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									                                                                                  PRESS RELEASE
                                                                                    November 2, 2006

New structure to strengthen growth
The Gambro Group will develop into three independent companies. Gambro Renal
Products will become the new Gambro. Gambro Healthcare and Gambro BCT will
gradually become independent companies with formal Boards of Directors and
independent governance processes. When the legal reorganization is completed Indap
AB will serve as the holding entity of the three new companies. Peter Sjöstrand is elected
new Chairman of Gambro AB. Thomas Glanzmann becomes the new CEO of Gambro
AB, effective December 1, 2006.

The objective of the new structure is higher efficiency and increased transparency in order to
strengthen competitiveness and promote growth. The three business areas are today in
different stages of development and facing varying challenges and opportunities. By
becoming stand-alone companies with three strong Boards of Directors the focus and speed of
execution will increase and the companies will be in a better position to serve its customers
through increased focus and stronger emphasis on innovation.

Indap AB, owned 51% by EQT and 49% by Investor AB, will be the holding entity of the
three new companies. During a transition period, until Gambro BCT and Gambro Healthcare
are legally reorganized, Gambro AB will handle governance issues for all three entities.

Peter Sjöstrand is elected new chairman of Gambro AB. Thomas Glanzmann becomes the
new CEO of Gambro AB. He will join Gambro on a full time basis on December 1, 2006, but
will gradually be introduced to the organization during November. Following these changes
Massimo Rossi resigns as Chairman of the Board of Gambro AB and will become Chairman
of the holding company Indap AB and Jan Bruneheim resigns as the CEO of Gambro AB
and will become the CEO of Indap AB.

For further information please contact:
Paula Treutiger, phone +46-8-613 65 99, +46-733 66 65 99
Maria Långberg, phone +46-8-613 65 73, +46-705 13 65 73

Gambro is a global medical technology company with related services and has         Gambro AB
                                                                                    A public company (publ)
leading positions in renal care - services and products - and blood component       Reg no. 556041-8005
technology. Gambro Renal Products develops and supplies hemodialysis,               Jakobsgatan 6, PO Box 7373
peritoneal dialysis, and acute renal and liver dialysis products, therapies and     SE-103 91 Stockholm
services. Gambro Healthcare is a provider of end-stage renal disease treatment      Tel +46 8-613 65 00
and patient care. Gambro BCT develops and provides blood collection, apheresis      Fax +46 8-611 28 30
and cell therapy products and services.                                   
                                                                   PRESS RELEASE
                                                                         November 2, 2006

Information about Peter Sjöstrand and Thomas Glanzmann

Peter Sjöstrand becomes the Chairman of Gambro AB. He has a broad and international
experience from leading positions within the healthcare industry. He served many years as
Executive Vice President and CFO in the Astra Group and was a member of the Astra Board
of Directors from 1976-1993 (first as Secretary then as Deputy Member). Since 1993 he has
been engaged in board assignments in both public and private companies in Europe and the
US. He is a Medical Doctor from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and he holds a
Bachelor of Science in Economy from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Thomas Glanzmann has been appointed the new CEO of Gambro AB. He has an extensive
global general management background and a deep knowledge in the healthcare and
consumer goods markets as well as a strong experience in building and growing businesses.
He has held various positions at Baxter Healthcare Corporation from 1988-2004 including
Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer and President of Baxter Bioscience. He is also
an advisor to EQT and to the World Economic Forum. Currently he is the CEO of HemoCue
AB, a global Swedish diagnostic company. He holds a Master of Business Administration
from IMD, Switzerland, as well as a Bachelor of Political Science from Dartmouth College,

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