Boulevard PTO Bulletin Board by wbf21256


									                           BOULEVARD PTO BULLETIN BOARD/DISPLAY CASE
        2008- 2009 School Year           Chairperson Carol Rodgers          Phone 216-371-1879
Guidelines for Bulletin Board/Display Case
o The PTO display case is located directly outside the office in the room with the clocks. It is used to
  showcase upcoming PTO, school, and or/district events. (The bulletin board between the sets of
  doors before you enter the clock room is for news items and the office maintains that board.)
o Mrs. Beth Coyne has keys to the case, and will be all-knowing and helpful. Mrs. Coyne and Mrs.
  Frantz will cheerfully fulfill requests for scissors, stapler, etc.
o Background paper for the case is housed downstairs, near the lunchroom, on large rollers.
o Other materials that can be used to decorate the case (letters, borders, etc.) are in the box in the
o There are shelves available for the case, also in the office.
o Committee chairs may contact you, or you contact them for the events you choose. You may wish
  to meet with the committee chair to help him/her put the case together.
o In past years, Ms. Dollye Finney has put together the Black History Month display case in February.
o If you have any questions, please feel free to call Carol Rodgers at 216-371-1879

Possible Boulevard PTO Bulletin Board Themes Throughout the Year:
Welcome Back –Check with the Office to see if they want to put up the first display of the year
Back to School Bash and Picnic
Boulevard Boutique – anytime throughout the year
PTO Fall Sale
PTO Pumpkin Sale
Book Fair at Joseph Beth
Thanksgiving – The Girl Scouts prepared this display in 2008 (Sheryl Modlin)
Winter Holidays
Dance around the World
Black History Month
Valentine’s Day
Junior Great Books
PTO Book Fair
Family Ice Skate
Art Night
Ice Cream Social

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