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Tobacco Control Archives
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These collections include organizational records of government agencies and activist groups, as well as papers of individuals active in tobacco control.

The paper and media collections are available for reference use at the UCSF Library's Archives & Special Collections department. For information about making an appointment, see the Access & Use page. Guides to the collections are provided through the Online Archive of California. Alameda County Tobacco Control Program Records MSS 97-02 Inclusive dates: 1988-1997

This collection documents the activities of the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (CTCP). CTCP is one of the Local Lead Agencies (LLAs) designated by the California State Legislature through the California Department of Health, Tobacco Control Section to create tobacco education programs and receive Proposition 99 educational moneys. Materials in the collection include administrative documents, correspondence, handouts, training materials, informational files, and newsletters. This collection contains a large number of documents relating to anti-smoking programs created by CTCP and other Local Lead Agencies. American Lung Association of Alameda County Records MSS 97-01 Inclusive dates: 1992-1996 (bulk 1995)

This collection contains documents collected and created by the American Lung Association of Alameda County (aka American Lung Association of the East Bay) in 1995 and 1996. The bulk of the collection deals with Operation Storefront which surveyed tobacco advertising in nearly 6000 tobacco retail establishments in California. Tobacco use surveys, city ordinances, and a videotape on compliance with clean indoor air laws are also included. The records are arranged by subject.

American Lung Association of California Government Relations Office Records MSS 98-69 Inclusive dates: 1985-1996

This collection documents activities of the American Lung Association of California's Government Relations Office. The largest series follows Proposition 99 for its first eight years. Proposition 99 was California's landmark legislation implementing cigarette taxes, the revenues from which were to be used for tobacco education and research. Also included are records of the agency's successful fight against Proposition 188, a bill sponsored by Philip Morris Incorporated which would have pre-empted stricter local smoking ordinances. Other records relate to California tobacco legislation, non-legislative, anti-tobacco programs, and tobacco use and industry studies.

American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails Records MSS 98-28

Inclusive dates: 1983-1996

This collection contains documents collected and created by the American Lung Association of SacramentoEmigrant Trails (ALASET). ALASET began as the Sacramento County Tuberculosis Association and evolved into the American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. ALASET serves nine counties covering Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada foothills communities. The collection deals primarily with Proposition 99, the California tobacco tax legislation also known as the Tobacco Tax Initiative which voters passed in 1988. Records cover the failure of previous legislative efforts, the creation of the Coalition for a Healthy California, ballot qualification, passage, and subsequent fights to keep Proposition 99 moneys channeled to prevention activities. Documents include letters and memoranda, texts of bills, reports and informational literature created by the campaign, organizational materials, speakers' and signature gathering trainings, media files, and news clippings. Some files pertain to Assembly Bill 75 (AB 75), the bill that created the Tobacco Education Oversight Committee and established guidelines for the use of the Proposition 99 moneys. Non-Proposition 99 files include the Joe Camel Project file with information on a 1995 video produced with Sacramento school children about the targeting of children by the tobacco industry.

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights MSS 94-29 Inclusive dates: 1974-1994 (bulk dates 1978-86)

This collection documents the work of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) in California. Subjects covered include Group Against Smoking Pollution, Californians for Nonsmokers' Rights, California Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, ANR, other nonsmokers' rights organizations, non-print media, and tobacco legislation including state, city, and county. Tobacco legislation includes California's Propositions 5 and 10, local campaigns, and workplace smoking ordinances. Materials include correspondence, newsletters, annual reports, research reports and studies on smoking, newspaper clippings, photographs, ballot proposition endorsements, pamphlets, signs, press releases, copies of legislation, and a copy of the videotape, "Death in the West."

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Curriculum Materials MSS 2001-09 Inclusive dates: 1983-1999 (bulk dates 1994-1998)

This collection is comprised of curriculum and other educational and resource materials received by the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) organization. From inscriptions and acknowledgments, it is evident that ANR contributed to at least some of these publications. Tobacco education curricula for K-12 children include manuals, guides, workbooks, copy masters and videotapes. Other materials and resources include cessation materials, a guide to tobacco control resources, policy manuals for schools and workplaces, reports, journals and books relating to tobacco control. Subjects covered include tobacco use

and abuse, drug use in genenral, and related topics. All materials are in English, with some in both English and Spanish. All items originated in the United States, except for one book from the United Kingdom.

Lester Breslow Tobacco Control Papers MSS 94-50 Inclusive dates: 1989-1994

This collection documents Lester Breslow's work on various committees concerned with tobacco control. Committees include the Committee for Expertise on Tobacco Use Control, the Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education (DATE) Advisory Committee, the Tobacco Education Advisory Committee (TEAC), and the Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee (TEROC). The collection also includes information regarding the Proposition 99 and Proposition 188 campaigns in California, independent evaluations of programs funded by Proposition 99, and information regarding the Healthy Kids, Healthy California program, part of the Tobacco Use Prevention Education program. Materials include correspondence, committee meeting agendas and minutes, campaign literature, and program work plans.

Brown & Williamson Collection MSS 94-62 Inclusive dates: 1957-1991 Approximately 10,000 pages Available digitally on the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. To search the collection, choose "UCSF Brown and Williamson" from the collection choices on the search page.

Research papers organized by Stanton Glantz used as the primary evidence for the book The Cigarette Papers. Photocopies of internal documents from the Brown and Williamson Corporation were sent anonymously to Glantz in 1994. The documents consist of internal reports, correspondence, and research results primarily concerning scientific studies on the addictive nature of nicotine and health effects of tobacco smoke. California Legislation Documents from the State of Minnesota Depository MSS 98-27 Inclusive dates: 1991-1996 Approximately 1,000 pages Available digitally on the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.

Research papers selected and organized by Stanton Glantz, these documents provide insight into tobacco industry plans to weaken enforcement of and support for California's 1995 smoke-free workplace legislation, AB 13, and efforts to undermine the California tobacco control program, which was funded by the 1988 passage of Proposition 99.

California Lavender Smokefree Project Records MSS 2001-03 Inclusive dates: 1983-1999 (bulk dates 1994-1998)

These records document the work of the California Lavender Smokefree Project throughout its five-year course. Materials include correspondence, newsletters, flyers and pamphlets, contact and focus group reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, signs, press releases, photocopies of articles, printouts of project planning, media kits, fact sheets, advertising and drafts of advertising. Subjects covered include tobacco industry targeting of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ("LGBT") community, smokefree bars and restaurants, regional teams and related organizations working toward tobacco control in the LGBT community, prevention of tobacco use among youth, and related topics.

Colorado Tobacco Tax Initiative/Fair Share for Health Committee MSS 96-45 Inclusive dates: 1991-1994

This collection is comprised of photocopies of documents covering the campaign to pass Amendment 1, also known as the Colorado Tobacco Tax Initiative. The failed 1994 amendment would have increased the tobacco tax by fifty cents per pack. Most of the materials were generated by the Fair Share for Health Committee (FSHC) and Arnold Levinson, the committee's Executive Director. The records primarily deal with the final drive by the FSHC to get the amendment on the ballot. Included are court records, correspondence, publicity materials, budgets, amendment drafts, the initiative petition and ballot statement, media, and fundraising, volunteer recruitment and coalition building materials.

Stanton A. Glantz Papers MSS 97-08 Inclusive dates: 1980-1997

This collection contains drafts and copies of tobacco-related articles either written or co-written by Stanton A. Glantz, and videotapes of his television appearances. Included are drafts of the Journal of the American Medical Association articles based on his work with the Brown & Williamson Collection, and a videotape of a speech on the same topic presented at Sarah Lawrence College in 1997. Also included are materials from Glantz's service with the Statewide Air Pollution Resource Center.

Peter Hanauer Tobacco Control Papers MSS 94-44 Inclusive dates: 1976-1994

This collection documents Peter Hanauer's work on nonsmokers' rights issues including the 1977 Berkeley, California ordinance, the first comprehensive nonsmokers' rights ordinances in the country. The collection

also document's Hanauer's work on California's Propositions 5 and 10 and Hanauer's terms as president of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights and California Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Subject matter includes Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP), Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, California legislation, and California tobacco control campaigns. The collection includes correspondence, publications of nonsmokers' rights groups, press clippings, campaign literature, legal briefs, and audio cassette tapes.

Paul Loveday Tobacco Control Papers MSS 94-53 Inclusive dates: 1926-1983 (bulk 1980-1983)

This collection documents the involvement of Paul Loveday in the Proposition 10 campaign in California. The 1980 referendum which failed to pass would have mandated the establishment of non-smoking areas in public buildings. The collection contains information regarding funding by the tobacco industry of television and radio advertisements opposing the measure. Included are legal documents, correspondence with the Federal Communication Commission and various television and radio stations, and information about Dobbs & Nielson, the law firm representing Californians Against Regulatory Excess who opposed the measure.

Joe Camel Campaign: Mangini v. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Collection MSS 98-34 Inclusive dates: 1930s-1990s Approximately 80,000 pages Available digitally on the Legacy Tobacco Document Library

Internal tobacco industry documents from the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, produced as part of the discovery process in the 1997 civil case Mangini v. R.J. R. The majority of the documents span the 1970s1990s, when Reynolds Tobacco, faced with increasing anti-smoking sentiment and unfavorably shifting demographics, developed the Joe Camel advertising campaign in an attempt to maintain market share.

Marin County Tobacco Education Program, Marin County Department of Health and Human Services Records MSS 96-03 Inclusive dates: 1990-1997

This collection documents the activities of the Tobacco Education Program of the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (MCTEP). MCTEP is one of the Local Lead Agencies designated by the California State Legislature through the California Department of Health, Tobacco Control Section to create tobacco education programs and receive Proposition 99 educational moneys. Included are MCTEP's first comprehensive Tobacco Control Plan finished in 1990 and the 1996-1998 plan. The collection also includes copies of the status or progress reports submitted by MCTEP to the California Department of Health Services, Tobacco Control, and the Local Lead Agency Guidelines issued by the state in 1992. Also

included are sample educational and program materials created by MCTEP and materials documenting the passage and enforcement of local tobacco legislation.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Indoor Air Quality Hearing Transcripts MSS 94-51 Inclusive dates: 1994-1995

These records are transcripts of the 1994-1995 public hearing on the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) proposed standards for indoor air quality. The proposed regulations included rules affecting environmental tobacco smoke. Participants in the hearings included representatives from OSHA, the tobacco industry, small businesses, and trade unions as well as health professionals and scientists.

Proposition 99 Campaign Files MSS 94-52 Inclusive dates: 1982-1988 (bulk 1987-1989)

This collection has the files of California's Proposition 99 campaign director, Jack Nicholl. The records document all aspects of the campaign efforts of Coalition for a Healthy California (CHC). The collection includes correspondence, financial reports of both the CHC and the opposition, meeting minutes, position papers, drafts of the proposition, advertisements, newspaper and magazine articles, legal documents regarding a lawsuit filed by the opposition against the coalition and the Secretary of State, reports on various aspects of the proposition and its possible effects, political opinion polls and studies of various constituencies, endorsement lists, fundraising records, and files on the past efforts to raise the tobacco tax (California's Propositions 5 and 10).

Dorothy P. Rice Papers MSS 98-03 Inclusive dates: 1974-1997 (bulk 1994-1997)

This collection contains the non-confidential documents of Dorothy P. Rice pertaining to the class action suit filed by Mississippi State Attorney General Michael C. Moore aimed at recovering Medicaid costs for treatment of tobacco-related illnesses from the tobacco companies. The case (Mike Moore, Attorney General ex rel, State of Mississippi Tobacco Litigation, Cause 94-1429) ended in a landmark $3.4 billion settlement by the nation's four largest tobacco companies (Philip Morris Incorporated, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation and Lorillard Corporation) four days before it went to trial in July, 1997. This settlement paved the way for similar settlements in Florida and Texas, and the attempt to create a national tobacco settlement. The collection includes copies of depositions of key plaintiff witnesses, Lester B. Breslow, Leonard S. Miller, Vincent P. Miller, Richard Peto, and Victor Rogli; copies of court documents and correspondence concerning subpoenas of business records, and various

motions; and background material including tobacco company corporate documents, reports on research by Rice and other witnesses, and journal articles.

John Slade Collection MSS 2000-23 Inclusive dates: 1991-2002

This collection consists mainly of a copy of John Slade's slides on tobacco advertising, along with his descriptions and comments, that were circulated together in a binder by Trinkets & Trash Services. Color printouts from the Trinkets & Trash World Wide Web site are included. Following Slade's death in 2002, printouts and articles memorializing him were added.

The Tobacco Free Project Files MSS 94-48 Inclusive dates: 1993-1994

This collection documents the public information efforts of the Tobacco Free Project (TFP) and the Girls Against Tobacco (GAT) Campaign, both run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Included are pamphlets, general information about the TFP, a general description of the GAT, anti-smoking bus placards and street signs and a VHS video recording of "Revenger Rat Meets the Merchant of Death," a production of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Pamphlets include "A Guide to Smokefree Dining in San Francisco."

Tobacco Free Project, San Francisco Department of Public Health Records MSS 98-15 Inclusive dates: 1989-2001

This collection documents the activities of the Tobacco Free Project of the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFTFP). SFTFP is one of the Local Lead Agencies designated by the California State Legislature through the California Department of Health, Tobacco Control Section to create tobacco education programs and receive Proposition 99 educational moneys. The bulk of the material in this collection is made up of contracts, reports, and other materials generated by SFTFP and its contracting agencies. These records document the details of the grant process and the specifics of the different projects. Projects funded include smoking cessation programs, media and public relations campaigns, school and early childhood tobacco education programs, and a San Francisco Mime Troupe production. Projects were directed at teenagers, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, the gay and lesbian community, and specific neighborhoods. In addition, SFTFP records include advertising copy for various advertising campaigns (11 folders), general educational and promotional materials, samples of program materials from other projects, and clippings.

Western Consortium for Public Health MSS 96-44 Inclusive dates: 1990-1995

This collection is comprised of records retained by the Western Consortium for Public Health (WCPH) as a member of the California Tobacco Control Resource Partnership (CTCRP). The collection documents WCPH's role providing tobacco control oversight and evaluation activities. Extensive documentation of the expenditure of Proposition 99 funds is provided. It includes information regarding Local Lead Agencies (LLA) funded by the Tobacco Control Section (TCS), California Department of Health Services. Materials include LLA records, correspondence and conference materials, WCPH reports to TCS, Requests for Applications and Requests for Proposals issued by TCS, and grants issued by the TCS. [Back to Top]

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