MYRNA LOY CENTER BOARD MEETING

                                       May 24, 2004

The Board of the Myrna Loy Center met on May 24, 2004. Present were members Ali
Bovingdon, Melinda White, Bob Shepard, Randall Green, Cindy Gaffney, Martin Holt, & Annie

Absent were Lori Carey, John Morrison, Kevin Hudson, April Towle, Paul Edwards & Lori
Hood. In Lori Hood’s absence, Annie Hull agreed to take the minutes.

Ali moved to have last months minutes approved, motion seconded by Martin Holt. March
minutes will be reviewed and approved as soon as we find them.

Nominating Committee Ali Bovingdon, as chair of the nominating committee, read the slate of
board members nominated for office. They are as follows:

Chair: Ali Bovingdon
V Chair Program: Paul Edwards
V Chair Business: Cindy Gaffney
Treasurer: Bob Shepard
Secretary: Annie Hull

A motion was made by Ali to accept the slate, was seconded by Martin Holt and passed.

Melinda White was thanked for her service as Chair, and we were pleased to say as immediate
past president she will remain on the executive committee and the finance committee.

Executive Director Report Ed Noon, Executive Director gave his report, see attachment. Ed
wanted the board to know how successful the wine auction was because of their participation.

Executive Committee The executive committee reported that they had met with Pat Shannon,
the woman involved in the Charles Kuralt Memorial, and resolved the issues with her by
deciding to inform NEA that her project was no longer part of our project. The amount in
question is $4000 that the MLC will inform the NEA that we will not accept for her project. Ed
will handle the communication with the NEA and Melinda will forward a letter to Pat Shannon.

Finance Committee: the report was given by Ed and involved a discussion about how best to
balance the budget next year. The operating cash balance at the start of the next fiscal year is
estimated to be a negative $37,000. By the end of the next fiscal year it could become a negative
$82,000. Ed presented a plan to raise the money in celebration of Myrna’s 100th birthday in
August of 2005. The kick off would be this year.

A discussion followed about where the money would come from and if the Board had the
commitment to help raise the funds. There was a real concern about the pool of individuals
from whom to raise money and the ability of the Board to have the time to do the visits. There
were also concerns expressed regarding this as potentially only a temporary solution and how
best to present the plan to the Helena Community.
MLC Board Meeting
May 24, 2004
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The result was that the Board will meet soon, and Melinda, Ali, Ed & Linda will present a more
detailed plan at that meeting. There was a discussion about an alternative plan, which would
implement the restructuring staff to save $47,000 in the next fiscal year. The decision will be
delayed until the June meeting.

Fundraising Committee Linda gave the results from the wine tasting and the amount raised
was approximately $11,500. Expenses were around $2,300. It was a successful event.

An idea as a kick off to the Myrna Loy Birthday celebration is an antique/collectibles auction on
Saturday, August 21st at the Myrna Loy Center. It involves the donation of items from
individuals and a few businesses to the Myrna. The items would be placed all around the
building and some out side. It would bring more individuals into the Myrna to see the building.
We would be able to have antiques and collectibles on sale and have some sponsors for the
event. It would also involve music in the street (it would be closed off) and food vendors. The
Somewhere In Time folks would be giving rides for two hours and we would have treats for the
kids. It would also be a donor event and create some excitement in the community. It would
have the ability to raise $2,000 to $3,000 as a fundraiser.

Board Development Melinda passed out the Board job description and reminded board
members to renew their commitment to the MLC. There was a discussion about new board
members. Ali will contact Gloria Tatchell, Randall will contact Andy Onuschco and Michael
Ruminerf, and Ed will forward a letter from John Ansotegui to Melinda and Ali.

Amy Budke & Arlene Parisot have resigned from the Board but will do volunteer work if called.
We will send a letter of thanks from Board Chair Ali Bovingdon.

Building Committee, Martin had nothing to report.

The Board Meeting was adjourned; the next meeting is June 14, 2004 at the Myrna Loy at

Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary, Awsome Annie Hull

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