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									                     Performance Calibration Guide
Every organization will hold a session to review employee performance and calibrate both the
Total Performance Score (TPS) and Performance Ratings. These sessions will produce ratings
(aligned with TPS) that:
 Are representative of an employee’s performance over the year.
 Meet distribution guidelines for groups of 75 or more.
 Identify high performers for compensation differentiation.
 Identify unsatisfactory performance to ensure appropriate action.

Prepare. Prior to a calibration session, prepare a draft of each employee's performance
appraisal. Review the employee’s scorecard score (if applicable) and assign a score for business
goals (if applicable) and competencies. Review the TPS and assign a preliminary performance
rating. Be prepared to discuss the component scores and rationale.
Speak what you know. If you have don't have any direct experience with an employee, don’t
offer feedback about their performance. Discuss first hand experience, facts and data, not what
you've heard.
Adhere to the standards. If you assign fewer Key and Quality Plus ratings than the distribution
guidelines suggest, don't assign additional ratings just to meet the guidelines. The goal is to
assign ratings that are accurate and representative. Keep in mind that the distribution guidelines
are expected to be met when your group is aggregated as part of a larger organization.
Hold yourself accountable for the success of the session. Discuss and agree to ground rules
and stick to them. Add value to the discussion. If you don't have specific feedback to offer, ask
good prompting questions. If your peers are getting off track, guide them in the right direction.
Keep confidences.

These are the suggested steps to follow during a calibration session:
1. Review of expectations. Facilitator will review standards, session expectations and desired
2. List employees and their respective TPS in descending order.
3. List employees and their respective Performance Ratings in descending order.
4. Look for inconsistency. If TPS and performance rating are out-of-synch, discuss the TPS
   component scores –business goals, scorecard, and competencies. How do the component
   scores compare with other like performers? Is an adjustment necessary? How does the
   performance rating compare with other like performers? Is an adjustment necessary?
5. Calibrate. Employees will be calibrated against:
    Peers
    High Performance Standards
    Distribution Guidelines

                          Performance Calibration FAQs

                                 Convergys – Confidential & Proprietary
                                 Document last updated October, 2008
                      Performance Calibration Guide

What are the key dates in the 2008 calibration process?
 Nov 17 .................... Self appraisal and appraisal function available
 Dec 1 ..................…October results uploaded to Balanced Scorecards
 Dec 15 – Jan 16 ..….Conduct calibration session for all A –F band employees
 Dec 19 .................... Diversity/Inclusion data uploaded to Balanced Scorecards
 Dec 19 .................... Self appraisals due
 Jan 21 ..................…EOY data upload to Balanced Scorecards
 Jan 30 .................... All appraisals must be in approved status by EOB
 Feb 23 –Feb 25 .......Final ratings and bonus recommendations
 Feb 11 – Mar 13 ......Conduct appraisal discussions with employees.
 Mar 13 ................… .All appraisals finalized by assessor

Who should attend a calibration session?
 Only individuals with supervisory responsibilities for the employees being calibrated.

What are the different employee groups?
  Balanced scorecard holders – D+ employees (with a few exceptions)
  Professional band employees with no scorecards.

How do the components (business goals, scorecard and components) impact overall
 Component scores are weighted according to the employee group.

                                                                             Professional Band
              TPS Component         Balanced Scorecard Holders
                                                                           Non-scorecard Holders
                    Scorecard                     70%
               Business Goals                      NA                               70%
                Competencies                      30%                               30%
                    TPS Total                    100%                              100%

                                  Convergys – Confidential & Proprietary
                                  Document last updated October, 2008

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