In 2009 The Erasmus Student Network (ESN), one

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					ESNtrain: Join Europe’s longest rolling communication platform

In 2009 The Erasmus Student Network (ESN), one of the biggest interdisciplinary
student associations in Europe, celebrates its 20th anniversary. At the same time,
Europe celebrates its reunification (the fall of the Berlin
Wall and of the Iron Curtain in 1989).

As one of the celebration activities of Happy Birthday ESN, the ESNtrain project
arises as Europe’s longest rolling communication platform. It will give participants
the chance to experience and learn about European cultures and to get in touch with
local people.

The ESNtrain consists of 16 wagons and will cross Europe during 25 days, from
March 28th to April 21st 2009. Visiting 40 cities in 18 countries and passing by 90
UNESCO World Heritage, the travels will be made mainly during the night, so that
participants will have the pleasure to wake up in a different city every day.

Since the opening of the registration opened for exclusively for ESN affiliates in
December 18th 2008, there’s has been a great demand for places in the train and
even more are expected now that the ESNtrain booking platform is open to
everyone. From now on, everybody can register on the website

At the various stops the different ESN local sections will organize several activities in
which all youth organizations are invited to cooperate. For that, organizations have
to contact country responsible of the section with which they want to co-organize an
activity. A list of all country responsibles can be found on the ESNtrain website,

The ESNtrain can provide beds for 700 people, but as the participation concept was
built in a modular way, it enables about 5,000 people to travel for all or parts of the
journey. With the events at the different locations, it will definitely attract a lot of
attention from local people and media.