seabed to surface Acergy August 2008 ACV Highly versatile modular 3000 m work class vehicle f by mek10591



   Acergy   August | 2008

   Highly versatile modular
   3000 m work class
   vehicle for underwater
   intervention and survey

The Acergy Core Vehicle (ACV) is an advanced design of high
performance intervention ROV system capable of supporting
demanding SURF, IMR and survey operations.
The ACV has a powerful 150 SHP hydraulic system and thruster configuration. The vehicle is
fitted with a 7-function master/slave T4 manipulator and a 5-function Rigmaster grabber.

The vehicle provides the most efficient intervention support to projects. It is equipped with a
high level of structural interface points for external and internally mounted tooling packages.
It has ‘plug and play’ hydraulic and control services to facilitate quick tooling integration.

The vehicle is fitted with a subsea dynamic positioning system for enhanced control of the

The TMS unit can accommodate up to 1500 m of tether for long excursion operations and
can also be fitted with thrusters for enhanced position and orientation control.
                                                                                        August | 2008

                                                                                        ACV specifications
Vehicle Technical Specification          Manipulators
Depth rating: 3000 m                     5 function Schilling Rigmaster
Forward thrust: 1000 kgs bollard pull    7 function Schilling T4
Lateral thrust: 720 kgs bollard pull
Vertical thrust: 600 kgs bollard pull    Telemetry System
Propulsion comprises of 8 sub-atlantic   Schilling Digital Telemetry System
thruster units                           (DTS)
4 x SA420 vectored horizontal            3 x DTS 16 port nodes
4 x SA300 vertical
Speed: 3 kts horizontal and 2 kts        Video Equipment
vertical                                 T4 manipulator camera
                                         Kongsberg OE15-102 SIT replacement
Vehicle Frame                            Kongsberg OE14-366 colour zoom
Height: 1.955 m                          Kongsberg OE15-108 PAL                   ACV
Width: 1.899 m                           2 x electric pan and tilt units
Length: 3.353 m
Lift point SWL: 7.9 t                    Navigation
Through frame lift: 3.0 t                Tritech super seaking obstacle
                                         avoidance sonar
Internal Payload Capability              8 x 250 W DSP&L midwater sealites
300 kg payload over standard ROV fit     2 x 70 W DSP&L SeaArc 5000 HID
Nominally 150 kg on the manipulator      lights (optional)
deck and 150 kg on the centredeck        Seimac ST400AR emergency strobe

External Payload Capability              Sensors
Underslung: 3000 kg                      CDL minipos II RLG INS
Rear: 1000 kg                            RDI navigator 1200 DVL
Side: 250 kg                             Kongsberg MST324N responder
Front: 1000 kg                           Paroscientific digiquartz depth sensor

Hydraulic System                         Tether Management System (TMS)
1 x 150 Shaft HP electric motor          Length: 2.3 m
Main pump (Linde HPR 02 210cc)           Width: 1.9 m
Auxiliary pump (Rexroth A10VSO71)        Weight in air: 4.5 t
Aux system can deliver 125 LPM           Weight in water: 3.5 t
                                         Lift point SWL: 12.5 t
2 x 4 way TCU for thruster/ancillary     Latch SWL: 8.0 t
equipment                                Tether:
2 x 12 station valve packs for           27 mm OD, 1500 m long
manipulators and tooling                 35 mm OD, 850 m long
1 x high flow valvepack                  Speed: 0-50 m/min average
                                         Line pull: 100 kg

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