Report of the Nominating Committee The Alterna Savings Nominating by lisaturtle


									                                                Report of the 2009 Nominating Committee
The Alterna Savings Nominating Committee is mandated to recommend a sufficient number of
eligible members to cause the available positions to be filled by election at the Annual Meeting. It
is also expected to ensure that the process is fair, open and transparent.

The Committee revised the Candidate Information Kit so that it more clearly outlined the skills,
knowledge and expertise expected of individual directors as well as the time commitment involved
in being a Director. The Kit also included a list of the expertise and experience required for the
Board as a whole, with information about the particular skill sets required this year.

An information session for potential candidates was held on October 9, 2008 by videoconference
between Toronto and Ottawa. A guest speaker outlined the topic of “What does it take to be on a
Board of Directors?” An overview of the Candidate Information Kit, along with timelines and
expectations of candidates, and a question period rounded out the session.

Each candidate was asked to attest that s/he met the legal qualifications to serve; to complete and
submit expertise/experience assessments; to provide a short biography and statement setting out
how s/he could contribute to the Board; and to participate in an interview with the Nominating

The Committee carefully reviewed the expertise/experience assessments, biographies and
contribution statements received, and interviewed each candidate. Candidates were evaluated
based on the information provided in writing and at the interview to determine if they had the
skills and knowledge expected of individual directors and the expertise/experience required for the
Board as a whole.

As a result of these deliberations, the Nominating Committee recommends the following eight
candidates who demonstrated the commitment, knowledge, expertise, skills and qualifications
required to serve effectively on the Board of Directors:

     Ruth Baumann                        Pino Di Mascio                    Jeff May
     Johanne Charbonneau                 Fred Gorbet                       Gobind Sharma
     Phil Charko                         Kevin Lindsey

In addition, Raj Kapoor and Marc-André Pigeon are seeking election from the Alterna Savings
membership, bringing the number of names on the ballot to ten candidates.

There are five (5) openings available on the Board of Directors. The five candidates who receive
the most votes will be appointed for terms of three (3) years.

In the following pages you will find the biographical and contribution statements submitted by
each candidate.

The Nominating Committee was impressed by the quality of the candidates and thanks all of
them for their interest in serving Alterna Savings. The Committee particularly acknowledges the
interest of candidates to volunteer their time and abilities for the good of our credit union.


Mary-Lu Brennan, Chair
Richard J. Neville, Vice-Chair
Bill Burleigh
Jim Frank


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