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									                                                               June 18, 2010

Key Words
CPU - Central Processing Unit

Monitor - Hardware devices that shows output

Input Device - Hardware device that allows you to give
instructions (data) to a system.

Output Devices - Hardware device that allows you to
obtain info (data) from a system

Software - Computer "programs" that enable a system to
perform specific tasks.

Key Words

CD Rom - Compact disk - read only memory

Hardware - The physical components of a computer.

Modem - Hardware that enables connection to the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence - Programmable intelligence- enables
systems to make decisions.
                                                                                         June 18, 2010

Box Van Activity



                     The Computer


Computer Design Notes
Architectural Design: The science, art, or profession of
designing and construction of structures. Such as
buildings, dams, bridges, etc...

Types of Drawings          Definitions                          Purpose

                      A 3D design showing how a
  3D Pictorials                                         Used to sell a proposed design
                      design appears in real life

  Elevations          A 2D view showing one side of a   Used to label exterior
                      design                            features

  Sectional Views     A 2D "Cut away" view showing
                      the structural components         Used by contractors to build a
  Floor Plans         A 2D "Cut away" view of one
                      floor of a design                 Used to identify room size and
                                                                June 18, 2010

  The computer is a technological system containing an
  input, a process, and an output. List at least three
  examples in the space below.

         Input              Process            Output

   Input Devices          Process Devices      Output Devices
     mouse                    CPU               Monitor

    Keyboard                Video Card

    Smart Board              Modem               Printer

A code is shared verbal or non-verbal language
necessary for communication to occur.

                        Bit = 0 or 1
                       Byte = 8 Bits
                  Megabyte = 1 million bytes
                  Gigabyte = 1 Billion bytes

Do you recognize the following word?

            00100110 00111100 01110001 01010101

                                                                                           June 18, 2010

Communication then and now! Use the following
space to compare conventional communication
systems with fiber optics
         Copper Wire                                             Fiber Optics
                     E                  E
                 E       E          E       E          E

                                                                   0's and 1's
                             Atom               Atom

    Sound travels as an electrical                         Travels at the speed of light
    impulse through a conductor/
                                                              299,792, 458 m/sec
                 Electron flow

 Quick Task

    Task to be completed                                       Type of software

    Serf the Internet

    Write an English paper
                                                             What program would you
    Draw a floor plan                                        use? You are on your own
                                                             for this part!
    Store phone numbers

    Create a birthday card

    Give a presentation

    Calculate a course grade
                                                             June 18, 2010

Architectural Design Career Family

             Architects                    Designers
          5 Years of college          2-4 years of college
           Masters degree              On the job training
            State License               CAD Specialist
              Design It!                    Draw it!

                          0-4 years of college
                                Build it!

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