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                              E-MERGE/E-NOTIFY SOFTWARE


          Emergency response, notification and crisis management have always been critical. In light
of today’s political climate and under the threat of potential terrorist activities, it is more important
than ever to be prepared. These emergencies require immediate action with simultaneous,
cooperative efforts by private, local, state and federal emergency response agencies. In the event
of any crisis, or security related incident, the Emerge Systems product suite is designed to facilitate
immediate alert and response. This emergency communications platform consists of two software
modules, e-Merge and e-Notify. Working together they provide a secure, instantaneous means of
communications whereby participating entities are able to deliver information regarding an event to
all designated parties simultaneously. Born out of the industrial community, it was designed to
improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of mission critical communications between industry,
government and the communities they serve. Users can get an instantaneous snapshot of what
communities and infrastructure are impacted, what resources will be needed and who should be
alerted within the community and by what means (via existing sirens, telephone ring down systems,
cable TV overrides, AM radio overrides, etc.). It can also be used to report incidents occurring
during the transportation of dangerous materials, by truck, train, barge and even foreign ocean-
going vessels entering our waterways. Those who have implemented this system are convinced that
it is the premier emergency communications platform on the worldwide market today.

          Emerge Systems has developed a reliable communications and incident
management platform enabling stakeholders to exchange vital information in the
quickest most efficient manner possible during the preparation, initiation and
resolution of community emergency notifications. It connects the right people with the
right resources at the right time.

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          Local, state and federal laws require notification, communication and coordination of various
agencies, both public and private, in response to certain types of emergency incidents. Because of
current system limitations, these tasks are often non-simultaneous and extremely difficult. These
limitations affect responders and emergency managers ability to thwart, manage and mitigate
events ranging from natural disasters, disease epidemics, industrial accidents, radiological accidents
and others. With these and other disadvantages, the current available systems simply do not and
cannot measure up to effectively meeting the needs of America and Americans in this new century.


          The Emerge Systems software packages improve the timeliness, accuracy and consistency of
emergency communications. The suite of products connects stakeholders forming a secure private
network that enables instant communications and coordination. In addition, it integrates into
current public notification systems.                  This enables information to travel quickly regardless of
geographic boundaries.

          Our suite of software products offers a very unique system. For emergency response groups
and first responders Emerge System is the unifying communications tool and platform.

    Internet-Based Public Safety Application

The system is an internet-based public safety application that provides incident notification to public
safety entities.

    Enables Interoperability Between Agencies

The product suite is platform independent for its users and enables agencies to seamlessly
communicate to others connected either through their computer or mobile device. It allows users to
simultaneously notify all appropriate agencies, authorities and communities in the case of an
emergency incident.

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    Intelligent Geographical Alerts

The system uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to relate visual data and
accurately identify affected areas. The emergency responders can use this technology to determine
the affected areas and in turn which agencies require notification. Because of the visual data, the
decision-making process can be shifted from the on-site personnel to the appropriate agencies. The
technology is also used to more accurately deploy first responders during those first critical

    Integrates Into Existing Public Notification Systems

Another beneficial aspect of this system is that it provides an automated simultaneous activation of
public warning systems (television and radio alerts, sirens, telephone ring down systems, etc.) for
the affected or potentially affected area of the incident. This removes the burden of manually
activating systems in emergency response centers and will free emergency personnel to perform
other critical duties. It reduces human error in reporting incidents.

    Operates Across Multiple Communications Platforms: Computers, Pagers and Mobile

This system provides speedy and accurate notification of incidents, onsite and mobile, reducing
what once took up to an hour to a matter of minutes.

    Visualization and Analysis of Impacted Areas – Complete Incident Audit

The product will maintain a geographical information service database that includes all relevant and
updated information. This will give each appropriate agency the ability to maintain and update
detailed informational files. Because all of this information is automatically stored in the offsite
server, it is useful in tracking and analyzing responses.                              Our product is giving emergency
responders the ability to shorten what is typically a 45 minute to 2 hour process into minutes. The

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process is automatically documented and timestamped throughout. This is critical for agencies that
have to provide information on when did you know and how long did it take to respond.

    SARA Title III Compliant

The product meets or exceeds SARA Title III notification requirements. It is compliant with the
requirements of local, state and federal right to know laws.


          Emerge Systems’ initial goal was to provide industry, appropriate government agencies and
communities with a state-of-the art, highly sophisticated automated alert system that would provide
earlier and more precise security and public warnings in response to industrial mishaps.

          However, with this new additional threat to our nation’s security now so real, the system can
be deployed in all emergency incidents including nuclear, chemical, and/or biological releases,
accidentally or purposely discharged, which could threaten public health and safety and our national

          Emerge System is committed to addressing the needs of our Nation’s Homeland Security!


  e-Merge Software Module

          This software module is installed at local government’s Office of Emergency Preparedness
(OEP) and integrated with the existing community alerting systems. This module allows the Office
of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) dispatchers to receive electronic notifications from e-Notify
industry subscribers, which will provide them with relevant data pertaining to an incident. This data
is reflected in the GIS software to eliminate the need for dispatchers to determine which systems
need activating and in what areas. This automated, streamlined process greatly reduces both the
possibility of human error and also activation time. The average time it will take to activate all your

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systems will be 2 minutes. All transmissions throughout the network are archived for future
reference and documentation.

          Should local government make the decision to utilize e-Merge, this software module will
integrate the following systems:

               Outdoor Sirens

               Alert Receivers

               Telephone Ringdown System

               Television Override

               Mutual Aid All-Call Pagers

               Media Link – All Call Pagers

               National Weather Service

               Electronic Message Boards

  e-Notify Software Module

          e-Notify is the new electronic notification process created by Emerge Systems using internet
based GIS technology.

          This module is necessary to initiate the local government’s e-Merge Module.                                      It is a
subscription-based service that will be utilized by industry or other users to notify the Office of
Emergency Preparedness in the event of an incident. e-Notify transmits encrypted incident data
through the internet to receiving e-Merge applications. The user will select the anticipated area of
impact in the form of GIS mapping and also indicate their recommended response.                                              This
information is used within the e-Merge software module to automatically identify which community
altering systems, in what locations, will be activated. This information can also be sent
simultaneously to any other users within the system, including wireless devices.

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          With e-Notify, guesswork and misinformation are eliminated by using the electronic
notification form. The user completes a custom form and sends the notification to the receiving
agency. No miscommunications!

                                                 SAMPLE FIELDS:

                               •    Type of Notification
                                    (Activate System, Notify Agencies, Test, etc.)
                               •    Chemical(s) Released
                               •    Road Blocks, Shelter In Place, Evacuate
                               •    Agencies Contacted
                               •    Time of Incident, Secure Time

          “e-Notify streamlines the process of Emergency Communications.”


     National Association of Counties (NACO) 2002 Acts of Caring Awards for Community Outreach
     and Education

     2001 International EPA Chemical Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Partnership Award in
     Recognition of Significant Efforts Towards Preparedness, Prevention and Response Programs

     2001 National Association of Chemical Distributions Award for Continuing Superior Performance
     in Community Outreach Programs

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