700 MHz Narrowband Channel Relocation Plan

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					 700 MHz Narrowband
Channel Relocation Plan

     February 11, 2008

700 MHz Band Diagram

 Initial FCC band plan for 700 MHz had narrowband
 allocations at 764-767 / 773-776 MHz and 794-797 /
 803-806 MHz

 Revised band plan places the public safety
 narrowband allocation at 769-775 and 799-805
 Narrowband Channel Relocation Requirements
 PSBL/PSST required to administer the relocation
 No funding provided in the R&O, however the
 PSBL/PSST may justify a request for reimbursement
 of administrative costs associated with relocation
 The R&O emphasizes that the $10 million cap will not
 be subject to upward adjustment for any purpose
 D Block winner required to pay costs of agency
 relocation ($10M cap)
 Licensees operating narrowband handsets and base
 stations were required to file certification with
 Commission by October 23, 2007 to be eligible for

 Narrowband Channel Relocation Requirements
 Relocation plan negotiated between PSST and D Block
 winner during first 30 days of NSA process; submitted
 jointly to Commission at end of 30 days
 D Block winner deposits capped amount in trust
 account no later than date executed NSA is submitted
 to Commission
 No funding for RPC costs associated with amending
 regional plans
 Transition completed no later than February 17, 2009

Principles of Project
 Streamlined process and avoid pitfalls of 800 MHz
 No disruption to critical systems
 Agencies reimbursed for out of pocket expenses
 Responsible implementation

Scope of Project (As of October 23, 2007 filings)
 42 agencies affected
 233 sites
 1,151 base stations
 26,133 mobiles (estimated)
 73,043 portables (estimated)
 95 control stations
 4,964 vehicular repeaters

Above ranges reflect difference between 8/30/07 on-air equipment (lower end) and
  additional equipment included in waiver requests (upper end).
The NPSTC SIEC chairman is working with the state and local licensees, which are
  not encompassed by the RPC’s planning. Filings in Dockets 06-229, 06-150 and 96-86
        Source: 700 MHz Relocation Certification Information

Roles of Parties
 PSST/NPSTC Liaison Committee
   – RPC assistance to develop and refine plans
   – Liaison between state and local agency leads
 PSST (with Cyren Call)
   – Develop and execute plan per FCC requirements
   – Work with vendors
   – Oversight body
 Vendors
   – Develop and submit plans to PSST by February 4
 Local Agency Leads
   – Entities involved directly with relocation

Overview of Process Creation
                                                                         Lead                        Completion
                              Task                                       Party         Status          Date
Initial System Census                                                     FCC        Substantially    12/31/2007
     •Systems operational as of 8/30/2007 identified                                  Complete
     •15 waivers submitted to include equipment placed into
     operation after 8/30/2007
     •Cost estimates are currently being developed by vendors
Planning of Relocation Process                                           PSST         In Process      4/15/2008
     •Will be substantially complete prior to end of 700 MHz Auction
     •Finalized once agreement with D Block licensee is reached
     •Expected to include high levels of involvement by equipment
     vendors in both planning and implementation
Essential Advance Tasks                                                 NPSTC         In Process      7/31/2008
     •Outreach to RPCs, state and local agencies                       (Primarily)
     •Support the update of statewide frequency plans
     •Update public safety licenses
     •Development and testing of code plug software (no lead party
     assigned yet)
     •Reprogram CAPRAD (NIJ responsibility)
Relocation Completion                                                    PSST          Planning       2/17/2009
     •DTV transition date                                                               Phase
     •Implementation expected to be vendor-driven with supervision
     by NPSTC / PSST / FCC

Process Creation Timeline

Start Date   End Date                                    Activity
 1/15/2008    2/4/2008   Vendors Develop Proposals

  2/5/2008    2/6/2008   PSST Board Meeting

  2/7/2008   2/10/2008   Draft Sides for NPSTC Meeting

 2/11/2008   2/11/2008   NPSTC Working Group Meeting

 2/14/2008   3/14/2008   Vendor LOI Negotiations

 2/12/2008   2/29/2008   Draft Version 0.5 of Relocation Process Document

 2/29/2008   2/29/2008   Leadership Review of Document

  3/6/2008    3/6/2008   Incorporate Feedback into Version 1.0
                         Finalize Document, Prepare for Submission to D Block Winner at
  3/7/2008   3/14/2008   Commencement of NSA Negotiating Period

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