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Here at Churchfield we are proud to offer all our pupils the opportunity to
learn a foreign language. We are currently in our seventh year of offering
French, Turkish or Spanish.

      For all children to learn a foreign language throughout their years
       at Churchfield.
      For all children to enjoy the lessons, promoting enthusiasm for
       lifelong learning of other foreign languages.
      For children to build knowledge and understanding of the
       geography, people and cultures of these countries where the
       language is spoken.
      For the teachers to be inspirational, helping pupils to see that
       learning a language is both fun and beneficial to their future.
      For children to be creative, learning a language through visual,
       audio and kinesthetic activities; thus giving every learner the
       chance to achieve their potential.
      For children to be motivated to achieve, through dynamic
       teaching and a wide range of exciting activities.
      For children to learn through songs and games, making use of the
       fantastic language programs and websites on the interactive
      For children to develop their speaking and listening skills.
      To stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language.
      To encourage children to be aware that language has structure
       and that the structure differs from one language to another, but
       there are inherent similarities on which they can build.
      To lay the foundations for future study.

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Teaching and Learning Styles
Teachers will use a variety of the following techniques to encourage
children to have an active engagement with MFL:

      Games
      Role-play
      Action songs and rhymes
      Puppets and toys
      Mime
      Simple reading and writing
      ICT programs and websites

The children’s confidence is built through praise for any contribution they

All of the planning of PMFL is being updated to include Key Stage 2
Framework for Languages Objectives.

Children from Years 2 to 6 have a timetabled French lesson. These
lessons range from 20 minutes in Year 2 to a 45 minute lesson in Years 5
and 6. The children in Year 1 and Reception have French support during
each week to enable team teaching of French.

Children in Year 4 are also taught Spanish for 30 minutes week. Year 4
Class teachers are encouraged to reinforce both French and Spanish
during registration, mental maths and PE.

Year 5 pupils are taught Turkish for 30 minutes and French for 45 minutes.
Class teachers are also encouraged to use a range of different
languages for registration and simple direction instructions in PE.

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It is our vision to produce class teachers as competent foreign language
practitioners. To achieve this we have external and internal linguists
coaching the class teachers. We also provide training through borough
and CILT courses.

Teachers are encouraged to attend external courses run by CILT,
including residential abroad.

If teachers wish to increase their own language skills, there are free
twilight language classes at the PDC which they can attend.

The MFL teachers assess children’s progress informally during the lessons,
evaluating progress in the four skill areas:
    Listening and responding
    Speaking
    Reading and responding
    Writing

Pupils will be expected to teach Breakthrough Level on the Languages
Ladder (NC Level 3) after four years of language learning.

A summative report sheet will be completed for every Year 6 pupil and
given to the parents and to the receiving secondary school to inform
them of the attainment level in each skill.

All pupils who have a timetabled language lesson also receive a
summative report for their parents in the summer term.

Teaching is monitored using a checklist of good practice in a PMFL

The MFL coordinator will lead and monitor the implementation of MFL
across the school.

The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and MFL coordinator will
observe and monitor lessons to ensure good practice.

Agreed by Governors : May 2007
Review Date : Sept 09

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