Assume the client is at correct link in the

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Assume the client is at correct link in the Powered By Docstoc
					Assume the client is at correct link in the Boston NCMA Chapter web site – for example, on the left side is the
“Boston NCMA Workshop 2008”

Here’s the link to this particular location in the web site

Steps to Download

step 1 – click on chosen link to go to list of documents

step 2 – the client should see the list of documents; select the document you want by hovering the mouse pointer
over far right drop down menu diamond. If you click on the doc title you may get an error message and Explorer
may shut down. If this happened, start over to get back to the Chapter web site.

step 3 - click on the upside down diamond to access the 9 menu choices; click on “View Properties” and the link to
the document you want will come up.

step 4 – here is the document you want . . . . right click and you get several choices; select and click on “Save As”
and WAIT! Wait for the gray box to change to the save box. When you see the save as box, select where you want
the document to go. I set up a folder with an appropriate title, like “NCMA Workshop 2008.”

step 5 – there’s the gray box. WAIT!

step 6 – here is the Save As box. When the Save As box appears, select where you want to save the file by using the

directional choices along the top menu. You can click on this symbol            to go up levels, ultimately to your
desktop. That is a good place to download you file. Then click OK.