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									                         MPL Centering Devices

       Frank Eigler
Global Technical Conference
                                                 MPL Centering Devices

            I t d ti
MPL stands for Multi-Parting Line systems.
                                 y      y
Stack Molds are one of the many MPL systems
This presentation is about Stack Molds in
general, and parting line opening Plate Control
in particular
The Melt Delivery and Hot Runner related
issues are not covered at this time

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                                                       MPL Centering Devices

          Si l F
          Single Face vs. MPL
A standard single face mold has one parting line with
one or more sets of cores and cavities. The plastics is
injected from one barrel.
Multi-Parting Line systems are used instead of Single
Face Molds if there is a need to
  Increase output on the same floor space – high quantity parts:
  lids, containers, packaging components
  Mold Left and Right parts at the same time but the family mold
  would be too large for the machine

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                                                       MPL Centering Devices

            Wh t
            Why to use MPL?
Today’s plastics processor has to do more with less:
less labor, less capital investment, less floor space, and
less time. Multi-Parting Line (MPL) systems double the
    it ti    f    t d d i l f             ld ith t
cavitation of a standard single-face mold without an
increase in machine tonnage.
   y                        y
Key benefits of the MPL systems include:
  Cost-effective solution for increasing capacity
  Optimum use of shop floor space and machine capacity
  Expanded molding capacity without capital expenditures
  More output per unit of shop floor labor – higher productivity in
  the operation
Multi Parting Line systems are ideally suited for
automotive, housewares, caps and closures, cutlery,
and electronic parts.

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                                       MPL Centering Devices

D-M-E     Brochure
D M E MPL B   h

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                                                                    MPL Centering Devices

                                Stack M ld
                                St k Molds
        The two most common types of molds:
           Single Face Molds with one parting line
           Stack Molds can be considered as two single face
           molds back-to-back each other, fused together by
           th               if ld
           the common manifold
    Only Hot Halves are shown

Single Face Mold    Stack Mold                                      Complete Stack Mold Base
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                                                          MPL Centering Devices

Design G id li
D i               f Stack M ld
       Guidelines for St k Molds
              d    i                    d hil     ld i
 Long Top Leader Pins are to stay engaged while mold is open
 (overlapping arrangement)
 Short Bottom Leader Pins are not to interfere with dropping parts
 Center Support for center portion                             Long Top Leader Pins
   May ride on Tie Bars or on Machine Ways

 Same Ejector Actuation on both sides
                          Ejector Actuation

                         Centering Device

                           Tie Bars

                           Center Support

                            Short Bottom Leader Pins
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                                                       MPL Centering Devices

     St k M ld Pl t C t l
     Stack Mold Plate Control
Centering Devices are used to make sure that the two
parting lines open simultaneously and equally
Th different t
The diff              f Centering Devices are
             t types of C t i D i
  Helical Gear: light weight, easily adjustable, built in safety,
  small footprint, accommodates robots, overstroke does not
  destroy anything
  Rack and Gear: adjustability is a problem, difficulty to use with
  robots overstroke requires lengthy repeat setup
  Harmonic Arm: not easily adjustable (although Husky has an
  adjustable solution for large machines), large size, awkward for
  side entry robots, overstroke can create serious damage

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                                             MPL Centering Devices

Helical G    N t   dC        t
H li l Gear, Nut and Components

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                                      MPL Centering Devices

   Sales Brochure
HG S l B     h

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                                                      MPL Centering Devices

  D-M-E    Centering D i
  D M E HG C t i     Device
D-M-E has developed and offers complete HG
Centering Device assemblies designed and built to each
We also offer the following off-the-shelf components
  Nylon Nut
  Double Sided Helical Gear Shaft needs to be cut to length
  Blank Nut Housing needs to be cut to length
  Nut Housing End Cap
  Bearing Housing
  T     R ll B i
  Taper Roller Bearing

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                                                                MPL Centering Devices

               Housing C
            HG H   i           t
                         Nut Housing Blank
                                                                      Nut Housing End Cap
Roller Bearing Housing

  Nut Housing Finished                                             Nut Housing Fi i h d
                                                                   N H     i Finished

                             2008 Global Technical Conference                             13
                                                        MPL Centering Devices

      Product Line Off i
   HG P d t Li     Offering
Complete HG Centering Device Assemblies:
   28   mm   (OD    of   Gear   Shaft)     1000         mm   Long   AVAILABLE
   38   mm   (OD    of   Gear   Shaft)     1200         mm   Long   AVAILABLE
   38   mm   (OD    of   Gear   Shaft)     1500         mm   Long   AVAILABLE
   48   mm   (OD     f
                    of   G
                         Gear   Shaft)
                                Sh f )     2000         mm   L
                                                             Long   Coming Soon

        Plan View                                        Side View
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                                                           MPL Centering Devices

                     Calculation Sheet
                  HG C l l ti    Sh t
The calculation sheet
is in Microsoft Excel

The input fields are
the yellow cells.

The output fields are
the light blue cells.

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                                            MPL Centering Devices

   Setup & M i t
HG S t                 G id
           Maintenance Guide

         2008 Global Technical Conference                       16
                                            MPL Centering Devices

Installed   C t i     D i
I t ll d HG Centering Devices

         2008 Global Technical Conference                       17
                                                       MPL Centering Devices

Rack  d Gear C t i
R k and G              D i
             Centering Device
D-M-E’s first RG Centering
Device was built in 2002
Advantages over HG
Ad    t
Centering Devices
  Metal-to-Metal contact
  Metal-to-Metal contact
  Asymmetric adjustment is
  Mounting accuracy is critical

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                                            MPL Centering Devices

Rack  d Gear C t i
R k and G              D i
             Centering Device

         2008 Global Technical Conference                       19
                                                   MPL Centering Devices

         Design P
      RG D i          t
M t i measuring units
Metric       i    it
Three sizes:
  160mm pitch diameter gear, normal module 4.0
  120mm pitch diameter gear, normal module 3.0
  80    i h di                   l   d l 25
  80mm pitch diameter gear, normal module 2.5
Two versions for each size:
         ll     ( ll )
  CAM Follower (Roller) type
  Wear Plate type
Modular d i
M d l design
Easy installation and maintenance

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                                                 MPL Centering Devices

   Roller d Wear Plate types
RG R ll and W    Pl t t
Version C: Roller type and G: Wear Plate type
centering devices are shown

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                                        MPL Centering Devices

Contact I f  ti
C t t Information
          Frank Eigler
     DME HQ Engineering
         Alex Fletcher
          DME Europe
       +32 15 21 50 91

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