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					                                                                       Emergency Management, Hazard Mitigation &
                                                    Volume 3 Issue 1
                                                                       National Flood Insurance Program
                                                     January, 2010     Diane Wessel, Conservation Planning & Zoning
                                                                       Recently, I have had          The Marathon County            Preparedness: mutual
                                                                       several questions from        Hazard Mitigation Plan            aid agreements,
                                                                       local officials about how     is one of many plans              weather radios, and
                                                                       the Emergency                 developed by MCEM.                response training.
                                                                       Management, Hazard            Hazard Mitigation
                                                                       Mitigation, and National      planning identifies actions    The National Flood
                                                                       Flood Insurance               that communities may           Insurance Program is
                                                                       programs relate to one        take to reduce the cost of     an example of a land use
                                                                       another and help prepare      damage to property, life       policy that can reduce
                                                                       us for emergency              and safety prior to a          the hazards and taxpayer
                                                                       situations.                   hazard or to minimize the      financial burden
                                                                                                     loss of services.              associated with damage
                                                                       Marathon County                                              from floods. In
                                                                       Emergency                     There are many                 participating
                                                                       Management (MCEM) is          examples of activities that    communities, owners of
                                                                       responsible for               communities can take to        homes or businesses in

                                                                       preparedness, response        manage hazards:                flood areas can purchase
                                                                       and recovery in                                              flood insurance. In the
                                                                       emergency situations.         Structural: culverts,          event of flood damage,
                                                                       MCEM acts to coordinate           bridges, and retention     the cost of recovery
                                                                       the response by and               ponds                      would be covered
                                                                       between local

                                                                                                     Policy: land use planning,     through the insurance
                                                                       municipalities, Marathon          and National Flood         rather than federal
                                                                       County, State and                 Insurance Program          disaster assistance.
                                                                       Federal agencies.

                                                                       National Flood Insurance Program Participation
                                                                       Diane Wessel, Conservation, Planning & Zoning

                                                                       NFIP is a national program     Towns are participants       All incorporated
                                                                       offering flood insurance       through the County’s         communities must
                                                                       benefits to residents of       participation.               meet NFIP

                                                                       participating communities.                                  requirements and
                                                                                                      Most Marathon County
                                                                       Most lenders require flood                                  receive FEMA approval
                                                                                                      communities are
                                                                       insurance to be in place on                                 by July 2010 to remain
                                                                                                      currently participants in
                                                                       homes in flood areas.                                       active participants.
                                                                                                      NFIP. However, with the
                                                                       To participate in the          recent revisions to FIRM,    For more information on
                                                                       program, counties, cities      it is necessary to take      program requirements:
                                                                       and villages must adopt        action to continue           Gary Heinrichs
                                                                       flood plain zoning             participation.               (608) 266-3093
                                                                       ordinances, approve the
                                                                       Flood Insurance Rate                                        To view DNR’s model
                                                                       Maps (FIRMS) and apply                                      floodplain ordinance:
                                                                       to the program.                                             www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/

                                                                       Special points of interest:
                                                                       •   Radon test kits available at the Marathon County Health Department
                                                                       •   Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System maintenance program expanded
                                                                       •   Census 2010 forms to be mailed beginning in February
                                                                       •   Eau Pleine aerator will be operational when ice conditions permit installation
January is Radon Action Month
Dale Grosskurth, Health Department

 Radon is a cancer-causing                  High radon levels are common in            New homes can be built to prevent
 radioactive gas. It is the leading         Marathon County. Two of every              radon entry that may not need a fan
 cause of cancer among non-                 three tests have results over the          to be effective. If test results show
 smokers and the second leading             EPA action level of 4 pico Curies          radon levels are still elevated, the
 cause among smokers. The                   per liter of air (pCi/L). Many results     work done during construction
 Environmental Protection Agency            are over 20 pCi/L with some over           makes adding a fan easier and less
 (EPA) estimates radon causes               200. The highest radon levels can          expensive.
 more than 21,000 lung cancer               be expected in winter months.
 deaths annually.
                                            A very successful means of
 Radon occurs naturally from the            removing radon is known as a
                                                                                         For more information or to buy a
 breakdown of uranium in soil and           sub-slab depressurization system.            test kit, call the Marathon County
 gets into the air you breathe. You         It consists of a fan or blower which         Health Department:
 can’t see, smell, or taste radon, but      draws air from the soil beneath a            (715) 261-1900
 it may be a problem in your home.          building and discharges it to the            or 888-LOW-RADON (569-7236)
                                            outside of the home. We have a
 Testing is the only way to know            number of local contractors with             You can also visit the Wisconsin
 your risk and is inexpensive ($8)          training and experience installing           Radon Information website at
 and easy.                                  these radon systems.                         www.lowradon.org

Liquor Licenses and County Permits
Dale Grosskurth, Health Department
 Taverns or restaurants must              MCHD has found facilities with a new       Once contacted, we can set up an
 receive both a local license from        liquor license, but the operators did      inspection, start the licensing process
 the municipality and a facility permit   not know that a new MCHD permit is         and if needed, discuss plans for
 from the Marathon County Health          required before opening. State             structural or operational changes.
 Department (MCHD) to sell liquor         Statutes, Administrative Codes, and
 for on-premise consumption.              Marathon County Public Health              Please recommend applicants to our
                                          Regulation require a permit to operate.    office at 715-261-1900 or share the
 With each new liquor license                                                        contact information with us of those
 approval, a facility must have a         MCHD can provide valuable guidance         applying for a liquor license. We’ll
 new MCHD permit to operate.              to ensure compliance and avoid             initiate a call to help them get started
                                          unnecessary costs for new owners/          successfully.

 Spring is Tree Planting Season—Planters Available
 Jill Schroeder, Department of Natural Resources
 Know anyone interested in planting       They require a minimum of a 35
 trees this spring? Marathon              horsepower tractor to pull
 County, in cooperation with the          them. Rental rates are $25 per
 DNR Forestry office in Wausau, has       1000 trees (minimum $75 charge).
 two tree planters available for
                                          It’s never too early to start planning
 landowners wishing to plant 3000 or
                                          for tree planting!
 more trees.
 Planters are the pull behind variety.      For more information or to
 One has pioneer end hydraulics             coordinate rental call Jill
 and the other a self contained             Schroeder, DNR Forester, at
 hydraulic system.                          715-359-0646

 Page 2                                                                                           C O M M U N I T Y C O N N E C TI O N S
Septic Tank Pumping Requirements Expanded
Jim Burgener, Conservation Planning and Zoning

                                         The purpose of the maintenance            Conservation Planning and Zoning
POWTS is an acronym for Private          program is to protect our surface and     (CPZ) will use property records,
Onsite Wastewater Treatment              ground water. An improperly               computer mapping, and field
System. This includes any system         functioning POWTS can cause both          identification to identify POWTS not
that disposes and treats wastewater      environmental and public health           currently in the maintenance
on the same property where the           hazards.                                  program. The inventory must be
wastewater is produced. Since
                                                                                   complete in 2011.
holding tanks do not treat
                                         Currently, the Marathon County
wastewater, they are not
                                         maintenance program applies to all        It is necessary for owners of
considered a POWTS and are
                                         systems built since July 1, 1980.         POWTS not currently in the
subject to a different maintenance
                                         Due to changes in the administrative      maintenance program to have their
schedule. Conventional and mound
                                         code and in the interest of further       system inspected and begin a three
systems are POWTS.
                                         protecting the environment and public     year pumping schedule by 2013.
                                         health, the maintenance program is
Marathon County established a            being expanded to include all             This spring, CPZ will begin notifying
POWTS maintenance program in             systems.                                  owners who need their system
1983. Owners of POWTS are
                                                                                   inspected and placed in the
required to have their system
                                         The expansion of the program              maintenance program.
visually inspected and pumped
                                         requires a complete inventory of
every three years.
                                         POWTS built prior to July 1, 1980.        Questions? Contact Dale Dimond at

Census 2010—Make Sure Your Residents are Counted!
Diane Wessel, Conservation Planning & Zoning
The results from Census counts          Guarantee your community’s funding and
are used to allocate federal funds      political representation by encouraging      The Census Bureau is Hiring!
to State and local communities          residents to complete the Census form.       Applicants are especially needed in
and to determine political districts.   Here is how you can help:                    rural Marathon County.
                                        1. Distribute information as residents       • Temporary jobs
Communities that do not                 pay their property taxes                     • Paid training
completely count and represent          2. Display information at your municipal     • Flexible hours
their population risk unequal           center and area businesses                   • Mileage reimbursement
political representation, as well as    3. Assist residents who need help            This employment might not reduce
a loss of revenue sharing,              completing Census forms                      financial assistance benefits.
business opportunity and grant                                                       Contact: 866-861-2010
funding.                                Contact Diane Wessel for Census              www.2010censusjobs.gov
                                        promotional materials.

Legislative Spotlight: AB 260—Plat Review based on Land Use
Diane Wessel, Conservation Planning & Zoning

What does it say?                       What do others have to say?                What is the status?
AB 260 (Senate companion bill is        League of Municipalities: opposes,         AB 260 passed 14-0 in committee on
SB 117) states that cities and          because it eliminates a key tool           Renewable Energy and Rural Affairs,
villages cannot object to plats or      municipalities have to implement their     referred to Rules.
Certified Survey Maps (CSMs) on         comprehensive plans and control
                                        sprawl.                                  SB 117 referred to committee on Rural
the basis of the proposed land use
                                                                                 Issues, Biofuels, and Information
within their extra-territorial plat
approval jurisdiction unless the        Towns Association: supports, because Technology
denial is based on a cooperative        the effect of the bill is to encourage   What should we do?
extraterritorial zoning agreement or    extraterritorial zoning by agreement to Learn more and contact your legislator
plan.                                   control land uses rather than unilateral and voice your opinion!
                                        extraterritorial plat approval.

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1                                                                                                      Page 3

      Community Connections                                                                                  US Postage
                                                                                                             Permit #186
 Marathon County CPZ                                                                                         Wausau, WI
 210 River Drive
 Wausau, WI 54403-5449


 Conservation, Planning & Zoning: 261-6040
 Health: 261-1900
 Highway: 261-1800
 Parks, Recreation & Forestry: 261-1550
 Solid Waste: 446-3339
 UW-Extension: 261-1230

The Marathon County Environmental
Resources Committee provides guidance on
policies and strategies that balance, protect
and enhance environmental and community              Putting Your Comprehensive Plan into Action
resources through cooperation with all levels       A Plan Commission workshop is scheduled for Wednesday,
of government.                                      January 20, 2010 from 7-9:30 pm, at the Rib Mountain
                                                    Municipal Center. Participants will learn about plan
                                                    commission roles and using the local comprehensive plan in
                                                    decision-making. Registration is $10. For more
       We’re on the Web!
                                                    information: Mary Kluz at Marathon County UW-Extension
                                                    261-1241 or Diane Wessel at Marathon County Conservation,
                                                    Planning and Zoning 261-6042

Combined Effort Restores the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir Aerator
Mike Paul, Vice-President of the Big Eau Pleine Citizens Organization

The Big Eau Pleine Reservoir                The money raised by BEPCO                 Photo courtesy of Rande Loining
Citizen Organization (BEPCO) has            combined with a grant from
successfully completed fundraising          Marathon County’s American
efforts to upgrade the Big Eau              Transmission Company (ATC) fund
Pleine Reservoir aerator.                   for environmental projects will
                                            assure completion of this project
The $27,000 goal was greatly
                                            with an initial projected cost of
exceeded, receiving over $32,000
in support. The additional funds will
allow for completion of upgrades            A special thanks goes out to the
not included in the initial project.        Town of Bergen for their assistance
                                            in securing the ATC funds.
“This shows the concern and
involvement of the local community          The project continues this winter
in beginning to address the issues          with the replacement of the aeration
                                                                                   Volunteers Needed!!
on the Big Eau Pleine, and with the         lines and upgrades to the blower       Volunteers are needed during the
aerator upgrade, the first step is          pumps and pump house. The              weeks of January 11 and 18 to lay
taken to help prevent future fish kills     original aerator was installed in      out the aerator lines and rebar on
on the reservoir,” said Liz Zentner,        1981 and was showing its age.          the ice. Once the lines are
who led the fundraising effort.             “These upgrades will bring new, up     established, the ice will be cut to
                                            to date, technology and a real         allow the lines to sink.
 To follow the progress, go to the          improvement to the efficiency of the   To volunteer, contact Tim Garrigan
 BEPCO web site:                            system” said Tim Garrigan, BEPCO       at: 715-897-0342 or
 www.bigeaupleine.org                       President.                             President@bigeaupleine.org