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					 Make money on Facebook
 A collection of tools, tips and tricks to
make money with on the world's largest
       social networking website

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         by Craig Wilson
I'm sure by now you're fully aware of the massive marketing potential
of Facebook, especially if you're a marketer right?

One cannot deny that it has become an absolute giant and as the old
saying goes, “you go where the money is” has never been more true.

Think about this for a second- Facebook is reported to have almost
500 million people with an account.

Now I don't know about you, but I see this ripe for the picking when it
comes to selling my products and services don't you?

With this number of potential viewers of your ads just imagine if ONLY
a miniscule percentage of them responded. You could still have
possibly hundreds or even thousands of leads...Depending on whether
or not you were using a capture page and was building a list.

Experts say that in the very near future Facebook might trump Google
adwords in being “the place to go” for highly targeted traffic. But
when it comes to Facebook, there are certain protocols that have to
be followed.

Many people have gotten their accounts deleted because they went
about marketing the wrong way. To them it was probably like a brand
new playground where they thought they could run rampant and
make up their own rules, but sadly they were mistaken.

People were discovering that they too had their own set of guidelines
and rules to follow and for good reason. So just how do you market
the “right way” without going through months of testing and trial and

Well one answer can be the Facebook toolkit I've assembled here. In
the following websites below, I'll point you to some KILLER
information that I've come across and I think you might like it too!

These people have already done the homework and testing for you.
They have “been there and done that” when it comes testing and
tweaking and they are basically handing you their results on a silver

Why can it be important to learn from someone who's been there and
done that? Well, when it comes to Facebook, most marketers of MLM
opportunities, affiliate programs and even CPA offers usually go about
it wrong in the beginning.

They start amassing friends they know or just like minded marketers.
They do the usual conversation stuff back and forth, then ultimately
start “marketing”. In many cases, this doesn't work like they had
hoped, because like with any social networking website, there is a
protocol or “etiquette” that needs to be observed.

Get this wrong in the beginning and you can sabotage yourself right
out of an account.

OK...With that said, I'm sure you're ready to dive in and take a look
at these Facebook marketing tools. So take a look below, look them
over and see what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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