How to convert MPH to KMPH using MS Excel

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					HOW TO CONVERT MPH TO KMPH USING MS EXCEL If you want to convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour using MS Excel, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

1. Open Excel and type in the info shown in the image below:

Figure for Step 1

2. Now, you’ll need to fill in the Conversion Rate somewhere in your spreadsheet. I did this in C1 [NOTE: 1 Mile = 1.609344 KM].

Figure for Step 2

3. After completing the step above, select Cells B2:B9 and type in the following formula: =A2*$C$1

Figure for Step 3

4. And now, press CTRL+ENTER so as to get the conversion rates for all the values through A2 to A9.

Figure for Step 4

5. Now, if you want the Conversion Rates up to two decimal places only, select Cells B2:B9 again, right click and select “Format Cells”. Now under the “Number” tab, select the category “Number” and enter the number of

decimal places you wish to have for your Conversion Rate (I prefer 2) in the area given beside “Decimal Places”.

Figure for Step 5

6. Click on OK and you’re done 

Figure for Step 6

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