Languages - Highly skilled and experienced in Java, PHP

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					                                                  Brian Osborne
                                                   300 Parkway Dr
                                                   Clark, NJ 07066


     Seeking Software Engineering or Web Development position starting May 17, 2010.


     Languages - Highly skilled and experienced in: Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, XHTML, XML, CSS,
     MySQL. Very familiar with: C#, Visual Basic , C++, C, Ruby, Perl, .NET framework, ActionScript 2 & 3.
     Software Packages – Adobe Flash/Photoshop CS4, Drupal, phpMyAdmin, vBulletin, WordPress, FireBug, LAMP
     Stack, Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Microsoft Visual Studio, PuTTY, NetBeans, Eclipse .
     Operating Systems – Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, UNIX, Mac OSX .

     Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                                                        Expected May 2010
     Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
     Specializations in Software Engineering, Programming Languages & Compilers


     Freelance Web Developer                                                                                2004 - Present
        Designed & developed complete website for,,, with more work in progress.
        Manage large scale forum for CarolinaClassicBoatOwners .com; created User Photo Gallery .
        Developed two rotating carousel plug-ins for the jQuery JavaScript framework (see

     Web Programmer                                                                          September 2009 - Present
     Rowan University: Web Services, Glassboro, NJ
        Developed a referral “point” system with management tools for a University -wide contest.
        Worked to enhance and implement a n Adobe Flash „Flipbook‟ to better illustrate College-specific content.
        Developed the feature story carousel as seen on Rowan‟s homepage (jQuery plug -in).

     C#.Net Programmer                                                                               May – August 2009
     IFA Insurance Company, Clark, NJ
        Developed and tested advanced Active Directory account manager with GUI.
        Developed and implemented software to fix access control lists for all employees‟ files on file server.
        Developed and tested software that distributed new versions of Adobe Flash and Reader to workstations.

     Java Programmer/Software Engineer                                                                  Jan – May 2009
     Federal Aviation Administration, Atlantic City, NJ
        Aided in design, development, implementation, and testing of a Flight Scenario GUI Application.
        Developed Software Requirements Specification based on client needs; formal presentation followed
         completion of required work.
        Project was a multi-class, large scale Java application with an elaborate Graphical User Interface .


        Certificate of Appreciation from the Federal Aviation Administration based in Atlantic City, NJ.
         Award received for work done on software engineering project listed under Experience .
References and examples of work (see available upon request.