
   Murrayville                                     3.4                              6.79

City of Pitt Meadows
2009 Business Plan

The alternative is to maintain the status quo until after the new library opens. To address the
working alone situation that sometimes occurs in the Pitt Meadows Library, staff may have to be
reassigned from Maple Ridge to Pitt Meadows incurring additional costs.

The Library in Pitt Meadows is a busy library relative to the size and the number of staff working in
the facility. The additional hours will enable staff to fully participate in both provincial and FVRL
initiatives and will address the working alone issues.

                                           - 10 -

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