Bulletin Board, March 28, 2006

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					March 28, 2006

Board Bulletin is a weekly update on news and information gathered from meetings of
the Thames Valley Board of Trustees.

Regular Board met in Public Session on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the Thames
Valley Education Centre Board Room.

•     Trustees gave final approval to the re-designation of Tollgate Central PS (Oxford) as a
      single track SK to Grade 8 French Immersion elementary school serving the Oxford
      area, effective 2006 September 01. The majority of the school’s current English stream
      students are expected to move to nearby Hickson Central Public School. The
      administration will be asked to survey all parents of the Tollgate English program
      community and conduct a formal boundary review of the current Tollgate catchment
      area. A transition team made up of Tollgate and Hickson parents, plus administrators
      and trustees will be established to ensure that the learning needs of all students are
      addressed during the re-designation process.

•     Trustees also gave final approval to a series of system accommodation
      recommendations for immediate implementation including:

      1. Authorization to open public consultation on extending Rick Hansen and Ashley
      Oaks public schools (London) into full JK-8 schools instead of JK-6 with senior Grade
      7 and 8 students going to nearby White Oaks PS. The move will relieve enrolment
      pressure on White Oaks and allow students to complete their elementary education at
      their home school.

      2. Authorization to open public consultation on the reassignment of Grade 9 students
      from Annandale School (Tillsonburg) to Glendale High School as soon as appropriate
      accommodation renovations and enhancements are made to the Glendale facility.

      3. Authorization to establish design committees to begin proposed school additions at
      Glendale HS, Medway HS (Arva) and Strathroy DCI.

•     In accordance with the Ontario government’s 10-step Good Places To Learn initiative,
      the Board will establish a Capital Planning Advisory Committee to seek feedback from
      the community on capital planning topics. Managed by trustees and including
      municipal, community and school representatives, the committee will be a Standing
      Committee of the Board comprised of four regional sub-committees representing Elgin,
      Middlesex and Oxford counties and the City of London. Issues to be addressed will
      include student program, needs, provincial objectives, demographic projections, facility
      needs and operational options that maximize facility usage. The first meeting of the
      Advisory Committee is expected to take place in May.

•     Trustees also approved the establishment of a Parent Involvement Advisory
      Committee to develop guidelines for the use and reporting of the recently announced
      Parent Involvement Funding at the school and system levels. Committee membership
      will include six Thames Valley District School Council representatives and up to two
      Thames Valley Home and School Association representatives, as well as principals,
      administrators and a trustee.

•     The contract for the addition and renovations to Jack Chambers PS (London) has
      been awarded to D. Grant & Sons Limited. Construction is scheduled to commence
      next month and be completed by December.

For more information: Chris Dennett, Public Affairs and Community Relations, 452-2148