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                                     Writing Activity 6
Random                          Autobiography & Cumulatives
                                          Acrobat Reader

  What am I going to learn here?
  Here’s another way to warm up plus a
  spiffy way to improve your sentences.

Here’s your chance to warm up your writing by recalling bits of your
history—your autobiography. In this compilation, however, you
don’t have to remember what happened in what order. You just put
it down in whatever random order it pops into your head, hence
“Random Autobiography.” Although this exercise is a great way to
practice “free-typing” — that is, you just sit down at the computer
and have at it without any pre-planning, you might also want to
start building up your endurance at handwriting for the 25 minute
essay. You’ll be surprised at how much you need to exercise just to
keep loose for writing 25 minutes at one stretch.

First, read all about it. Then write your own “Random
Autobiography.” Don’t worry about including cumulatives just yet—
you can come back and revise some of your sentences as

Next, let’s practice how to write cumulatives, a sentence pattern
that is a great addition to your tool kit. A cumulative sentence is
one in which you accumulate details. If necessary, review “read all
about it” and for some examples, read “Writing Cumulatives.”

Ok, now that you have more information, practice writing some of
your own. Then go back to your “Random Autobiography” and revise
at least 3 sentences as cumulatives. Save your work in a word doc as
“Random Autobiography and Cumulatives” in case your instructor
wants to review them with you.

You’ll be ready for the essay with a great new way to write