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									April 5, 2009

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As a global leader in transplant surgery, UCSF has a responsibility to educate the public about the importance of organ donation, and must keep working to reduce the gap between need and availability, advocates say…




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Search Stopping Food Fat from Becoming Body Fat – A New Drug Target DCIS Is Not Invasive Breast Cancer, and Might Not Require Surgery Antipsychotic Drug Approved for Depression Treatment Mammograms Bad for Young Women with Breast Cancer Genes? UCSF Medical Center CEO Discusses Translational Medicine UCSF Works to Speed Discoveries from Lab Bench to Patient’s Bedside More With Thousands in Need of Transplants, UCSF Intensifies Efforts to Promote Organ Donation Top UCSF Leadership to Report on April 13 on Diversity Efforts UCSF Builds Network of Advocates to Encourage Involvement in Important Issues UCSF Launches New Online Calendar Synapse (Student Newspaper) More People

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New Strategy Developed to Diagnose Melanoma Most Teens Do Not Get Recommended Preventive Care, UCSF Study Finds UCSF Children’s Hospital Doctor Featured in New York Times Heart Failure in Young Adults Much More Common in Blacks, New study Finds Moderate Drinking Apparently Beneficial Even After Other Factors Accounted For

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