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                                                                                                             CONTINUED FROM 1A                     Pete Boulay, a DNR clima-            FALL COLOR REPORTS
                                                                                                                                                 tologist, said overnight low
                                                                                                             > Fall color                        temperatures have been high-
                                                                                                                                                 er than normal for the past
                                                                                                                                                 two weeks.
                                                                                                                                                   “We’ll have to wait and see           Wisconsin: travel
                                                                                                             summer drought across               what happens,” Boulay said.   
                                                                                                             much of the region, coupled         “You never know how good                report.aspx
                                                                                                             with recent warm tempera-           the weather’s going to be. At
                                                                                                             tures, lowers the chances for       this time of year, the place is        normal temperatures are still
                                                                                                             the vibrant leaf color that peo-    not around the metro. You              affecting color.
                                                                                                             ple enjoy.                          have to go farther north.”               “We always get the yellows,”
                                                                                                               “It’s been pretty brutal, pret-     And much farther north at            Cox said. “But if we want
                                                                                                             ty dry this summer,” Jones          Itasca State Park, Connie Cox,         those bright reds and the
                                                                                                             said. “By early October, if         the lead interpretive natural-         oranges of the sugar maples,
                                                                                                             things turn around, we could        ist, said the park is already          we really need the cool
                                                                                                             have an average year of color.      seeing more visitors than nor-         nights.”
                                                                                                             Right now I’m thinking we’re        mal.
                                                                                                             going to have a less-than-            Itasca escaped the drought,          Patrick B. Anderson can be
                                                                                                             average year.”                      Cox said, but warmer-than-             reached at 651-228-5444.

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                                                                       PIONEER PRESS PHOTOS: SCOTT TAKUSHI
Jodi Ertmer, of Orono, checks out the master bedroom in Dream Home No. 125 on the 2009
Parade of Homes, at 3285 Graham Hill Road in Orono. The developer built the 7,305-square-                    > Globe
foot house with no buyer lined up. But the house sold about halfway through the building
process.                                                                                                     Elevator
CONTINUED FROM 1A                                                                                              The eastern white pine,
                                                                                                             some of it already hundreds
> Parade of Homes                                                                                            of years old, came out of the
                                                                                                             vast forests of northern Min-                                      COURTESY ALPENA (MICH.) COUNTY LIBRARY
                                                                                                             nesota and Wisconsin. It was        Grain from the throughout the Midwest came to the Globe
they build and when they buy.”                                                                               brought to the site in the          Elevator in Superior, Wis., for loading aboard cargo ships.
  The Builders Association — an organization                                                                 Duluth-Superior Harbor and          This is the main elevator structure, circa 1900.
comprising builders, remodelers and compa-                                                                   cut to specifications. Douglas
nies that do business with them — has been try-                                                              fir, southern yellow pine and
ing to adapt with the times, including getting                                                               white oak also are found in
onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as                                                               the buildings.
adding mini-lifestyle niche tours to the parade,                                                               The main building, three-
its biannual promotional event.                                                                              fourths as long as a football
  The association also has combined events.                                                                  field, is almost 150 feet high.
This year, the Fall Preview of new homes                                                                     Two other storage buildings
included the fall Remodelers Showcase. The                                                                   aren’t as tall, but are twice as
remodeling event usually is held in mid-Octo-                                                                long. More than 2 million
ber, after the Parade, but this year it ran earlier                                                          board feet of old-growth white
this month in conjunction with the start of the                                                              pine were used in each. When
Parade.                                                                                                      they were finished, they made
  “This was a hard one — there was a lot of                                                                  up the largest elevator com-
resistance. Change is very, very difficult,” said                                                            plex in the world.
Wendy Danks, the association spokeswoman.                                                                      Collectively, the buildings
“But our revenue is down like anyone else in                                                                 contained 289 bins or silos                                                      PIONEER PRESS: JOHN DOMAN
this industry or other industries — we are                                                                   that could hold 5 million           Supervisor Annette Tracy moves a slab of grain-eroded
struggling to do more with less, or just as much                                                             bushels of grain. Until 1989,       bin wall to a work-yard location where nails will be removed
with less. We have to find a way to save dollars,                                                            the grain was loaded onto           and boards separated. Elevator No. 1, in the background, is
and promoting it once instead of twice saved                                                                 large freighters docked next        the first of three being dismantled.
some good dollars.”                                   The staircase in Dream Home No. 125.                   to the main building and
  In the Spring Preview, the remodeling show-                                                                transported to Europe and
case will be the last weekend of the Parade                                                                  elsewhere.
  “It costs more to put it at the end, in terms of                                                           THE PROJECT
promotional needs,” Danks said. “If it’s at the
beginning, we can promote an event, bulking                                                                    The salvage project got off
up at the beginning and then put out reminders                                                               to an unlikely start.
for the next three weeks. If the remodeling                                                                    When Hozza was an invest-
event is held at the end, we’ll need to do some                                                              ment banker, he was
extra push at the end. This is our test opportu-                                                             approached by the former
nity, to see what will work best for our members                                                             owner of the buildings, who
and Twin Cities residents.”                                                                                  wanted to develop the proper-
  In these times, promoting remodeling makes                                                                 ty into a marina and recre-
sense, Danks said.                                                                                           ational vehicle campground.
  “Families in the Twin Cities who have               Melissa O’Donnell and Matt Briggs, both of             For the project to work, how-
changes in lifestyle, household shape, house-         Hudson, Wis., check out the spaces in parade           ever, the buildings had to be                                                    PIONEER PRESS: JOHN DOMAN
hold size — the options for them include a new        house No. 125.                                         taken down.                         Leo Potter pounds a wedge with a sledge hammer to sep-
home or remodeling,” she said. “New construc-                                                                  Seeing so much wood that          arate boards and beams.
tion and remodeling have to be a one-stop shop        Swanson said. “Historically, we want to see            could be resold and believing
because of the reality of today’s marketplace.”       three to four times the normal amount of traffic       it might otherwise be headed                                               remove heavy machinery
  Apparently there are plenty of potential home-      during the Parade, and we have seen that — we          for a landfill, Hozza quit his
                                                                                                                                                 FYI                                    from the upper floors, but
buyers — or at least the curious — out there.         took 16 lot holds out last weekend, and six have       job to form the salvage opera-       For more information                  there were many more interi-
Although the early remodeling show date creat-        converted to sales this week.”                         tion, and secured rights to the      about the Globe Elevator              or walls, as well as more
ed confusion, initial reports indicate the com-         Swanson said other builders have similar sto-        main building.                                                             wood, than he expected.
bined events have had good traffic, Danks said.       ries.                                                    “I thought we’d have the           project, go to                          “It’s like a box of Cracker
Actual numbers will be available later.                 Cudd De Novo built the Dream Home model to           building down and the wood                 Jack,’’ Hozza said. “There is a
  What are these Parade-goers looking at, in          attract buyers for a new development, Graham           sold in one year,’’ said Hozza,      or                  surprise in every bin.’’
terms of new homes? Some of it is lingering           Hill Preserve.                                         who lived in the office trailer                                              A huge crane was used to
inventory, but others are new models —                  “Well, ‘nervous’ is a good word,” Denman said        adjacent to the buildings for                                              haul down machinery from
changed for the times.                                about the decision to build a house without a          14 months and has since             Paul-based Mendota Mantels             the upper floors of the main
  “They’re smaller, more compact,” said Mike          buyer.                                                 acquired rights to the other        and Old Growth Woods,                  building. Then crews took on
Swanson, president of the builders association          But he’s also hopeful. A family of four, new to      two structures.                     makes fireplace mantels,               the task of disassembling the
and vice president of Rottlund Homes, of his          the area, bought the 7,305-square-foot home              Eventually, Peres, who met        tables and other furnishings           building one bin at a time.
company’s and other builders’ new homes.              about halfway through the building process.            Hozza through an online dat-        out of reclaimed timbers and             With each, workers using
  “At Rottlund, we’re open every day of the           “Which is always good,” Denman said.                   ing service, joined the opera-      likes working with the wood.           chainsaws cut through slabs
week, unlike some of the smaller companies,                                                                  tion.                               Because it has been air-dry-           of boards that have been
and we track our traffic every single day,”           Molly Millett can be reached at 651-228-5505.            Wisconsin Woodchuck dis-          ing for so long, he said, it’s         nailed together to form walls.
                                                                                                             mantles the buildings and           more stable and less likely to         A crane lowers the slabs to
                                                                                                             sells the timbers, mainly to        twist or crack. “It didn’t take        the ground, where other
                                                                                                             timber framers. A subsidiary,       long to realize this wood is so        workers take out the nails. All
                                                                                                             Old Globe Reclaimed Wood            much nicer to work with than           of the wood is kiln-dried to kill
CONTINUED FROM 1A                  ple by debiting large transac-       costs of having a payment or         Co., resaws the wood and            new wood because of that sta-          any harmful organisms.
                                   tions before small ones,             transaction rejected.”               mills it into handcrafted floor-    bility issue,’’ he said.                 Buyers can choose wood
> Congress                         exhausting available funds
                                   more quickly.
                                                                          An ABA spokesman declined
                                                                        Friday to comment on Dodd’s
                                                                                                             ing and paneling.
                                                                                                               “When we get an order, this
                                                                                                                                                   It’s also not easy to find.
                                                                                                                                                   “In the reclaimed-timber
                                                                                                                                                                                        ranging from 12-by-14-inch
                                                                                                                                                                                        timbers to flat tongue-and-
                                     Moebs Services projects the        upcoming bill because the            gets loaded on a truck and          business, white pine is not            groove products. The price for
targets banks                      industry will make $38.5 billion
                                   off the fees this year, up from
                                                                        details were not yet available.
                                                                          The contours of the legisla-
                                                                                                             taken to Rhinelander, (Wis.,)
                                                                                                             where the (subcontractor’s)
                                                                                                                                                 easy to come by,’’ he said.
                                                                                                                                                   Phil Bjork, owner of Great
                                                                                                                                                                                        white pine goes up to $4 a
                                                                                                                                                                                        board foot, with white oak
                                   $18 billion in 1999, in part         tion remain undefined. The           shop is,’’ Peres said, showing      Northern Woodworks in                  up to $7.
4 percent this year, according     because the average fee large        Federal Reserve has now              off stacks of timbers that have     Cambridge, Minn., uses the               The company could contin-
to Moebs Services, a financial     banks charge for each over-          proposed a requirement that          been cleaned of nails and           wood in homes he builds and            ue taking down the building
research firm.                     draft has climbed by $10, to $35.    banks must sign up customers         labeled.                            said it has “a very nice patina        without interruption, but
  Industry groups argue that         Because most overdrafts are        for overdraft programs. That           The two also are collecting       luster that goes deep into the         then would be stuck with a
customers are responsible for      now prompted by debit card           is the minimum standard              and reselling an estimated          wood.’’                                huge supply of exposed wood.
monitoring their account bal-      transactions, consumer advo-         under consideration by Dodd’s        500,000 of pounds of wrought          But it also has two other            Hozza said the most efficient
ances, that overdrafts should      cates argue that the industry        staff.                               iron, a purer form of iron that     characteristics he likes.              system seems to be to have
not happen unintentionally         in effect has created a new            The House bill, authored by        is becoming increasingly              “It’s historical,’’ he said. “Lit-   200,000 board feet available,
and that overdraft loans — the     kind of unregulated credit           Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.,        rare.                               erally, some of these trees            enabling more dismantling
money advanced automatical-        card. But the Federal Reserve        would require banks to obtain                                            were alive in the early 1700s.         when demand requires it.
ly to cover the overdraft — are    ruled in 2004 that banks were        permission from customers            THE WOOD                              “It’s also a great use of recy-        “We can’t afford to go any
a service that banks offer.        providing a service rather           before each overdraft loan, but                                          cling. What typically has been         faster than we can sell it,’’
  The issue has been simmer-       than a loan, and therefore the       Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.,            The wood is especially            bulldozed down in the last 30          Peres said.
ing for years. In the age of       customer’s decision to spend         chairman of the House Finan-         appealing to woodworkers for        years is being cleaned up and            “My guess now is we’ll fin-
handwritten checks, banks          the money was sufficient to          cial Services Committee, said        its “green” qualities and for       dressed up and put to an               ish Building One in six
rarely made overdraft loans,       indicate approval. The Fed did       he considered that idea              its character, which includes a     appropriate use.’’                     months, then take down Two
but as the rise of debit cards     require banks to detail the fees     unwieldy.                            polished erosive effect from          Hozza said the wood often is         and Three as demand dic-
vastly increased the volume of     on the customer’s next state-          Sen. Charles Schumer, D-           years of grain flowing across       denser than today’s pines.             tates,’’ said Hozza, adding the
transactions, the industry         ment.                                N.Y., also favors a requirement      it, according to Caspar.              “The knots and the charac-           company is mildly profitable
gradually perfected a new            A survey released by the           making the fee proportional to         “First, new trees weren’t         ter of the wood are much               and current on its bills, but in
strategy. Banks began to           American Bankers Associa-            the amount of the loan.              felled to obtain the wood,’’        more intricate than the stuff          a holding pattern.
honor transactions, up to a        tion last month showed 82 per-         The fate of the bill is inter-     Caspar said. “Second, it            you would get today, which is            So far the company has
preset limit, and then charge a    cent of 1,000 customers did not      twined with the broader              shows quite a lot of character      almost like white bread or             spent about $2 million to buy
fixed fee on top of the amount     pay an overdraft fee in the pre-     debate over financial reform.        that you wouldn’t get from          plain vanilla,’’ Hozza said.           the buildings and to disman-
of the loan.                       vious 12 months. Of those who        Frank said new rules clearly         freshly cut wood — all the nail     “You don’t have the complexi-          tle half of the main one. Hozza
  Most banks automatically         paid the overdraft fee, 96 per-      are necessary, but if Congress       holes and some of the weath-        ty in the grain and the color.         said he expects to spend
offer the loans to all account     cent said they were glad the         votes to create a new con-           ered surfaces inside the grain      Because of the aging and               another couple million dollars
holders, according to a study      payment was covered.                 sumer protection agency, it          silos. As grain fell down inside    humidity, the wood has taken           for the entire project, but it’s
by the Federal Deposit Insur-        “Clearly, consumers who pay        could write the rules. If the        the silos, it wore away the         on a honey hue, almost a light         difficult to predict what fac-
ance Corp. released last year.     overdraft fees are the minority,     banking industry succeeds in         wood much like water does on        golden that, again, you don’t          tors — time, demand, weather
They also do not notify cus-       and that number is shrinking,”       its opposition to the new            rock and created patterns           find in new white pine.’’              and other unknowns — will
tomers when an overdraft is        Nessa Feddis, ABA senior fed-        agency, he said, he would favor      unlike any I have ever seen                                                come into play.
about to occur, nor offer them     eral counsel, said about the         a strong overdraft bill.             before. Where there’s a knot THE WORK                                        “If I was a younger man, this
a chance to cancel the transac-    study. “More importantly, most         “Banks should understand           or a nail, the wood is not worn                                            would all make sense,’’ said
tion. Furthermore, many            consumers want banks to pay          that they can’t have it both         away. You have this incredible     The work has been more                  the 64-year-old Hozza, who
banks process transactions in      their overdrafts so they can         ways,” Frank said. “If that          sculptured effect you can’t labor-intensive and expensive                  estimates the entire project
ways that increase the number      avoid the inconvenience,             should falter, then we will pass     create yourself.’’               than Hozza ever envisioned.               could take another five years
of overdraft charges, for exam-    embarrassment and potential          a tough overdraft bill.”               Tom Schoeller, owner of St.      Not only was it difficult to            to finish.