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What Guests Want
Good Service Price / Reasonable Rates

Clean Appearance
Name / Reputation Convenient Location

What Guests Want

Clean Appearance
Convenient Location

4. 5.

Price / Reasonable Rates
Good Service Name / Reputation

Hotel Departments
   

Front Desk Maintenance Sales and Marketing Housekeeping

Housekeeping Department
Largest Department in the Hotel
• •

Staff Payroll


Responsibility – “Eyes & ears of the hotel”
• • •

Maintenance Concerns Guest Behavior Employee Theft


The most vital department in a hotel Highest impact on guests



Lowest wages paid
Least respect received


Executive Housekeeper Responsibilities
Manage people, equipment & supplies  Hire & fire, training, purchase, maintain & inventory Preserve the physical plant  Cleanliness, maintenance & upkeep Controlling costs  Payroll, linen, chemicals & supplies Keep records  Work schedules, HR paperwork, purchasing, lost and found & MSDS

Room Cleaning Standards

14 to 19 rooms per day per room attendant (20 to 30 minutes each)
New conservation cleaning reduces time to 8 to 12 minutes per room or (35 to 50 stayover rooms per day) Pay by hour or room (minimum wage: 5.15/hr)



* Based on 7 hours per day

Conservation Programs
(Cost Control)
   

Change sheets every 3 days for stayovers Surface clean only Express clean Towel re-use
 

Cut water use by 10%; Chemical use by 15%

201 room Holiday Inn saves
 


$700/mo on utilities and chemicals $2500/mo on labor ($30K per year) Labor $ savings is #1 reason to implement conservation program

Linen Expense
Largest linen expense is Bath Towels  Theft, stains & tears Holiday Inn Park Plaza monthly linen expenses 25 dozen bath towels - $1051/mo 37 dozen hand towels - $396/mo 10 dozen bathmats - $315/mo 50 dozen washcloths - $219/mo $23,772/yr
    

Housekeeping Personnel
Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of guest rooms. Housemen Transport linens and other supplies to housekeepers.

Public Area Attendants
Clean public areas such as hallways, lobby, restrooms, recreational areas, and banquet reception areas. Laundry Room Personnel

Separate, wash, dry, fold, and distribute linens.
Supervisors Inspect guestrooms and public areas. Serve as the contact point between the housekeeping department and the front desk.

Housekeeping Checklist

Housekeeping Org Chart
(Medium-sized Hotels)
Executive Housekeeper Supervisor/ Inspector
Room Attendants Laundry Houseman Public Areas

Housekeeping Org Chart
(Large-sized Hotels)
Rooms Division Manager Laundry Manager
Laundry Dry Cleaning

Housekeeping Manager
Assistant/ Inspector
Housemen Turn-down Service

Public Areas Manager
Public Areas Attendants

Room Attendants

Executive Housekeeper Bonus


Maintaining Par Levels Guest Scores
- Cleanliness - Friendliness of staff – 5 foot rule


Controlling Costs
- Labor - Supplies


Employee Scores

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