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					Extended Services Development Plan
       September 2007-2008

              May 2007               1
The Torquay West Schools and community cluster is based on a geographical area of the town. It includes the following schools:

                                                                May 2007                                                         2
The partner agencies that are also represented at cluster meetings include:
Torbay Council – Healthy Schools, Youth Service, Youth Offending Team, Youth Inclusion Programme, LINK, Library Service, Early Intervention,
Cultural Services, Care to Community, Young Peoples Substance Misuse, Special Needs Inclusion
Torbay Care Trust – Children & Adolescent Mental Health Team. Health Visitors, School Nurses
Sure Start/Children’s Centres
Voluntary and community sector – Family Learning, Acorn Centre, Windmill centre, Pre School Learning Alliance, Checkpoint
Young Carers, Monitoring Group, Groundwork, Chilled out
Street Wardens,
Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
Devon Consortium Traveller Education Service

Mission Statement
All stakeholders working collaboratively to develop inclusive and high quality extended services in and around schools by involving, valuing and
empowering children and young people to promote high self-esteem, maximise their potential and enable successful learning.

The Core Offer
Building on the experiences of those schools already delivering extended services, the Department of Education and Skills have set out a core
offer of extended services that they want all children to be able to access through schools by 2010.

The core offer for mainstream and special schools is:
    High quality ‘wraparound’ childcare provided on the school site or through other local providers, with supervised transfer arrangements
       where appropriate and available 8am – 6pm all year round.
    Study support (also known as varied menu of activities) to be offered such as homework clubs and study support, sport (at least two
       hours a week beyond the school day for those who want it), music tuition, dance and drama, arts and crafts, special interest clubs such as
       chess and first aid courses, visits to museums and galleries, learning a foreign language, volunteering, business and enterprise activities.
    Parenting support including information sessions for parents at key transition points, parenting programmes run with the support of other
       children’s services and family learning sessions to allow children to learn with their parents.
    Swift and easy access to a wide range of specialist support services such as speech therapy, child and adolescent mental health
       services, family support services, intensive behaviour support, and (for young people) sexual health services. Some may be delivered on
       school sites.
    Providing wider community access to ICT, sports and arts facilities, including adult learning.
(Source: DfES Extended Schools: Access to opportunities and services for all – A perspective)

                                                                  May 2007                                                                         3
Which outcomes are we focussing on?
The national curriculum state a clear set of aims which focus on the qualities and skills learners need to succeed in school and beyond. Torbay
has adopted these aims as the outcomes that the cluster needs to focus on. We should enable young people to become:

       successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
       confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
       responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

While the outcomes are separately identifiable they are also complementary and mutually reinforcing. For example, to be a successful learner
who communicates well in a range of ways, a young person would also have to develop as a confident individual who relates well to others and
forms good relationships.

For further information on each of these aims please look at Appendix A.

The Big Picture – How it all fits in
Below is a diagram which shows how all the strategic issues and local issues fit together.

The Baywide section starts with the Torbay Extended Services Strategy Core Offer priorities for 2006 – 2009. The Strategy also lists Partnership
Working priorities and updates on these can be found at the end of the Action Plan.

Next are the Children & Young Peoples Plan priorities for 2007 – 2008 which where agreed when Torbay’s Children’s Partnership Executive
undertook a review of the Annex Part Two of the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYOUNG PEOPLEP) supported by the Change for Children
task groups and linked partnerships. The process involved looking at how Torbay Children’s Services were delivering the current annex and
reviewing the priorities for April 2007 – March 2008, with a view to reduce their number and sharpen the focus. All the task groups and linked
partnerships were asked to identify their top two priorities from those outlined in our plan. These were considered by the Children’s Management
Team (Assistant Directors and the Strategic Director) and recommendations on the top five were made to the Children’s Partnership Executive.

The last section shows results of Torbay wide consultation on what young people say they want. These have been taken from a number of
consultation exercises.

The Torquay West section shows the local issues that need to be addressed. The blockers section is showing what the top
blockers/barriers/concerns to successful learning are for children and young people in Torquay West. These blockers/barriers/concerns will be the
focus for this cluster plan. Any proposals and services that are put forward to the cluster for consideration need to be working towards one of
these blockers.

                                                                      May 2007                                                                     4
The next section is showing the common themes that schools in the cluster want to work towards to improve. Finally at the bottom of the diagram
are the schools which will be working towards achieving the full core offer status by September 2008.

Please turn to the Action Plan to see what will be done to improve the blockers and what schools would like to improve. We have changed the
blockers to the following success criteria/characteristics:

   Positive Self Esteem (e.g. high appreciation of self and own self worth)
   Confidence (e.g. belief in abilities and skills)
   Positive Behaviour (e.g. toward self, others and property)
   Parental Support/Involvement in Children’s Learning

                                                                  May 2007                                                                    5
                         to improve arrangements for early           to increase the engagement,                 improve access to play, care and
                         identification of need and                  motivation and achievement of               learning services by securing
What are the strategic   appropriate early intervention              targeted groups of children and             sufficient, affordable high quality
     priorities?         through the swift and easy referral         young people through the                    childcare/activities within localities
                         element of the core offer                   promotion of Study Support
                                                                     activities and experiences

 What are Torbay’s           KS2 & KS4             Early intervention –       Teenage conceptions      Improved access to             Safeguarding
    priorities?              attainment            attendance /obesity                                     CAMHS

What do C&YP say            Play safely in parks and           More things to do             Improved transport for           Feedback on what’s
   they want?                     open spaces                                                    young people                different as a result of
                                                                                                                                   their views

 What are blockers to             Insufficient Parental            Low Confidence                   Low Self-Esteem                  Challenging
 successful learning?            Support/ Involvement                                                                                 Behaviour
                                     in Children’s

  What do schools                     Behaviour                Raise Standards             Raise Standards            ICT across the
 collectively want to                Management                in English /                of maths                   curriculum as a
      improve?                       (inc. SEAL                Writing                                                learning tool
                                       of SEAL

 Which schools will
                                  Queensway RC                 Sherwell Valley             Torquay Boys’           Barton Primary
provide the core offer            Primary School               Primary School              Grammar School          School
     this year?
                                                       May 2007                                                                           6
What is the trajectory for schools in the cluster to meet the core offer?
The dates below for schools to achieve the full core offer have been taken from the initial Audit and subsequent information submitted by schools.
This has been considered against the TDA clarification statements in order to form a judgement relating to an individual schools progress towards
the core offer. Schools are likely to meet the full core offer earlier than these dates through the developments of services across the cluster.
However these dates enable the local authority to demonstrate a trajectory towards its statutory targets for 2010.

To date the following schools have achieved the full offer:

       Torquay Community College
       Watcombe Primary School

By July 2008 the following schools will have achieved the full offer:

       Sherwell Valley Primary School
       Torquay Boys’ Grammar School
       Queensway RC School
       Barton Primary School

For the actions that schools need to achieve to reach the full core offer please refer to the Action Plan

                                                                    May 2007                                                                     7
This is a summary report and further information on milestones, monitoring, evaluation etc. can be found on the proposal forms and monitoring
spreadsheets. For this information please contact the Cluster Co-ordinator.

Childcare – Success Criteria/Characteristics: - Positive Self Esteem - Confidence - Positive Behaviour – Parental Support/
Involvement in Children’s Learning

     Action             Lead        Timescale         School/Setting           Action related to                    Update
                      Person &                                                 outcome, CHYPP            (Highlight Red, Amber or
                       Group                                                  priority & core offer      Green to show areas with
Breakfast Clubs      School        Open            Queensway Primary       8am start to satisfy core   Issues over low take up lead to
                                                                           offer                       potential risk of future
                                                                           Support for working         sustainability
                     School        Discussion      TCC                     Likely to target
                                   taking place                            attendance
                     School                        Torre Primary           8am start for core offer    Staff recruitment difficulties
                                                                           Support for working
Early Start Club     School        Open            Watcombe Primary        Targeted club –speech
(Targeted)                                                                 & language
Holiday Activities   Torbay Play                   Adventure Play in the   Provides Baywide            Not sustainable without
                     Forum                         Bay                     access to holiday           funding from a variety of
                                                                           activities for              partners
                                                                           le young people
Support for          Bob Plumb     In operation    Ellacombe Parks and     Anti Social Behaviour
Ellacombe                                          other public places
REACH project.
Service for
children and
Young People in
Ellacombe Parks
and other public

                                                                   May 2007                                                                     8
2.Study Support (Varied menu of activities)- Success Criteria/Characteristics: - Positive Self Esteem - Confidence - Positive
Behaviour - Parental Support/Involvement in Children’s Learning
         Action        Lead Person     Timescale      School/Setting          Action related to                  Update
                         & Group                                             outcome, CHYPP            (Highlight Red, Amber or
                                                                            priority & core offer      Green to show areas with
                                                                                   related to                   issues)
Holiday Activities     Torbay Play                  Adventure Play in     Provides Baywide          Not sustainable without funding
                       Forum                        the Bay               access to holiday         from a variety of partners
                                                                          activities for
                                                                          le young people
On-site specialist     Madeline      In operation                         Supporting attainment
support services       Cooper
providing additional
activities to support
learning, for year 6
children attending
feeder primary
Increase voluntary
sector work with
study support. Audit
what different
voluntary agencies
can provide & of what
young people want.
Explore opportunities
which develop skills,
informal education,
raise confidence etc,
increased access to
accredited youth
awards. Drop-in
sessions around after
school study support,
music, creative arts
etc use of IT, sports.
Anti bullying/self     Chill’d out   In operation   Chill’d Out           Behaviour management
esteem group work in Jenny Hunt

                                                              May 2007                                                                9
secondary schools.
Encourage young
people to be involved
in decision making
ownership of their
Sports/team games        School         Sept 07        Schools,            Improving self esteem,
programme,               Community                     community Centres   raising attainment,
community based.         Centres                                           enjoy & achieve, being
Utilise redevelopment                                                      safe.
facility in Ellacombe
Improved community       Mark Pocock    To be in       Community           study support, swift &
based access (O of       (HVCA) in      place or       Centres or          easy referral for
H) particularly in       liaison with   commencing     community based     schools to external
areas of deprivation     school reps.   in Sept 2007   venues              resources.
(Hele, Windmill
Centre). Joint
working under ex
schools to develop
community based
resources centres in
areas of most need,
Reading Connects-        Helen          Autumn Term    Varied              Attainment and
family engagement-a      Cunningham,                                       achievement
toolkit for schools:     Tracey
includes practical       Dickinson
ideas for family
reading events &
activities available
free from
www.readingconnect Are schools
using this? 2008 is
going to be a
National Year of
Reading. Lots of
potential for joint
working with libraries
& schools eg
Carnegie Award

                                                                May 2007                            10
shadowing, family
visits to libraries, after
school author visits,
story telling
workshops. Could
fund facilitators to co-
ordinate across
interested schools.
(includes supporting
Volunteering                 Craig          In operation     Ellacombe         Improving confidence,
opportunities for            Brennan-       at Westlands,    Neighbourhood     self esteem, peer
young people 11-25           Osment joint   possibility of                     support, enjoy &
years (13-19 priority)       run with       running at                         achieve
Engage like minded           Connexions,    lunchtime                          Attainment
young people in              called Lunch   group at
communication skills,        Bunch          other schools
activities, peer
support, presentation
in schools.

                                                                    May 2007                           11
3. Parenting support- )- Success Criteria/Characteristics: - Positive Self Esteem - Confidence - Positive Behaviour - Parental
Support/Involvement in Children’s Learning
        Action            Lead Person &       Timescale          School/Setting       Action related to              Update
                               Group                                                  outcome, CHYPP        (Highlight Red, Amber
                                                                                        priority & core     or Green to show areas
                                                                                       offer related to           with issues)
SureStart/Children’s Andrew Lloyd                            Barton School                                 Andrew to Update
Centres to
communicate with
schools regarding
which families they
are involved with (all
agencies; school
needs to know who
is working with which
Family Learning-       Irene Thomas/                         Varied settings as                            Parenting sub-group in
Setting up mini-       Family Support and                    appropriate                                   place; links made with
clusters of local      parenting group                                                                     Respect Task Force to
schools so that                                                                                            try and take advantage of
parents can access                                                                                         free training in parenting
a range of various                                                                                         programmes for
courses. Courses                                                                                           entrenched, hard-to-
can then be full to                                                                                        reach families.
capacity.                                                                                                  Volunteering Strategy in
                                                                                                           place in order to underpin
                                                                                                           parenting provision.
Torquay Children’s     Andrew Lloyd                                                                        Andrew Lloyd to update
Centre, Zig Zags-
Expand provision to
involve over 5s.
Parenting Support
sessions, home
visiting etc
ADHD- Developing a Sue Cousins                                                       Swift & Easy Access The support group has
much needed                                                                                                just made a successful
support service for                                                                                        bid for Local Network
parents who have                                                                                           funding to provide a
children diagnosed                                                                                         youth club for young
with ADHD.                                                                                                 people with ADHD.

                                                               May 2007                                                                 12
Torbay Domestic            Sue Cousins                                       Swift & Easy Access   This is now running for
Abuse Forum-                                                                                       the 2 time and has
Children’s Group –                                                                                 been identified by JAR
For children who                                                                                   inspectors as providing a
have witnessed                                                                                     valuable service to
domestic abuse.                                                                                    children. Extended
                                                                                                   Services have funded
                                                                                                   this for one year.
To consider an Art         Celia Marshall/                                   Swift & Easy Access   This needs to be looked
Therapy project            Thomas Huebner                                                          at to see how Art
across schools for                                                                                 Therapy will link into
pupils (all ages),                                                                                 CAHMS. Hopeful for a
parents and families                                                                               full time post. An
in the community.                                                                                  independent evaluation
                                                                                                   will take place during the
                                                                                                   summer term.
Relate family              Belinda Hyland    Autumn   Homelands and          Early Intervention
counselling within                           2007     Cockington School      KS2 attainment
Extended Schools                                                             CAHMS Link
settings                                                                     Exclusions
                                                                             Anti Social
Family Counsellor to       Celia Marshall             Torquay West Schools   Early Intervention    New proposal has been
provide initial                                                              KS2 & KS4             written by Celia Marshall
counselling support                                                          attainment            for discussion by the
to children and their                                                        CAHMS Link            Cluster.
families experiencing                                                        Exclusions
newly identified                                                             Attendance
behavioural                                                                  Swift & Easy Access
problems, or onset
of anxiety.
Family Support             Victoria Slaney            All Torquay West       Reduce teenage        Currently deferred for
Worker to provide                                     Schools                conceptions           decision until further
support for                                                                  Improve Key stage     information received from
children/families at                                                         2 and 4 attainment    Victoria Slaney.
the first fixed internal                                                     Strengthen
or external exclusion                                                        safeguarding

                                                        May 2007                                                                13
                                                                                   Swift & Easy Access
                                                                                   Reduce childhood
                                                                                   obesity (i.e.
                                                                                   managing issues
                                                                                   around bullying due
                                                                                   to obesity, or anti-
                                                                                   social behaviour
                                                                                   caused by low self-
                                                                                   esteem linked to
                                                                                   obesity, etc).
Solution Focussed       Ali Matthews/                                              Enhancing early        Craig Brennan-
Family Work             Craig Brennan-                                             intervention           Osment/Ali Matthews to
providing a family      Osment                                                                            provide an update of
therapy approach                                                                                          progress.
Parenting workers       SureStart          Holidays     Multi agency lead-
for children in                            1.00-2.30    SureStart, Echo
trouble. Enabling                                       Building, Chill’d out
young parents to                                        also involved
take ownership of
their group, plan
activities & access
health support
Parenting workers       Yvonne Short       Oct 07       YOT
Positive behaviour      Andrew Lloyd,      April 2008   Family                     Enhancing early        Surestart Torquay
for children aged 4-    Noreen Libby, Jo                home/school/children’s     intervention           children’s centre is
8, parent               Patterson (early                centres. Currently early                          offering Webster Stratten
involvement in          years)                          years settings                                    parenting programme
learning. Identify                                                                                        training to multi agency
practitioner to train                                   Surestart Torquay                                 practitioners (contact
up. Build up capacity                                   children’s centre is                              Noreen Libby
for family support.                                     offering Webster                                  07834334622)
Extend project to                                       Stratten parenting
increase parents                                        programme training to
involvement in early                                    multi agency

                                                           May 2007                                                                   14
learning.                                                     practitioners (contact
                                                              Noreen Libby
Provision of a range     Mark                    Academic     Windmill Centre          Increase parental
of support service’s     Pocock/Windmill         year 2007-                            support
(1-2-1, group training   Centre to liaise with   08
etc) outside of          schools to establish
school venues but        working group
local to schools.
Partnership working
to agree joint aims
for a parenting
support project that
addresses a range
of needs/issues
Multi Agency Team        Ali Matthews            September    Barton Primary School    Key Stage 2 & 4     Will be located within
(Cluster Team)                                   07                                    attainment,         Barton Primary School.
                                                                                       Enhancing early     The team will include
                                                                                       intervention,       Social Worker,
                                                                                       Strengthening       Connexions, EWO,
                                                                                       safeguarding,       Youth Worker, Solution
                                                                                       CAMHS Link          Focussed Brief Therapist
                                                                                       Exclusions          etc

                                                                May 2007                                                              15
4. Swift and easy access- Success Criteria Targets - Positive Self Esteem - Confidence - Positive Behaviour – Parental Support/
Involvement in Children’s Learning
        Action          Lead Person    Timescale       School/Setting        Action related to                    Update
                          & Group                                            outcome, CHYPP           (Highlight Red, Amber or
                                                                            priority & core offer    Green to show areas with
                                                                                  related to                      issues)
Turnaround Fund         Cluster      In Operation    All Torquay West     Key Stage 2 & Key        Fund currently being accessed
providing               Coordinator/                 Schools              Stage 4 attainment       by Torquay West schools
urgent turnaround       Manager                                           Early Intervention
programmes for                                                            CAHMS Link
pupils/students aged
5-18 at risk of
Pastoral Support to     Schools      Funding in      All Torquay West     Early Intervention       Funding has been sent to
establish a base line                operation       Schools              KS2 & KS4 attainment     Torquay West Schools to
provision for Pastoral                                                    CAHMS Link               enable additional pastoral
Support in all                                                                                     support within the settings
Torquay West
Solution Focussed       Craig        In operation    Torquay West         Early Intervention
Brief Therapy to        Brennan-                     Schools              KS2 & KS4 attainment
provide INSET           Osment                                            CAHMS Link
sessions in both                                                          Exclusions
primary and                                                               Attendance
secondary schools to
use SFBT in their day
to day work. Post
holder to use SFBT
directly with children.
Family Counsellor to    Celia                        Torquay West         Early Intervention       New proposal has been written
provide initial         Marshall                     Schools              KS2 & KS4 attainment     by Celia Marshall for discussion
counselling support                                                       CAHMS Link               by the Cluster.
to children and their                                                     Exclusions
families experiencing                                                     Attendance
newly identified
problems, or onset of
Family Support          Victoria                     All Torquay West     Reduce teenage           Currently deferred for decision
Worker to provide       Slaney                       Schools              conceptions              until further information

                                                               May 2007                                                               16
support for                                                                 Improve Key stage 2        received from Victoria Slaney.
children/families at                                                        and 4 attainment
the first fixed internal                                                    Strengthen
or external exclusion                                                       safeguarding
                                                                            Swift and easy referral
                                                                            Anti-social behaviour
                                                                            Behaviour management
                                                                            Reduce childhood
                                                                            obesity (i.e. managing
                                                                            issues around bullying
                                                                            due to obesity, or anti-
                                                                            social behaviour
                                                                            caused by low self-
                                                                            esteem linked to
                                                                            obesity, etc).
More pro-active            Steve Rae                     Barton School                                 Steve Rae to take this action
police liaison work                                                                                    forward
with Barton School
Surestart/Children’s       Andrew Lloyd                  Barton Primary                                Andrew to Update
Centres to
communicate with
schools regarding
which families they
are involved with (all
agencies; school
needs to know who is
working with which
Notification to            Christina                     All Torquay West                              Christina Vincent to update
schools of Youth           Vincent                       Schools                                       cluster
Offending Teams
ADHD- Developing a         Sue Cousins    In operation                                                 The support group has just
much needed support                                                                                    made a successful bid for Local
service for parents                                                                                    Network funding to provide a
who have children                                                                                      youth club for young people
diagnosed with                                                                                         with ADHD.

                                                                 May 2007                                                                17
To consider an Art       Celia          July 07        Schools & other       School-SEAL, part of   This needs to be looked at to
Therapy project          Marshall/                     settings depending    CAMHs, all blockers,   see how Art Therapy will link
across schools for       Thomas                        on decision           success learning       into CAHMS. Hopeful for a full
pupils (all ages),       Huebner                                                                    time post. An independent
parents and families                                                                                evaluation will take place during
in the community.                                                                                   the summer term.
Playstation Games        Bob Plumb      In operation   Playstation Games                            Bob Plumb to update
Bus on the basis of                                    Bus on the basis of
alternative local                                      alternative local
provision,                                             provision,
depravations factors                                   depravations
and local                                              factors and local
circumstances eg                                       circumstances eg
Anti Social behaviour                                  Anti Social
Sexual Health Open       Yvonne Short   In operation   Commerce House        Reducing teenage       Yvonne Short to Update
Access Drop-in,                                                              conceptions,
providing an open                                                            Key Stage 4
access facility for                                                          attainment,
young people aged                                                            Enhancing early
13 years +                                                                   intervention,
                                                                             CAMHS Link
Youth Inclusion          Yvonne Short   In operation   Referral through      Reducing teenage       Yvonne Short to update
Programme targeting                                    many agencies         conceptions,
30 young people                                        including schools     Key Stage 4
aged 13-17, at risk of                                                       attainment,
exclusion, offending                                                         Enhancing early
and/or indulging in                                                          intervention,
risky behaviour.                                                             Strengthening
                                                                             CAMHS Link
Young Carers             Lesley         In operation   Children and          Key Stage 4            Lesley Williams to update.
providing support for    Williams                      Young People are      attainment,
Torbay’s 240+ Young                                    supported through     Enhancing early
Carers.                                                1-1 and drop-in       intervention,
                                                       lunch clubs, trips    Strengthening
                                                       and activities.       safeguarding,
                                                                             CAMHS Link

                                                                May 2007                                                                18
Relate family            Belinda           Autumn 2007    Homelands and        Early Intervention
counselling within       Hyland                           Cockington School    KS2 attainment
Extended Schools                                                               CAHMS Link
settings                                                                       Exclusions
                                                                               Anti Social Behaviour
Peer Mentoring, year     Adrian            In operation   Year 10 students     Key Stage 4
10 students attend a     Wilkinson                                             attainment,
training course.                                                               Anti Social Behaviour
Solution Focussed        Ali Matthews/                                         Early Intervention       Craig Brennan-Osment/Ali
Family Work              Craig                                                                          Matthews to provide an update
providing a family       Brennan-                                                                       of progress.
therapy approach         Osment
Enable Pilot needs to    Thomas            2008                                Key Stage 2
link with cluster        Huebuer (Art                                          attainment,
teams for parental       Therapist)                                            Enhancing early
support. Explore         Ian Hancock                                           intervention,
extended funding         (Extended                                             Strengthening
beyond one school.       Services)                                             safeguarding,
                         Chris Vincent                                         CAMHS Link
                         (Link Youth                                           Exclusions
                         Support)                                              Attendance
To enable learners to    Mark Pocock       Academic       Connected centres    Offering effective
access community         (Windmill) &      Year           & community based    attending to existing
based support            other             2007/2008      venues in & around   mainstream & referral
provision when need      community                        schools.             unit/tuition options
arises & proven is       based
appropriate. Establish   practitioners
working group for        in liaison with
cluster & look at what   sch rep’s &
is available & what      education
can be developed to      dept.
support learner’s
external sessions.
Wider distribution of    Bob Plumb         Ongoing        Neighborhoods        Anti Social behaviour,   Young people Services info to
young people’s           Youth                            visited.             Early Intervention       be collated for display &
services/ Foxhole sch    Service                                                                        distribution. Examples of sign
provision info to                                                                                       posting/support given

                                                                  May 2007                                                               19
young people via                                                                                       recording.
games bus.
Services information
to be
during bus sessions
Young people able to     Yvonne Short    Ongoing        Ali KS3/KS4 pupils.   Early intervention,
access targeted work     YIP Manager                                          improve behaviour
via YIP regardless of                                                         reduce exclusions,
postcode. Expand                                                              increase attendance.
capacity of YIP.
Possibility of further   Ai Matthews,    2008           In cluster building   Support parenting,
extension of brief       Craig                                                raise self esteem,
therapy project to       Brennan-                                             attainment, enjoy &
include family work.     Osment                                               achieve, make positive
Development along                                                             contribution,
family therapy model                                                          safeguarding.
lines but less costly
and within existing
Art therapy All          Chris Vincent
schools to access Art    Link youth
therapy service on       Support
site. Funding needed
to extend beyond 3
Access to info &         Jenny Hunt &    in operation   Chill’d out, youth
support from trained     Bob Plumb                      service
youth workers and
referrals/sign posting
to specialist
Within drop-in
sessions & group
work around areas
such as drugs and
alcohol, counseling,
sexual health etc.
Explore development      Bob Plumb       Ongoing        Neighbourhoods        Enhancing early
of a permanent           Youth                          visited.              intervention

                                                                  May 2007                                          20
mobile youth project   Service                                       Anti-social behaviour
Multi Agency Team      Ali Matthews   September   Barton Primary     Key Stage 2 & 4         Will be located within Barton
(Cluster Team)                        07          School             attainment,             Primary School. The team will
                                                                     Enhancing early         include Social Worker,
                                                                     intervention,           Connexions, EWO, Youth
                                                                     Strengthening           Worker, Solution Focussed
                                                                     safeguarding,           Brief Therapist etc
                                                                     CAMHS Link

                                                          May 2007                                                           21
5. Community Access - Success Criteria Targets - Positive Self Esteem - Confidence - Positive Behaviour - Parental
Support/Involvement in Children’s Learning
        Action           Lead Person &    Timescale      School/Setting       Action related to               Update
                              Group                                           outcome, CHYPP         (Highlight Red, Amber or
                                                                            priority & core offer   Green to show areas with
                                                                                  related to                  issues)
Surestart/Children’s   Andrew Lloyd                    Barton Primary      Parenting Support
Centres to
communicate with
schools regarding
which families they
are involved with (all
agencies; school
needs to know who is
working with which
Family Learning-       Irene Thomas/                   Varied settings as  Parenting Support      Parenting sub-group in place;
Setting up mini-       Family Support                  appropriate                                links made with Respect Task
clusters of local      and parenting                                                              Force to try and take
schools so that        group                                                                      advantage of free training in
parents can access a                                                                              parenting programmes for
range of various                                                                                  entrenched, hard-to-reach
courses. Courses                                                                                  families. Volunteering
can then be full to                                                                               Strategy in place in order to
capacity.                                                                                         underpin parenting provision.
Involving Young        Helen             In            Varied              Literacy               Helen Cunningham/Tracey
People in selecting    Cunningham/Trace operation                          Meeting the cultural   Dickinson to update
stock for public       y Dickinson                                         needs of the
libraries                                                                  community
                                                                           Increasing informal
                                                                           learning through use
                                                                           of cultural facilities
Young people           Chilled out Jenny Ongoing       Chilled out         Anti Social Behaviour,
accessing after        Hunt                            Youth service       learning through use
school provision in    Youth Service Bob                                   of cultural facilities
their community-       Plumb, Corrie
informal education,    Butler.
young people able to
choose to access
centre based youth

                                                             May 2007                                                             22
provision within park
settings & near to
their communities.
Also accessing street
based & outreach
youth workers within
committees including
use of community
Young people in         Craig Brennan         April 07-   Watcombe           Raising confidence        Current funding by CAMHS
Watcombe area           Osment & Corrie       Oct 07      Community centre   self esteem anger         for 3 months to provide a
music making &          Butler                            and Applestone     management, enjoy,        community music project to
recording group &                                         music centre       attainment, behaviour     vulnerable young people
music workshops                                           (Torre)            management
Involving local         Mark Pocock           Academic    Either school or   Increase & enhance
community sector        (windmill centre) &   Year        community centre   access to
org’s in ex sch         other community       2007/2008                      opportunities &
provision, so as to     based personnel                                      facilities for learning
increase                (Acorn) to work
engagement of most      with schools to
marginalized            identify best are
learners. Assess how    community
community based         resources
org’s can be
resourced to
effectively promote
learning & inclusion
commence a
partnership approach
to learning
Multi Agency Team       Ali Matthews          September   Barton Primary     Key Stage 2 & 4           Will be located within Barton
(Cluster Team)                                07          School             attainment,               Primary School. The team will
                                                                             Enhancing early           include Social Worker,
                                                                             intervention,             Connexions, EWO, Youth
                                                                             Strengthening             Worker, Solution Focussed
                                                                             safeguarding,             Brief Therapist etc
                                                                             CAMHS Link

                                                               May 2007                                                                23
           Parenting Support
           Swift & Easy Access

May 2007                         24
6. Capacity Building and Partnership Working
   ES Strategy           Action         Lead Person         Timescale        School/Setting       Action related to:         Update & Success Criteria
     Priority                             & Group                                                 outcome; CHYPP                       Statement
                                                                                                priority; or core offer       (Red, Amber or Green to
                                                                                                                               show progress status)
To build capacity   Establish effective     Cluster co-    Jan. 2008       Schools and          ES strategy and            Schools and governor
within localities   local governance        ordinator &                    children’s centre    children’s centres         representatives to be invited to
through the         arrangements            Hilary price                   delivery points      strategy                   a briefing on the toolkit. 1:1
development of      through                 Governor                                                                       focussed support for specific
clusters for the    implementation of       Support                                                                        schools.
delivery of         DfES Toolkit            Officer
integrated          Confirm long-term ES    ES             Oct. 2007       Cluster              LA 3-year funding          Decision made on long-term
services.           co-ordination           Programme                                           allocation for ES. ES      cluster co-ordination
                    arrangements to         Co-ordinator                                        strategy linked to Early   arrangements.
                    ensure trajectory to    & A/D Early                                         Intervention
                    DfES core offer         Intervention                                        development plan.

                    Ensure the              Jo             Sept. 2007      Cluster and/or       ES strategy                A programme of training and
                    consistency and         Penhaligon                     individual schools                              support in place for
                    quality assurance                                                                                      implementation of quality
                    through the                                                                                            assurance model for ES
                    implementation of the                                                                                  development.
                    Integrated Quality

Embed the                                   Cluster co-    Dec. 2007       Cluster              Early Intervention         Related strategic plans support
                    Clearly identify and
development of                              ordinator                                           Delivery Plan,             the development of extended
                    ensure local cohesion
extended                                                                                        Integrated Youth           services. Incorporating
                    with all relevant
services &                                                                                      Support Services,          ‘clarification statements’ as
                    strategic plans.
children’s                                                                                      Review of SureStart        specification for service
centres in policy                                                                               Torquay Services           delivery.

                                                                May 2007                                                                      25
and planning at                              Cluster co-     April 2008 or    Schools   Raising attainment at   All school
                   Ensure plans for
local level.                                 ordinator and   Sept 2008                  KS2 and 4. Improved     improvement/development
                   extended provision
                                             link advisors   (depending                 behaviour and           plans show how ES
                   are an integral part of
                                                             on SIP                     attendance.             developments support school
                   individual school
                                                             timescales)                                        improvement.
                   improvement plans
                                                                                                                Partner agencies’ delivery plans
                   and service plans
                                                                                                                show how ES developments
                                                                                                                contribute performance

                                             Cluster co-     Ongoing          Cluster   Services Directory      The cluster has access to a
                   Collate information
                                             ordinator                                  IAG Youth Matters       comprehensive directory of
                   on local levels of
                                                                                        Childcare sufficiency   services. C & YP are able to
                   need and service
                                                                                        Audit                   access information, advice and
                                                                                        ICT Strategy            guidance. Parents and carers
                                                                                                                can access information on the
                                                                                                                availability of childcare.
                                             Jo              Jan 2008         Schools   Integrated Quality      Schools evaluate the impact of
                   Establish on-going
                                             Penhaligon                                 Framework               extended services on outcomes
                   system for school’s
                                             & Link                                     School Improvement      for C & YP and record findings
                   self-review and
                                             Advisers                                   Strategy                in the SEF.
                   evaluation of
                   extended services

Maintain clear                               Cluster co-     2X per term      Cluster                           All cluster members are
                   Provide regular
communication                                ordinator       and ongoing                                        informed of developments,
                   updates through
structures to                                                                                                   progress and resources.
                   cluster progress
enable effective
                   reports and the
                   children’s services
sharing &
dissemination of
good practice.                               Ali Matthews    Jan 2008         Cluster   Early Intervention      All clusters establish a
                   Develop existing
                                                                                        Delivery Plan           representative executive/board
                   structures to
                                                                                        SureStart               to oversee the strategic
                   establish steering
                                                                                        Implementation Boards   development of clusters.
                   groups for clusters
                                                                                                                Brixham cluster have
                                                                                                                established an executive.

                                                                   May 2007                                                       26
                                            Cluster team    Sept 2007       Cluster    Early Intervention       Multi-agency cluster teams are
                    Support new multi-
                                            manager                                    Delivery Plan            effectively deployed to respond
                                                                                                                to local need. Services are
                    arrangements within
                                                                                                                accessed through an efficient
                    localities that
                                                                                                                referral process meeting CAF
                    integrate a range of
                                            Link advisers   Jan 2008        Schools    School Improvement       Clear evidence exists to
                    Monitor schools’
                                                                                       Strategy                 demonstrate the development
                    progress through
                                                                                                                of extended services supports
                                                                                                                school improvement.
                    Improvement Partner
                                            Cluster co-     Ongoing         Cluster    Commissioning            Significant additional funding
                    Secure new funding
                                            ordinators                                 Strategy                 are secured to increase cluster
                    and support the
                                                                                                                resources and improve
                    drawing up of
                                                                                                                sustainability of services.
                    successful bids.

Ensure ongoing                              Keri Brogdon    April 2008      Clusters   Participation Strategy   A wide-range of C & YP re
                    Develop consultation
participation &                                                                        Early Years inclusion    routinely provided with
                    and participation as
consultation is                                                                        group.                   opportunities to shape and
                    an integral part of
an integral part                                                                                                influence the development
                    school improvement
of service                                                                                                      services. Regular feedback is
                    and extended
planning delivery                                                                                               provided.
& review.
                                            Ali Matthews    Jan 2008        Clusters   Parenting Strategy       A wide-range of parents and
                    Identify and develop
                                            Lorrie Layne                               Early Years inclusion    carers are routinely provided
                    effective systems for
                                                                                       group.                   with opportunities to shape and
                    involving parents and
                                                                                       Community                influence the development
                    the wider community
                                                                                       Engagement group.        services. Regular feedback is
                    in service planning
                    and review.

                                                                 May 2007                                                         27
Successful learners who:
    have the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology
    are creative, resourceful and able to solve problems
    have enquiring minds and think for themselves to process information, reason, question and evaluate
    communicate well in a range of ways
    understand how they learn and learn from their mistakes
    are able to learn independently and with others
    know about big ideas and events that shape our world
    enjoy learning and are motivated to achieve the best they can now and in the future.

Confident individuals who:
    have a sense of self-worth and personal identity
    relate well to others and form good relationships
    are self-aware and deal well with their emotions
    have secure values and beliefs, and have principles to distinguish right from wrong
    become increasingly independent, are able to take the initiative and organise themselves
    make healthy lifestyle choices
    are physically competent and confident
    take managed risks and stay safe
    recognise their talents and have ambitions
    are willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities
    are open to the excitement and inspiration offered by the natural world and human achievements.

Responsible citizens who:
    are well prepared for life and work
    are enterprising
    are able to work cooperatively with others
    respect others and act with integrity
    understand their own and others’ cultures and traditions, within the context of British heritage, and have a strong sense of their own place
      in the world
    appreciate the benefits of diversity
    challenge injustice, are committed to human rights a nd strive to live peaceably with others
    sustain and improve the environment, locally and globally
    take account of the needs o present future generations in the choices they make
    can change things for the better.

Source – QCA – Big Picture of the Curriculum

                                                                  May 2007                                                                     28