Reaching The Heart of Europe 2009 by Samuelpowers


									                                                                    Began in 2000
                                                                    Campers - 40 – 100 people each camp
                                                                    Nationalities - 10 – 13 nations represented -
                                                                    camp was conducted in English and French
Mission Statement – our commitment                                  Venues – 5 days – 5 times in Switzerland, once in
                                                                    France & once in Belgium
We exist to provide a Godly environment with sound                  Salvations, Water and Holy Spirit baptisms
Biblical teaching for the European youth and to                      In 2007, out of 50 kids, 13 salvations, 14
confront strongholds and help launch and/or further                   baptized in water, 26 baptized in the Holy Spirit
encourage them into the fullness of their calling.                  Youth used their giftings - Participated in worship
                                                                    teams, dramas, dance, prophecy, etc.
When we invest in our youth before they reach the age               Fruit - Youth left the camp full of His Spirit with
                                                                    JOY radiating from their faces. Some pursued full
of 18, we have a much stronger chance of reaching and
                                                                    time ministry. Some have gone on short term
keeping them in the faith.
                                                                    missions. Some entered Master’s Commission for
                                                                    further training.
Vision for 2009
                                                                    The Team – Chad Phillips, Maldo Amadar,
                                                                    Donnelle & Dave Johnson, Parker Christian Center
       To see the spiritual awakening of European
                                                                    (Colorado) – have consistently brought 12 – 20 US
       youth                                                        team members for 7 years to facilitate the camp
       To shed light in dark places

       To deepen their walk with Christ

       To see healing: spiritually, physically & emotionally

Goal for 2009

       180 – 215 youth at camp for 4 nights/5 days. International
       youth across Europe: church, missionary, non-churched &
       refugee youth. Camp dates are 27-31 July 2009.

Why send youth to this camp?

       Youth are energized and inspired when they get together with other believers.

       New talents and giftings are birthed/inspired as a result of being in His manifest presence with Godly teaching.

       It’s healthy to connect together with the body of Christ and make new, long lasting friendships.

What we need from you:

   1. Your support to help promote and build the European Teen Camp that will compliment
      your local church youth ministry.

   2. A contact from your church that would help recruit local teens, work with your youth
      pastor, and help meet necessary communicated deadlines as camp approaches, 27-31
      July 2009.

   3. A deposit of €25 per student by 25 January 2009 to help secure the camp facility for
      your youth.
The Ideal Meeting Place

Removing youth from their current environment– allows focused ministry without distractions of everyday life.

Facility Needs
4-5 Meetings rooms, fields for sports activities, pool (optional), basketball courts, auditorium with stage, sound system,
easy access by public transportation (trains, buses, etc.), onsite lodging, onsite food services. (We have found that
when kids are active and interact in team building activities, it enriches our nightly services. It breaks down fear
barriers when responding to altar times and praying with one another.)

Potential Location:      The Sport Center- und Feriencenter                Fiesch, Switzerland (hosted 5 times)

Camp Host Fee – Fiesch       Cost €120 – 4 nights

        27-31 July 2009 – 180 beds available at Fiesch


Partner with International Churches
            Coordinator within each church

                 o    Track with planning timelines – promote camp in church, in bulletin, through fliers, etc. Collect
                      camp fees at designated timeframes.

            Solicit local donations toward transportation funds

            Conduct local fund raising efforts to help youth with camp fees

            Agree to pray regularly for the planning and delivery of the camp

            Help recruit camp leadership/counselors

            Provide follow-up discipleship to the youth after camp

            Provide transportation to/from your church to the camp

                                                                                                     In 2007, he was
                                                                                                    saved, baptized in
Marketing                                                                                            the Holy Spirit &
Partner with various ministries to promote the availability of
English/International Camps

Use Facebook and other youth-oriented tools

        Facebook ID: Cross Culture Europe
Questions for the Group

1. In what languages should the teachings/preachings be delivered?
       a. – Is English & French enough?
2. How many youth might come from your church?
3. How many of you have parents or youth leaders who would want to get involved?
                                   The time is short and
                                        we need more
                                    laborers in the fields.
                                   We must train up our
                                    We have to get the
                                      kids to camp!!!!!!                    I long for God to revive and use the Youth to
                                                                            “REACH THE HEART OF EUROPE”
                                                                                                          ~Donnelle Johnson
                                       ~ Donnetta Hunter

Donnetta Painter Hunter Bio                                   Donnelle Painter Johnson Bio

                    (580) 571-4575                                               (303) 947-6512

Married 31 years to Dan, 2 children: Dana (30) & Derek        Married 19 years to David, 3 children: Denae (15),
(24), 2 Grandchildren: Hunter (8) & Jenna (5)                 Zachariah (13) & Jessica (11)

    -   Ordained minister with Assemblies of God for 12               - Currently the Worship Director at Parker
        years                                                           Christian Center

            o     Currently Associate/Youth Pastor at                 - Worship Team ministry 20 years
                  Woodward First Assembly of God
                                                                      - Worked with youth 20 years
    -   Involved in kids, youth and intermediate camps
        for 22 years                                                  - Member of founding team for European Camp
                                                                        (attended 7 times, lead team 5 times)
    -   Attended 2 European youth camps (once as
        counselor, once as the speaker)                               - Witnessed how God impacted the youth through
                                                                        extended times of “waiting before His throne”.
    -   Provided training for upcoming and current                      It’s in these times (away from the pressures of
        youth leaders                                                   normal everyday life) that youth receive a
                                                                        revelation of His love for them. It’s in these
    -   Carries a burden to mentor young people and                     times that clarity is brought into their lives. It’s
        prepare them for ministry. Best tool, to date,                  in these times, sin is revealed that needs to be
        has been youth camp, providing quality one on                   confessed. It’s in these times, when the
        one time in a Godly atmosphere                                  loudness of the world is turned down, and God’s
                                                                        voice becomes easily heard.
    -   In the past 12 years, had numerous youth hear
        the call of God on their lives while attending                - Two youngest children, Zachariah & Jessica were
        youth camp                                                      baptized in France in 2007. They also had a new
                                                                        revelation of the Holy Spirit!
    -   Son, Derek, was called into ministry at camp
        (and has also attended the European Youth                     - Construction mission trip to Kenya, Africa, 1998
                                                                      - Evangelism mission trip to Czech Republic, 1996
    -   Lead youth on a mission
        trip to Hanoi, Vietnam                                        - Mission to Kenya, Africa (3 months) 1988

    -   Received the Holy Spirit                                      - Graduated Evangel University 1988, Bachelor of
        at a kid’s camp at 12                                           Administration in Science, Accounting/Computer
        years of age                                                    Science Majors, Certified Public Accountant

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