Preparing Milli-Q Water by rqy18723


									Preparing Milli-Q Water

Getting Started
  Flush system for 10 minutes using bypass valve.
  Test pH
       1. Turn pH meter on
       2. Press calibrate. The meter will ask what channel, it is set to read from channel
       3. Put the electrode into the 7 pH standard and wait for the reading to stabilize,
       and press read.
       4. Press calibrate again and follow the same procedure for the 4 pH standard.
       5. Next, press read and put electrode into the flushed Di water, once stabilized,
       press read again.
       6. Write the pH value of the water on the De-ionized water log next to Millipore
       system, along with the date and your initials.
       7. The pH should be in the 5-6 range.
Using Millipore
  Bring carboy over to system.
  Place clear tube that sits in sink into the carboy.
  Press Operate/Standby button and wait for water quality of 18.2 omega cm.
  Turn recirculation valve to production and turn off bypass valve.
  It will take about 25 minutes to fill carboy.
Shut Down
  Turn valve back to recirculation.
  Press operate/standby until standby is showing.
  Carefully bring carboy back to sink.

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