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					                                      ARP and RARP
1. How do devices know when to copy data so that it goes above the network layer of the OSI model?

2. How do devices on a local area network know the MAC addresses and IP addresses of other

3. What is ARP table?

4. What is the purpose of having an ARP table?

5. How do devices use ARP tables to send data?

6. What happens if the device is unable to locate the destination MAC address in its ARP table?

7. What happens when the ARP reply is sent back to the originating device?

8. What do other network devices do when an ARP reply is sent?

9. State the importance of having an updated ARP tables.

10. What is RARP?

11. What is required to support RARP?
12. What information is contained in a RARP request?

13. What happens when the source sends the RARP request out over the network?

14. How are ARP tables kept by routers different from ARP tables kept by other devices on a network?

15. What other addresses do routers contain in their tables?

16. What happens if the device does not know the MAC address of the router it wants to use to perform
indirect routing services?

17. What is the difference between routed protocols and routing protocols?

18. What is the difference between IGPs and EGPs?

19. What is OSPF?

20. How do routers learn about networks?