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Wireless Access Point Project by cdu16746


									Wireless Access Point Project

            Scott J. Krieder
       Advisor : Dr. William Honig
       Loyola University Chicago
    Department of Computer Science
              Project Goals
• Find as many access points in Chicago as
• Continue and expand on the Omaha project
• Collect data on the access points and store
  that data in an easy to read format
• Laptop + GPS
  – Integration issues
     • Configuration
     • Platform
• Sniffer software
  – Software issues
     • Saving data
     • Platform
     • Mapping
                Social Sniffing
  – Upload sniffer file
  – Adds access points from file to a online searchable
              Current Progress
• Decided on and configured a GPS
  – Blackberry
  – Holux USB
  – Garmin Forerunner
• Decided on which sniffer software to use
  –   Netstumbler (PC)
  –   KisMac (Mac)
  –   iStumbler (Mac)
  –   MacStumbler(Mac)
• Platform came as default
               What’s Next?
• Large Scale Audit of Chicago
  – Car
  – Bus
  – Bike
  – Train
               Data to collect
• User’s change AP name from default?
  – Current routers require
• Encryption?
• Does speed affect data collection?
  – Walking vs. Bus/Train/Car
                 ?’s & info
Scott Krieder

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