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Welcome to the 2009 Racing Season by Samuelpowers


									Indiana Race Series 2009
Welcome to the 2009 Indiana Race Series! I know many of you have been training hard and eagerly await the chance to test yourselves on the road. As you look at the first set of flyers, you will see a few changes for „09. I have made a concerted effort to increase distances for many of the races because, if you are going to a race, you should feel like you left it on the road and not in the car. You train hard and I think the racing experience should coincide with what your workouts have been. I can‟t control sponsors leaving (economic climate), but I can control the distance/duration you race. I can also control the lack of late fees in nearly all of my events. The cost of doing another race has been reigned in to a very reasonable amount: $10.00. I am not going to force you to preregister, either. When uncontrollable things happen in your life or if the weather is bad, who wants to be “forced” to race? I also won‟t make you get a yearly license. USAC charges a good bit and I feel that getting another license might be a hardship for some. With that said, I am glad to be starting the season at CERAland. It‟s a great opener, as the course won‟t tax you completely – we‟ll leave that for REJ in Mooresville. There have been many epic battles at C-land and I fully expect to witness some turmoil and drama again this year. Things will heat up for sure with the first race of the IRS. Geraint Parry will be at the announcing helm, which can only mean great things for the ears of the racers and spectators alike. We are lucky to have a guy like GP. I will help pay the cost to use the park this year (new fee in ‟09). To race at a place like Cland is well worth it in my mind.. On to Mooresville and REJ, where racers will be tested again and again by pack splitter hill. The strongest rider typically wins this race, all things being equal. This is especially true in the higher categories as there is no place to hide, so be ready. The distances have remained the same from last year as the park is requesting that I exit at noon, so there is not much room to expand the schedule or add categories. Bob Jordan, one of the greatest, was very fond of this race and would show up fashionably late in his black Celica to smoke the field. On a side note, this is the longest running race in the history of IN, now that the Great Race is no longer. Like, hate, despise, loathe, or love me, there is something to be said for longevity and continuity. Fast forward to May for the Eagle Creek Park Traditional Race. A classic that is a fun race – and a little crazy fast as I remember from last year - to participate in. The subtle grade seems much harder after a few fast laps. The park is a great place to bring the family and enjoy nature. Grab a blanket and enjoy the music and awesome announcing by GP. A day in the park doesn‟t get any better. Lastly, the categories have been altered some for 2009. The MAS 3-4 group has been rolled into the MAS 40+ group. There are a number of reasons behind this move, both pro and con. We will take a look at how this weekend plays out and can always modify this category for future races. The prize list, unfortunately, has been reduced in many of the categories due to the rising cost of venues, increased support staff costs, and loss of sponsorship in this difficult economic climate. A perfect storm, per say, in reverse for promoters. With that being said, I am committed to IN racing. Thank you for your many years of support. I can‟t wait for the season to begin. Best, Dan

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