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					of your GP etc. You may be asked to confirm          If you would like information in another language
this information more often as we need to            or format, please ask us on 01865 857734
ensure that none of our letters go astray. Your
understanding will be appreciated.                                                                  Arabic

                                                     01865 857734
What do I need to do?
These changes might seem complicated, but all
you have to do is:                                   01865 857734
• Let us know as soon as possible if you cannot                                                 Cantonese
  attend an appointment.
 Telephone: 0845      330 8888                       01865 857734
• If you do miss an appointment, let us know
  within 7 days.                                     01865 857734
 Telephone: 0845      330 8888                                                                       Hindi

• If you don’t let us know and you receive a         01865 857734
  letter from us, you will need to tell your GP if
  you still require an appointment.                                                                  Polish

Further questions?
                                                                                                                Keep your
                                                     01865 857734
If you have any questions about the changes                                                         Somali
described in this leaflet, please talk to our
Patient Advice & Liaison Service on                  01865 857734                                             appointment –
01865 221473 or
                                                                                                               or cancel it

                                                     01865 857734
                                                                                                                  Important information
                                                                                                                  about your outpatient
                                                                                                              Telephone cancellation service:
                                                                                          OMI ref: 47463(2)
                                                                                                                   0845 330 8888
Staff at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals have            Changes we are making                                   in the clinic. Provided there is no urgent
been working hard to improve the way that our                                                                   medical reason for you to be given another
outpatient departments are run and organised.           We’re making some changes to reduce the
                                                                                                                appointment, a letter will be sent to you and
We need to be more efficient, and we want to            impact and cost of missed appointments.
                                                                                                                your GP explaining that you have missed your
make improvements for you, the patient.                 Currently, most patients who do not turn up             appointment. Your GP can then re-refer you
                                                        for their appointment are contacted by us to            if necessary.
How you can help us                                     arrange another appointment. This will no
                                                                                                                If the consultant feels it is important for you
Unfortunately many patients fail to attend their        longer happen automatically.
outpatient appointment - without cancelling                                                                     to attend the clinic, you will be sent another
                                                                                                                appointment. If you miss the appointment
beforehand. Missing an appointment could mean
missing out on important medical treatment. It
                                                        How the new system will work                            for a second time, you will automatically be
also leads to a huge waste of the valuable time         1) New patients / patients with a first                 discharged from the clinic. A letter will be
of our staff and a huge waste of money.                    appointment at a clinic                              sent to you and your GP, who can re-refer
                                                                                                                you if necessary.
The cost of each missed appointment is between             • If you do not attend your appointment
£10 and £15. Around one in twelve patients                   without cancelling beforehand, you will
– that’s 37,000 people a year – do not turn up               have 7 days to contact us to arrange a new      New telephone cancellation
for their outpatient appointment. This adds up               appointment.                                    service
to half a million pounds wasted. This is the same
                                                           • If you do not contact us within 7 days, you     Our new telephone cancellation service will be
cost as:
                                                             and your GP will be sent a letter explaining    available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you
   • 15 nurses or therapists                                                                                 let us know as soon as possible that you’re not
                                                             that you have missed your appointment.
   • Nearly 3,000 MRI scans                                                                                  attending, we can arrange another appointment
   • 40 patient clinics                                    • If you still require an outpatient              for you. If you get through to an answer phone,
                                                             appointment, you will then need to ask your     please do leave a message
We know that sometimes there are good
                                                             GP to re-refer you back to the hospital.
reasons why people don’t turn up for their                                                                           The telephone number to call is:
appointments. But national data shows that up              This will not apply to you if you have an
to 40% of all missed appointments are due to               urgent appointment, such as referral from                     0845 330 8888
patients simply forgetting. Many patients also             your GP for suspected cancer. Maternity
fail to attend because they no longer require an           cases will be offered one further appointment.    Success in other Hospital Trusts
appointment - but have not let us know.
                                                                                                             This approach has already been adopted by many
Please let us know as soon as possible if               2) Follow-up appointments                            other NHS hospitals in England. All of them have
you cannot attend or no longer want your                   The procedure will be slightly different if you   found that it has led to significant improvements
appointment. Your slot can then be given to                are attending for a follow-up appointment –       in attendance at outpatient appointments.
another patient and you can be offered an
                                                           i.e. if you have previously attended at least
alternative appointment if you want one.
                                                           one appointment in the clinic.                    Accuracy of patient details
Call us on: 0845 330 8888                                                                                    Because of these changes, it’s even more
                                                           If you do not attend a follow-up appointment,
24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. If you get through to an      your notes will be reviewed by a consultant       important that we have your correct personal
answer phone, please do leave a message.                                                                     details – i.e. your address, date of birth, name