Valentines Day by kevinhalim


									                                 Valentines Day
                                                           When you think of it, it is rather strange
                                                           that a festival that had its origins in a
                                                           pagan ritual has come to become one of
                                                           the most important, commercial ventures
                                                           of the modern day. And mind you, there
                                                           is very little that is religious about this
                                                           festival. Each year, in February, scores
                                                           of young, middle aged and even old
                                                           people sit up and take a look at their
                                                           personal lives to cater to this festival. If
                                                           you haven’t already guessed what it is,
                                                           I’m talking about Valentines Day here!

                                                           February the 14th, or Valentines Day
                                                           holds a special place in my heart. Like
                                                           scores of other incurable romantics, I too
                                                           proposed to my childhood sweet heart on
                                                           Valentines Day. And now, several years
                                                           later, I can gladly say that we are still
                                                           together, and still celebrate Valentines
                                                           Day together. For both of us, the day has
                                                           a special significance. While we did not
                                                           get married on Valentines Day as several
                                                           couples are wont to do, we did decide to
                                                           spend the rest of our lives together on
                                                           that day. Which is what makes it so
                                                           special! But it is when you look at the
                                                           ringing cash registers of major retailers
                                                           that you will realize that Valentines Day
                                                           is a very important day for them too!
                                                           Valentines Day, which started off as a
                                                           pagan festival to celebrate the coming of
                                                           spring, has grown to become the most
                                                           important commercial season in the
                                                           books of almost all major retailers in the
                                                           present world.

If you take a look at the shops and malls around you, you will realize the truth of this statement.
Major clothing stores have their own Valentines Day designs. These designs flood the markets and
the malls from December itself, and the young and the young at heart gladly lap them up. Even
jewelry stores make a killing during Valentines Day. Most of them seize the opportunity to
introduce new and novel designs of jewelry as this is the season that has proven to be the most
lucrative one for them. Even hotels and restaurants witness a flurry of bookings during Valentines
Day. But the biggest business opportunity, and especially one that is worth millions of dollars,
belongs to the greeting cards, flowers and chocolate manufacturers.
No Valentines Day, no matter on how small a budget can do without a card to profess your love, a
big bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Together, these three items have their biggest and
best sales during Valentines Day. The season itself is one of celebration and what better way to say
it than through the killer combination of flowers, cards and chocolate? In the United States, sales
directly attributed to Valentines Day total billion of dollars. But not all countries are open to or
welcome Valentines Day.

Maybe it is due to the hype created in the Western World, but more conservative nations, especially
the Islamic nations, eschew Valentines Day as a waste of time at best and as a corrupter of morality
at worst. It is not uncommon to see news reports of destruction of property or even jailing of
celebrants during this time.

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