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e Smoke Coupon Codes and Review


disc10-1794 is a 12% off Coupon code for e Smoke when you spend $100 or more disc5-1794 is a 5% off Coupon code for eSmoke with no spend limit. Read the e-Smoke Coupon code review.

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									 eSmoke Coupon Code and Review Brought to
         you by e Smoke Coupons

      12% off Your Order (min spend $100)
          Coupon Code: disc10-1794

     5% off Your Order with no spend limit,
           Coupon Code: disc5-1794

e-Smoke coupon codes electronic cigarettes really stand out in the electronic
cigarette crowd. However is e-Smoke cigarettes the right cigarette for your? This e-
Smoke electronic cigarette coupon code review will let you know.

When you think of electronic cigarettes you think of words like economic,
environment friendly, and going green. When e- Smoke thought of their name they
must have been thinking about all of that into consideration. Because e-Smoke is
the name that perfectly describes their electronic cigarettes.

When it comes to price e-Smoke (with the eSmoke coupon code) is great value in
comparison to other products. There are some lower cost electronic cigarettes on the
market but they really do not measure up to e Smoke when it comes to quality and
Lets talk about their refill cartridges. eSmoke electronic cigarette refill cartridges are
a little cheaper than the likes of GreenSmoke. See Green Smoke electronic cigarette
refill cartridges, unlike any other electronic cigarette on the market, have a built in
atomizer. So your paying for extra, when the eSmoke is built into the battery, hence
in the long run costing you less. It does need cleaning ever now and again though.
Your eSmoke Coupon electronic cigarette will smoke good the first time and
Another reason that eSmoke's electronic cigarette refill cartridges are a little better
than most of the other companies is that they are over filled. While most electronic
cigarette refill cartridges only give you 15 cigarettes worth of liquid esmoke give you
a whole pack and then some. But to be safe they seem to have went with the
wording “at least a pack of cigarettes”. So when you think about it by using a
eSmoke electronic cigarette you are only going to pay half of what you would
smoking tobacco cigarettes.
When you buy your eSmoke electronic cigarette starter kit you can expect to pay
around $100.
When your eSmoke starter kit arrives you will receive two rechargeable electronic
cigarette batteries. You will also receive both a USB and home charging unit to keep
your batteries recharged

Using your eSmoke Electronic Cigarette
How do I know when to change the cartridge?

When the cartridge begins to lose its flavor, produce less vapor and/or taste slightly burnt; it's time
for a new cartridge.

How often can I use the eSmoke electronic cigarette?

We strongly encourage our customers to limit themselves to at most 16 puffs in a single minute. If
you feel the need for more then that we suggest that you order cartridges with a higher nicotine

3.) Ingredients
How much nicotine is contained in a cartridge?

Again, we offer our users flexibility, so you can adjust based on your nicotine preference. We offer
the following nicotine level cartridges: Extra High -24mg, High -16mg, Med -11mg, Low- 6mg and
None. Choose the electric atomizer cartridge you prefer.

What ingredients are in the eSmoke products?

The eSmoke electronic cigarettes use liquid that contains
•Propylene Glycol
•Distilled (purified) water
•Nicotine (optional)
•Natural Flavoring
•Artificial Flavoring

4.) Health & Allergies
Is it ok to use your products if I am allergic to nuts?
Since some of our flavoring ingredients may contain nuts, we recommend that those with an allergy
to nuts NOT use our cartridges or eLiquid.

Is it ok to use your products if I am diabetic?

We recommend that all diabetics consult their physician prior to using any electronic cigarette (e-

Is it ok to use your product if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women should NOT use any electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) without first consulting with
a medical professional.

Do you offer a Propylene Glycol (PG) free option?

At the current moment eSmoke does not offer a PG free alternative. We hope to be able to offer a
PG free version in the future for those that have the rare allergic reaction to PG.

I heard the FDA found Diethylene Glycol in an e-cigarette from a competitor. Does the eSmoke
eLiquid contain DEG?

At eSmoke we are concerned with our customers health. In response to the FDA's findings in our
competitors products, we at eSmoke took it upon ourselves to test our cartridges at a third party
accredited laboratory. The eSmoke e-cigarette cartridges came back as DEG Free. More information
can be found on the page titled eSmoke Cartridges - Lab Tested and Diethylene Glycol free!

I heard the FDA found carcinogens in your competitors e-cigarette. Do eSmoke electronic cigarettes
contain carinogens?

The FDA did in fact find tobacco related carcinogens at very low levels in our competitors products.
What the FDA did not disclose is that the FDA approved Nicotine Replacement Therapy's on the
market today, also contain these carcinogens. All nicotine extracted from tobacco will contain some
trace elements of carcinogens, but at such low levels that it's negligible. For example in the FDA
report they found 8.183 ppm (parts per million) or 0.0008183%, A real cigarette contains 3000+ ppm
of these same carcinogens.

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