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February xx, 2009

Dear Congresswoman xx:

As a person with a strong Christian faith, I am both deeply saddened by the ongoing
tragedy in Iraq and strongly committed to the quickest possible end to this war. I am
aware that you face complex political challenges in your leadership of our nation, and
that you know the war in Iraq is an important issue. Therefore I write to invite you to the
Christian Peace Witness for Iraq worship service at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 29,
at the DC Convention Center, so you can hear the perspective of other Christians as we
pray for peace.

While pressing and critical economic news dominates the nation’s attention, the human
tragedy in Iraq continues. April 29 will mark 100 days of the new administration, and we
pass this milestone with renewed hope but also with a fierce urgency. Now is the time to
end the war and occupation.

This war must be brought to an end, even as we honor and appreciate the sacrifice of
hundreds of thousands of our soldiers and their families, and express our grief for the
dead, the maimed, and the nearly four million Iraqis who have been displaced by the
violence in their country.

Worship will include powerful words from Tony Campolo, author, pastor, social
activist, and sociologist; the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., minister, community activist,
president of the Hip Hop Caucus, and U.S. Air Force Reserve veteran; Sister Dianna
Ortiz, U.S. born survivor of torture in Guatemala, founder of Torture Abolition and
Survivors' Support Coalition International; Elizabeth McAlister, peace activist and co-
founder of Jonah House; and Daniel Berrigan, Catholic priest, poet, and peace activist.

Worship will be followed by a procession to the White House that evening for a
candlelight vigil led by the Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Atlanta’s historic
Ebenezer Baptist Church.
I invite you to join me so you also can hear the prayers and laments, hopes and challenges
of people of faith across our nation. Please let me know where we can meet and attend

Whether or not you can attend the Wednesday evening worship service, I invite you to a
nonviolent witness at 9:00 a.m. on the west steps of the Capitol. I hope you are also able
to attend this inspirational time.

Politically, I am committed to work with you to reclaim our country’s moral center and
the respect we once enjoyed from other nations in the world community. Theologically, I
am prepared to support you in an effort to redefine our long-term security around the
question of building right relationships with one another, relationships that defy the fear
and hate-mongering that increasingly characterizes attitudes both in our own country and
in other nations around the world. Please reply and let me know how we can work
together to end the occupation of Iraq.

Respectfully yours,