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Zetta Medical                                  Protect-A-Grid DRP
Technologies                                   for Carestream’s DRX-1
A Better Value                                    Protect-A-Grid® premium grid encasement
                                               for DR offers user-friendly operation for
Without Compromise                             grid procedures and rugged protection for
   Ask Zetta Medical Technologies’             Carestream’s DRX-1 wireless panels as well as
customers and they’ll tell you quality         other manufacturers. The PAG-DRP’s drop-on
means satisfaction with the preowned           design makes attachment to DRX-1 a snap.
systems they purchase from us and that         We’ve got you covered for superlative image
they see quality in the professional instal-   detail and protection for your DR investments.
lations our experienced techs perform
nationwide—the same service engineers            Unique Features:
that provide timely, dedicated equipment         • Sturdy and lightweight Lexan frame
maintenance for you and your team.               • Added stability with long axis handle
   Zetta customers know what quality is.         • Convenient drop-on design
They see it in our work every day—at a           • Easy-clean front panel
fraction of the cost of the OEM. If you’re
interested in seeing how we can provide                                               For details, call 800-752-4918
quality solutions for your medical imaging                                            or visit www.reinaimaging.com.
needs, contact us today.
www.zettamed.com or 800-991-1021
                                               MRI-Safe Tools
                                                   Imprex International provides titanium
                                               and nonferrous tool solutions for the repair
                                               and maintenance of today's MRI, NMR, and
                                               other high-Tesla environments. For over 20
                                               years, Imprex International has worked
                                               with the top companies, medical device
                                               manufacturers, and service technicians
                                               to provide top-quality hand tools out of
                                               titanium and other nonferrous met-
                                               als that this highly specialized field
                                               demands. Imprex International provides
                                               ready-to-use tool kits and individual tools to
                                               the biggest service industry leaders all the way to
                                               the smallest outfits.

                                                                         For more details, visit www.imprex.net
                                                                         or call 847-364-4930.

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                                   Nova Biomedical
                                   StatSensor® 2010
                                   Product Announcement                       Clear Image Singles®
                                                                                 Clear Image Singles, unit-dose packets
  Whole Blood Creatinine                                                      of ultrasound scanning gel, are becoming
  and eGFR in 30 Seconds                                                      the New Standard of Care in efforts to elimi-
     StatSensor® Creatinine with eGFR                                         nate patient cross-contamination from gel
  provides a simple 30-second assess-                                         bottles. Clear Image Singles are convenient,
  ment of renal function by finger prick                                      eliminate bottle washing, reduce waste, are
  capillary blood sampling at the point of                                    cost-effective, and eliminate the potential of
  care. This lightweight, handheld                                            cross-contamination from refilled gel bottles.
  analyzer can minimize the risk of CMIN                                         Over 4.2 million patients have been
  prior to the use of contrast media and                                      protected with Clear Image Singles; over 50%
  eliminate workflow interruptions that                                       of the top 10 hospitals making the U.S. News
  can cause lost productivity in the radi-                                    & World Report 2008 Honor Roll use Clear
  ology suite. StatSensor Creatinine                                          Image Singles. Protect your patients today.
  offers easy, virtually painless capillary                                   Free samples of Clear Image Singles are
  blood sampling on small, 1.2-microliter                                     available at www.clearimagesingles.com or
  blood samples with fast, 30-second test results and interfaces seamlessly   by calling 800-458-4254.
  with hospital and laboratory information systems. StatSensor Creatinine
  calculates eGFR by either MDRD or Cockcroft-Gault equations and rapidly
  assesses renal function for inpatient or outpatient testing.
     For more details, please call 800-458-5813 or 781-647-3700, e-mail
  info@novabio.com, or visit www.novabiomedical.com.

Diversified Systems
Optical Media Specialists
   Are you a medical imaging facility using
PACS Technology? If so, you can benefit from
custom-printed optical media from Diversified
   Our print processes are all done in-house
so we can personally oversee every print job.
Likewise, we use only PACS certified CD-R
and DVD-R media, ensuring our users get the
highest quality product available. The value
provided by Diversified Systems—superior print
quality and excellent media—is second to none.
   Give us a call at 800-255-3142 or visit us
today at www.dsgi.com/medical.

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                                                  Koolant Koolers water to
                                               air-cooled chillers for outdoor
                                               installation are designed
                                               to provide stable, fully
                                               dedicated cooling for MRI
                                               systems. Developed to
                                               meet the varying heat load
  Direct Subspecialty                          capacity requirements of

     and General                               the medical market, they
                                               maintain tight temperature
 Radiology Solutions                           tolerances while providing
                                               optimized energy usage and
         Competitive Advantage                 reliable performance for critical
     • Personalized full-service radiology     applications. They feature a
       company                                 quad compressor, dual tandem
     • Physician owned, managed and            refrigerant circuits, and dual
       operated                                redundant fluid pumps with automatic
     • Rigorous QA program                     switch-over.
     • Industry-leading TAT                       Koolant Koolers maintains a specialized service team to respond to the
     • We are collectively licensed in all     critical needs of our medical clientele and is the preferred chiller provider
       50 states                               for several major medical imaging brands.
     • Extremely competitive pricing
     • Top expertise (ie, training at NYU,                                           Contact us at 800-YOU-KOOL or
       Columbia, Mallinckrodt, Cornell,                                              www.dimplexthermal.com.
       Hopkins, UCSF, UPenn, Jefferson, etc)

                 Our Clients
     • Imaging centers & radiology groups
     • All size community based hospitals
     • All size government hospitals &            SpaceTRAX®
     • Mobile units including PET, MRI and                                                               Designed to put
       ultrasound                                                                                     money back on
                                                                                                      your bottom line by
     JOINT COMMISSION                                                                                 reducing supply
                                                                                                      costs, improving
       ACCREDITED                                                                                     charge capture, and
                                                                                                      eliminating waste,
                                                                                                      SpaceTRAX® by
                                                                                                      Stanley InnerSpace is
                                                                                                      an advanced inventory
                                                                                                      management software
                                                                                                   system that drastically
                                               cuts costs by creating full accountability for every item in your clinical
                                               inventory. SpaceTRAX is a Web-based system with no up-front capital and
                                               one low monthly fee. Bar coding, RFID, or both—SpaceTRAX can be
      Visit us at www.USARAD.com               configured to the needs of your department.

If you would like a conversation regarding                                                To request more information or a
 your needs or have any questions please                                                  personalized Web demonstration,
          contact David Morgan.                                                           visit www.SpaceTRAX.com or
          888-886-5238, ext. 44                                                           call 800-467-7224.

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   DICOM Ray Medical Disc Publishers continue to impress customers
with the exclusive ICON based intuitive graphical user interface design.
Nautilus Medical offers many turnkey solutions to meet your site
requirements. Approved and recommended by major PACS vendors for
imaging centers and hospitals around the world. Contact us today for a
complimentary demonstration of the AutoRay or a FREE trial version of
DeskRay. Standard features include; Encryption, DICOM Image Importer
with Graphic Conversion, PACS query/retrieve, auto mode, and DICOM
router & editor with optional SCAN-to-PACS icon.
             Call 866-520-6477 or visit www.dicomray.com.

                                                                               Frustrated with lead apron inspections?
                                                                            Worried about getting caught with your
                                                                            required lead apron tracking and documen-
“SureImage” Medical-Grade                                                   tation not ready for an unannounced
Electrical Power Solutions                                                  inspection?
                                                                               ApronCheck.com offers a frustration free
   Providing voltage regulation, isolation, and power distribution for      method to accurately track mandatory lead
medical imaging and treatment modalities, the “SureImage” Model             apron inspections. ApronCheck.com
Ultra-K/M Power Conditioner and Model 700F/M Power Processor                provides a friendly, easy way for staff to
enhance workflow and patient throughput and offer significant               quickly visually identify if a lead apron has
reduction/elimination of "artifacts" in digital images.                     recently been inspected with the use of a
Both “SureImage” products are "K(i) Rated" for                              colored inspection indicator on each apron.
increased surge capability and are also sized for                              For more information and to view an
continuous load duty to provide high efficiency and                         online video, please visit us at
low operating costs. The front access design of each                        aproncheck.com and click on the “Learn
“SureImage” product provides                                                More” button or call 832-365-7000.
easy operation, monitoring,
input/output power connections,
and maintenance.
  Learn more from
Controlled Power Company at

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